Dinc Froyo

Finally, the Incredible OTA is here! And like all Android phones, now that we know the location for the Incredible Froyo OTA, there is an option to go get it versus waiting for it to be pushed to you.  This is the same file as you would get if you just waited, and you'll have the exact same Froyo as everyone else, so there's no need to worry.  Here's how it's done:

  1. Grab the OTA file here from the Android Central Forums.
  2. Make sure it's named update.zip
  3. Copy it to the root (base directory) of your SD card.  Don't put it in any folders, and don't put it on the internal memory.
  4. Shut your phone off
  5. While holding the volume down button, turn the phone back on.
  6. In the white Bootloader screen, select recovery from the list.
  7. In the recovery screen (the triangle with exclamation mark), press volume up and power.  You'll go to the recovery menu.
  8. In the recovery menu, select "apply sdcard:update.zip"
  9. The phone will find the file, and when finished prompt you to reboot.  Reboot via the menu, then patiently wait for the phone to reboot, and enjoy your Froyo when it's done.

Be sure to hit the Incredible forums to talk about the update, its process, or ask any questions! Thanks to Teslatech in the Android Central Forums for the dl location!


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How to manually update your Droid Incredible to Froyo


I'm glad my daughter started school yesterday otherwise I wouldn't be up yet. Downloading now and will report back. Thanks guys!!!

You will not lose any data. Every single thing is as I left it except that the phone is awesomerererer...lol

that's because ATK will not work with Froyo, google removed the API that allowed apps like ATK to kill other apps (because it's not needed and can F up your phone)

ATK not working is a benefit of froyo.

So all of these app coming up by themself would not cause battery issue? I called VZ tech support and we try to uninstall Skype but did not work. Then he finally told me that would not cause a considerable battery draw unless you are actively using it...

That's what I'm saying!!! It also kills your memory... I was running it with 230M+, now it's always running at around 155......


Just because you see an app listed doesn't mean that it is running. Android likes to put the last/most commonly used apps in memory. That's it. Most apps just sit there in case you load it up.

Well, when my battery dies 25% within a half hour, I'm kinda worried that apps ARE constantly running!!!!

Were you using your phone constantly for the last 30 minutes? Is your display brightness cranked up? Having the display on for 30 minutes will do that.

Yeah, and how you explain that my phone was running between 230-255 of memory and now is between 155-170

Umm, I did explain that in my post. I said that Android likes to load apps that it thinks that you are going to use into memory. But just because they are in memory, it doesn't mean that they draining the battery. An app can sit in memory and do absolutely nothing.

Actually that is completely incorrect. It is 100% impossible to have someting in memory that is not using any battery power. Even if the app is doing nothing at all, it still takes a certain amount of electricity just to hold the information in memory. Now you could argue that it takes very little power to hold the apps in memory, and that it is miniscule when compared to the output power of the Lithium Ion batter in the Dinc, but you wouldn't really know for sure without knowing the voltage of the phone's memory chips. The bottom line is that, Yes it will use more power to keep those apps in memory, and with your average Droid user's normal usage it will contribute to a shorter battery life. This is a classic example of programmers taking choice away from end users due to second rate coding and lack of know how. The user should be able to decide between faster loading apps (by keeping them in memory), and extended battery life (by not keeping them). Looks like Google took a page out of Apple's book when they wrote Froyo. Personnaly I would rather my battery last longer and my apps take an extra couple of miliseconds to load (cause we all know that with the speed of these devices you really aren't gaining much by holding apps in memory). In either event if battery consumption becomes a real problem with froyo I am sure there will be an updated version of task killer, or even an update to froyo released that will eventually correct it. I wasn't really gettinng great battery life to begin with charging everyday once or twice depending on usage that day. I watch a lot of TV and movies on my DInc so I have heavy usage. I figure as long as I stay within the 1-2 charges per day range I'm ok with it, any more than that and it's basically no longer a wireless device.

Thank you Securis for being a voice of reason. Why anyone would be happy at the removal of choice is beyond me. Why anyone would try to down-vote your post is beyond me as well. Either they didn't read it, or don't understand computing technology.

"Actually that is completely incorrect. It is 100% impossible to have someting in memory that is not using any battery power.... The bottom line is that, Yes it will use more power to keep those apps in memory, and with your average Droid user's normal usage it will contribute to a shorter battery life."

Wow... no. Understanding of RAM fail. You, sir, are completely wrong. Sorry but your tone here kinda irked me.

RAM chips do not turn on and off as needed. More to the point, even if you have absolutely nothing stored in memory, every single one of your memory chips is still drawing power. Unwritten memory is held at a value between '0' and '1', and this costs energy, but not really any more or less than holding a written value.

Not really.

1. The RAM in these devices might be flash memory or static RAM. Either of these would require no power to hold their contents. I've Googled, but haven't been able to find out what kind of RAM is present.

2. Even if it is dynamic RAM, the memory controller would refresh all of memory. There's no way to know accurately what is and what is not being used, so it makes no difference whether no bytes or all 512 MB of memory is devoted to data, all 512 MB must be refreshed in every refresh cycle.

I would welcome any valid information about the kind of RAM in the Incredible, as well as any evidence that I am wrong :-)

I'll just respond to all in one post.

You are Fn Morons. You understand nothing, (Except for Farenheit, way to understand reason!). I will say this clearly I don't have any knowledge of what kind of Ram a Dinc uses, so I will agree that if they are flash memory chips then no power is required to hold the data. However as far as how RAM normally works, yes it costs F'n energy to hold data in memory. Load some apps into memory on your PC and then completely kill the power supply, and tell me when you reboot if there is any trace of the data in your RAM. The answer is no there will not be. That is why PC's have a CMOS battery so they can retain the BIOS information while your PC is powered down. Now again I clearly stated I have no information on the DInc's memory chips at all, so all of this was just based on knowledge of how RAM works in a PC, which maybe wasn't comletely clear in my original post but was eluded to. On a side note I notice no additional power drain now that I have froyo and have removed ATK. Also you need to understand more about how a computer works before you open your mouth. In Binary a 0 represents nothing, or "No Electrical Charge!", while a 1 represents something which requires electricity. So in other words a 0 requires no electricity while a 1 requires electricity. You really need to understand this on a level that is above your head. From an electrical standpoint, not a software one. You are seeing it as 1's and 0's representing the different pieces of the software, while it really breaks down to 1's and 0's that represent electricity and the absence of. The more 1's you have the more power is required. But none the less as you can read in a different post of mine, the power consumption of the Dinc's memory chips is not significant enough to impact daily batter life. Yeah I know that was arrogant and jerky but I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.................

Ok so some additional research was not 100% conclusive, but indicates that the DInc has 512MB of Flash memory as RAM, which means it doesn't require any electricity to hold data. Again didn't find a site that really gave definitive info but some that indicated that, and I would believe it as the phone is $200 and it's only 512 of Flash. So as I've stated it looks like ATK was a sham all along, and was really nothing more than adware, I would go ahead and uninstall it even if you're on 2.1. But again RAM in your PC does require electricity so eat it F'ers or I'll RAM it in yer mouth!

VZW just sent me an update and it was easy and quick, unlike the BB updates. you're going to love Froyo! You might not notice the greater speeds immediately...but overtime.

6. In the white Bootloader screen, select recovery from the list....

Then what?... Do I just wait? Once I select, how do I "engage"?... it just sits there. Help, please.


- - jnn

You need to select recovery (Using the volume up/down button) and then hit the power button. It will automatically pick up the update file from the sdcard:update.zip

Thanks, will try that. I had toggled to "recovery" using the volume bar. I did hit the power button, then I got a DInc screem w/ an exclamtion mark/triangle... I got worried, and did a battery pull.... Should I get that screen while waiting for the next action?..

Go back and read Jerry's instructions carefully. I followed them step by step. Good luck. It seemed all too easy and I hope it works out for you.

when i try to run it, i get the following message:

E: Can't open/cahce/recovery/command

--Install from sd card...
Finding update package...
verifying update package...
E: failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (No such file or directory)
E: signature verification failed
Installation aborted

Can someone help me?? Maybe I rooted the file to my sd card incorrectly. I'm pretty new to android and I'm not exactly sure what rooting to your sd card means.

Any help would be great cuz I WANT FROYO NOW!!!!

i apologize, this is where im having the trouble, im getting the same things as this user and would like to know what i am doing wrong. i appreciate if you could help out

What they mean is that the update.zip file just needs to be on the root of your SD Card. Think of your phone as a PC. Just like a PC can have multiple partitions/drives (C, D, E), so does your phone. Your phone has an Internal Storage drive and a SD Card drive. The update.zip file has to be put on your SD Card drive in the root directory. Root directory just means the first directory of that drive. C:\ for example, is the root of the C Drive.

It has to be in this location "/sdcard/update.zip". All you do is just copy and paste it to that location. If you still have trouble with it, try to download it again. Could have gotten corrupt.

Doh!... I had forgotten to rename the file. Just did that, and will now re-try.

Thanks for the help, appreciate it!!

- - jnn

I did it! Only problem I had was, I kept naming the file update.zip but zip is added automaticly so leave off the .zip and name it update. .zip is there because its a zip file

Figured it out. Apparently the original file I downloaded was corrupted (file size was only a few kB rather than ~93MB). Once I downloaded it again, renamed it, and moved it, everything updated smoothly.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately not the case with me. File is 98.2 MB as it shows on my drive. Downloaded and copied it twice. I even did a wipe before applying it but it's still a no go...

UPDATE: Got it.. It was so simple.. I have a MacBook Pro so it only showed the internal drive on the desktop so that is where I was copying it all this time. Then I looked at the Macintosh HD and saw that there were two drives listed (internal and SD)... the rest is history :)

I did mine yesterday after getting tired of waiting. It works great. Bring on Gingerbread now!

i manually updated mine on friday, and noticed my baseband and kernal versions are different from what is displayed above as well my build and software number. i wonder why? and can i still do this update if i have this version of froyo on my incredible already? does it even matter?

build 3.21.605.1 CL231334 release-keys
software 3.21.605.1

ps: i went to a vzw store in my town and the 2 displayed incredibles had froyo with my build and software. what gives?

@leeiii I have the same version as you. Seems the file posted at xda was not the actual OTA. I haven't had the first problem, so I think I'm going to keep it.

Update is DONE, Thanks Boys & Girls at Android Central.
I'm happy to FINALLY be on FROYO.....MMMMM Gotta LOVE the FROYO!!!!

I have the file on the root of my SD card, the file is also named update, but when i start up in boot loader it runs a quick check before i can do anything and says no images found. i then click recovery and it takes me to the same screen with the options Boot loader, Reboot, Reboot Boot loader, and power down. I have had an unsuccessful rooting in the past and tons of problems with this phone. Any ideas? thanks

Running into some issues...to start are you all downloading this right to your phone or onto a computer and moving it over? I tried to download it right on my phone, renamed it, but cant for the life of me see how to move it in astro, i click move and it sits there, so I try to download it onto my computer and move it to the SD card but when I reboot after doing it that way and get a red "!" any help is really appreciated guys!

"Move" in Astro is the same as Copy. Once you click move, you need to go to the sdcard directory and hit "Edit" -> "Paste".

You are leaving out some steps also. You aren't going to get a red exclamation point just by putting the update.zip file in the sdcard directory. Did you try to run the update.zip from the recovery console?

How come with the OTA update that I just recieved this morning, I have build number 3.21 vs 3.16, and software number 3.21 vs 3.16? Are you sure this is the same update?

As a former blackberry user that used crackberry.com, I can say this site is way better. You people are awesome and thanks for grabbing the file so the rest of us didn't have to wait on VZW! Thanks Android community, you rock!

Ditto! And I think this takes the load off of Verizon from doing the OTA to every phone...They should just give it straight to AC next time and skip all of the bs...

I've tried it 5 different times now. renamed the file just "update"..then "update.zip" I and still keep getting the triangle with the exclamation point..what in the world is going on...??

7. In the recovery screen (the triangle with exclamation mark), press volume up and power. You'll go to the recovery menu.

Follow this instruction when you get to the triangle with the "!".

9AM EST I got my OTA Here is Remsen, NY, though it says I need to charge my battery more before I can install. LOL Didnt have it on the charger over night.

I did the update and everything worked great. My only question is, will I receive a notification when VZW tries to legitimately push it to my phone?

Funny story - I had decided I wouldn't update early - I mean really whats a few days make right?

Then I changed my mind and clicked over to the download page.
I then grabbed my phone to check my email - and guess what was on the screen???
Yup - it said the update was ready to install. So even though I was ready to download and install via the SD - it hit OTA just moments before.

Finally ... now to play with it...

Basic question: How do I load it onto my SD card? I mounted (hehe) my phone as a disk drive, downloaded the zip to my computer, and renamed the zip file update.zip.

Is there a particular folder in the directory that is the sd card? Or will just dragging the file onto the main directory put it there?

(I tried dragging it in and then got an error message when I followed the above instructions).


***NEVERMIND -- The SD card wasn't loading (?!). Ohhhhh now it's updating...this is exciting....***

Flash is included in this update. There is, however, a newer version of Flash on the market that the Incredible isn't able to upgrade to.

Should the Flash app be listed in our apps because I did not see it there or available to download in the market.

i was giving today the last day before i would do something like this. but to my surprise this morning, my phone said i had a software update.

So by using this manual update method I won't lose the data on my phone? Just need clarification as I've seen posts here and there saying that the manual update wipes your phone.

Do we want it to say version 3.21 or 3.16? Also, if we get the OTA do we want to ignore it or install it anyway. I know that may be a silly question but I am just curious.

i am all set with froyo update on my incredible i was really surprised to see the update coming thru 5am eastern time lolz.... i tried a few new things that verizon added on 2.2 like my most fav 1 720p video recording its really really good quality .

If you go to Settings/Applications/Manage Applications and go to the all tab it should show adobe flash player 10.1 in the application list of installed apps

Edit: New to the forums, meant to click the post below that was asking about Flash being installed

I ran the update.zip, but I can't see where flash is installed. Anyone about to confirm that it is even running on the phone?


Thanks Teslatech and Android Central! Worked like a charm. All my apps transferred w/o issues; the new features are SWEET!

The file should update to the following,

Android: 2.2
BaseBand Version:
Build Number: 3.21.605.1

I think the screenshot above is wrong...?? Anyone Confirm??

That screen shot up above is of an earlier leak in the first few days of the month I believe. Not this OTA or the RUU from last week.

It went smooth as silk, but, I cannot, for the life of me, find the Adobe flash 10.1 update anywhere. Can you light up the adobe bat light, and point me in the right direction?

The update was nerve racking...very long pause at the droid eye. Finally got to a 0-100% counter and completed.
After the update the phone was slow until I powered off and powered on again. Everything seems to work fine, hope this helps with the battery life.

720P video, 3G Hotspot.
Android: 2.2
BaseBand Version:
Build Number: 3.21.605.1

Doing a full scan with Dr Web AV just in case.

So far everything is working as expected, good update.

A very looong pause at the Droid Eye boot screen then the HTC logo with a white screen. I started to get nervous too, so I decided to search the comments. Thanks for posting this. Notes should be added to the install instructions to warn about long wait periods so people like us don't have to worry.

Thanks for this post. I was wondering if I should pull the battery. Something told me to re-check these posts and your wise post saved me some trouble

There's no way u did this from your phone. There's no way to designate the downloads destination. Plus how did u know all the instructions if you have to turn your phone off?

I did my download from my phones browser also. You have to use a file manager like Astro. It will download the file to your downloads folder and then you can rename it and move it to the SD card. Everything is working fine on the new update so far.

No, you don't unzip the file.

You make sure it is in the Root of your SD card (not internal memory) and you rename it Update.zip (make sure it's not update.zip.zip)

Unzipping the file makes it unusable.

I had been rooted using the unrevoked method, but haven't been using a custom ROM, just rooted. ClockworkMod Recovery came up, had to select the update.zip. It installed, then rebooted. Sat on the Droid eye for a long time, then showed the unlock screen, but with no network service. I unlocked the phone and it showed a white screen with HTC logo and began installing process from 0-100%. near the beginning I keep getting a notification that "Sorry: Process system is not responding." with the option to force close or wait, whichever I pick, the install just keeps going in the background, then it reboots when it hits 100%, shows the droid eye, unlock screen, etc... and repeats the same process over and over and over again!

How do I get this thing to complete?!

UPDATE: Battery pull got me into the main screen, but still getting the Process system not responding message.

Man I am having the same issue. I finally got it to go to my home screen but now I am showing that there is no signal. It kept rebooting and the the 100% and rebooting. I plugged it into the computer and now I am at my home screen and can access my icons but I have no signal. after a couple of minutes that same system error keeps popping up. Please email me at nick10201989@gmail.com if you find any solutions and I will do the same

I Fixed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go to this website and download the files for the "downgrade leaked ota". Use those files and watch that video and it will basically reinstall 2.1 and get rid of clockwork. After getting back to stock and getting rid of clockwork then try the same update process.

so i did everything correctly and i see the new boot screen...then the whole thing freezes and my homescreen never loads. it freezes on the droid eye...HELP

mine keeps saying

--Install from sdcard...
Finding update package...
Opening updated package...
Verifying update package...
E:failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (No such file or directory)
E:signature verification failed
Installation aborted.

What does this mean and how can i get it to load.
Please help

Make sure the file was really renamed to update.zip.

When I renamed it (under Vista), Vista automatically added the .zip extension. Problem was, I had done it too, so my file was accidentally called update.zip.zip.


I manually updated my phone, via Android Centrals help and it worked!!!!

Anyone notice with the update that there’s a million apps ALWAYS running even after you close them (Adv. Task Killer) within 10 minutes they are BACK AND STILL running?

Improved battery life my ass… it just drained 25% within a half hour!!!

There is a difference between apps running and apps sitting in memory. Most of those apps you see are simply loaded into memory and aren't doing any noticeable battery usage. You want Android to keep those loaded, it makes the phone faster.

"Improved battery life my ass… it just drained 25% within a half hour!!!"

Probably because you have been playing with your phone for the last 30 minutes straight. =)

After completing the update I went to www.adobe.com/software/flash/about and the version of Adobe Flash is It wont allow me to update through market or appbrain. The current version available from Adobe is BTW, both Lookout and DrWeb AV showed that my system was clean after the update.

Worked like a charm for me. First time. THANK YOU! I was tired of waiting for VZW to hit me with the update. They should thank you for saving them the network bandwidth! ;)

Actually what they should do is stop trying to charge people eroneously for things that already were and should be free. I don't care what VZW says, it puts absolutely no extra strain on their network when I tether my phone either via USB or WiFi. Hello you F'n morons the data is only moving locally from my phone to PC there is no valid reason to charge for that. Also what's this I hear about charging for NFL and RedZone, that's BS. If we really want to stick it to VZW we need to show them who is really in charge. What do you think they would do if we all called in to cancel our service at once. They would give us whatever the F we want to stay, especially if their call center blew up with cancellation calls and we all gave the same reason. The fact is, they know it doesn't cost them anything extra, but they also know that they can get away with charging for it so they do. FU VZW! I stream full Direct TV and movies to my phone on a daily basis and I will continue to do so and eat as much bandwidth as possible.

"I was in the middle of downloading this and I received the OTA update! What good karma. Yummmm FROYO!"

Unbelievable! I was downloading the zip file just to get a look a it when I rebooted my phone to clear out an app that was running away a bit. When the DINC came back up and I went to settings, BINGO! It was already starting to download Froyo and is now installing it. It's either Karma or Big Red telling us that is not wise to interfere with the nature of the universe.

Worked like a charm for me... only thing that's borked is my Swype beta. Oh well, back to the standard keyboard for the time being.

I think I'll still wait for the OTA to hit my phone... Reading too many comments on here about Flash not being included and apps running even after being closed. If by Friday I don't get the OTA I'll go the manual update route.

flash is definately included in this version , i have tested it and it does work and yes i have the manual download.as for the apps running even after being close another one of my family members has a droid 2 which is stock 2.2 and that has the same problem.its the way 2.2 froyo is

Issues after FroYo manual update on the Droid Incredible

Followed instructions from the Android Central link for manual update.
Used Astro to rename file to update.zip then moved to root of SD Card
Rebooted using down volume and power button
Applied update.zip and rebooted

After reboot things got scarey because the phone would stop on eye and two dots. I removed the battery and rebooted it, same thing. On the third try it worked and went to the home screen. A bunch of errors telling me applications needed to be forced stopped and also came up with the intro to typing screen again. All my contacts and favorites are gone but I suppose the Google will sync at some point and they'll come back. Swype is dead so I think I will have to unistall it, just keeps crashing with a force close box.

I uninstalled Swype and the message went away, will miss Swype though, I loved it, hopefuly they fix this.

Had to go in and re-enable Google Sync, contacts and gmail were unchecked for some reason.

Versions as follows
Android Version 2.2
Baseband Version
Kernal Version / htc-kernel@and18-2#1
Build Number 3.21.605.1 CL231334 release-keys
Software Number 3.21.605.1
Browser Version Webkit 3.1
PRI Version 1.28_002
ERI Version 5

Facebook App reset so I have to enter in my login information again and agree to EULA.
Also all my facebook links are gone from my contacts, that really sucks.

My contact card is gone, it's almost like it wiped all my data and I know I never asked it to do that. This really sucks. Glad to be on Froyo but I had my phone pretty well set up and now I have to redo it. Ugh.

Most of my apps that I had installed before are now crashing on run or right into the menu.

Ok, so on reboot now all the "running" apps that normally are active in the background all crash at start, have to click through each one to force stop. What the heck went wrong here?

Doing a battery pull in the middle of the update is the source of you problems, I believe. It does take a while when you get to the red eye, just need to wait it out. It will eventually move on. Also, you can reinstall Swype if you are in the beta. Just rerun the Swype installer and reenter your credentials you used when you joined the beta. Works fine.

Shoot, tried reapplying and it seemed to do more work this time but still having the same issue with most of my applications crashing when I try to run them. Any thoughts?

At this point, I'd recommend a factory reset, then try to reapply the update. No telling what state the OS is in currently. Note that you will lose all of you data, apps and settings when you factory reset.

Yes that is what worked. I did the factory reset. Did not have to reapply the update. Lesson learned, even if the Droid eye quits spinning it is still doing work. I waited over 10 minutes before I pulled the battery and it STILL wasn't done. Things are back to normal now just spending a couple of hours getting things the way I want them to (apps installed, contacts, etc.)


when i try to run it, i get the following message:

E: Can't open/cahce/recovery/command

--Install from sd card...
Finding update package...
verifying update package...
E: failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (No such file or directory)
E: signature verification failed
Installation aborted

Can someone help me?? Maybe I rooted the file to my sd card incorrectly. I'm pretty new to android and I'm not exactly sure what rooting to your sd card means.

Any help would be great cuz I WANT FROYO NOW!!!!

Hook up to pc or explore sd card and make sure your zip file doesn't read: update.zip.zip, at least that was my problem.

Make sure it is in the top folder of the sdcard, and not in a subdirectory. Also, make sure you put it on the sdcard and not the internal storage. Your error message says it can't find update.zip in the top folder of the sdcard, so you need to double check where it is and what it is named. You can use Astro for this, or connect it to a PC and mount the disks.

If I wait for the ota do I need to have background data on setting on to receive the ota push?

Got it to work ...had to move and rename file. That part wasn't too clear in the instructions, but was easy enough to do once I saw what was happening (or not happening should I say). You do need to be patient when it reboots. It took a good 5 - 6 minutes of "thinking" before the screen showed any signs of life. Otherwise, great job AC. Good luck everyone. Enjoy.....

1 Make sure it's named update.zip
2 Copy it to the root (base directory) of your SD card. Don't put it in any folders, and don't put it on the internal memory.

lol, how the crap could that be any more clear?

I had the same problem with the install aborting. I had copied update.zip to the wrong drive (disclosure: I wasn't sure which of the two drives that mounted was actually the SD drive). Once I fixed it, it worked like a charm!

Install process is a little creepy and jerky, but it all seems to have worked out lovely.

Ok now I'm getting antsy.

Edit: I need somebody to convince me to just go ahead and do it already lol.

I was in the same boat. Follow the instructions and now I'm flying with froyo! Froze on the first boot up. Had to pull the battery.... but that scare was short lived. If you can't wait. Just do it.

try rebooting ur phone and call back, if problem persists u may need to revert back to 2.1 and wait or try another install of 2.2

edit: this post was meant for the question under urs

mine updated fine, have all the new apps. (flashlight, hotspot etc..) but i received my first phone call and i cant hear anyone!...only in speaker mode!

Need a little help here.. Updated per instructions. Froyo seems to be there. But.. No service and it keeps resetting every couple minutes with force close messages in between. Strange thing is I can receive calls, but cannot make them and mail seems to work. Any ideas??

Made it through and relieved to get to Froyo unscathed.

Only glitch seemed to be having to reinstall Swype since the previous version seemed to cause conflicts.

First impressions...smoother, faster and Youtube videos play in HQ with the new Flash 10.1.

Just installed Chrome to Phone as well.

Hey guys! I just got the update installed...but when i use the browser, it will close right before the page loads completely!!!! So basically i have no internet on my phone now! Help me plz. Thanks

The same thing happened to me, Just back up all your apps or put them on your microSD and then do a factory reset from the SD section of the settings menu, it will not downgrade. It stays at 2.2 and the browser works perfectly again. (was quite annoying having to reinstall and rearrange all the stuff on my phone though)

I applied the update successfully... I think. However the Market doesn't appear to be any different. I don't see the "update all" option.


Yes it takes some time. It will PAUSE a few times during install. For sure at the red eye and two dots. Mine also paused at a white HTC screen twice. Just put it down and walk away. Grab a doughnut and wait. It works. It works fine if you just follow the instructions and have the self control to not touch the damn thing.

They should put a warning that you shouldn't pull your battery mid-install? Seriously?

Should car manufacturers also put a warning that you shouldn't gouge yourself in the eyes with a scalpel while driving?

I'm currently running the leaked 2.2 froyo with 2.05 broadband. I've downloaded and put the update.zip on my sd root directory and booted into clockwork recovery. When I tell it to apply update.zip it starts, the screen flashes, then i'm instantly back to the main screen for clockwork recovery, as if nothing happened.

Any suggestions?

Performed the update per the instructions here and I'm golden!

I Rooted and UnrEVOked Forever yesterday and did the Official "manual" Verizon HTC Froyo update today.

Two words... "now what?"

Question, how does the "3G Mobile Hotspot" work? It's branded Verizon. I ran it and it appears to function w/o asking for subscription. Do I need to subscribe to the service thru my online account or does it automatically start to bill me if I run it?

I'm trying to get something else to work for the Incredible... 90% there.


Looks like if you have a data plan with Verizon, you are good to go using the Mobile Hotspot. I'm not 100% on this yet, but I'll try it at work where I don't have any available WiFi. I hope you have an unlimited data plan.

I did the update and followed the instructions and everything was fine until it rebooted. I saw the comments here on being patient and just waiting it out after the eye and two dots. However after it passes that screen it continually reboots and has been for about 30min now.

Anyone else have this problem? Thoughts?

this is what happened to me and after hours of frustration and searching i finally went back to 2.1 and i promised myself that i would just wait my turn for ota

Ok, maybe I missed something but I thought doing a hard reset and clearing all data would take me back to 2.1 but it hasn't. What am I missing here?

Mine worked! I got tired of waiting and used the directions above and it worked just fine. I'm showing Android Version 2.2, Baseband

Downloaded and followed the instruction just like it says and Dinc is now on 2.2 Froyo and working great. Follow what is laid out and just wait for the phone to finish the update. You will be happy with the results.

Flash 10.1 built-in. Checked out some websites and works great.
3G Hot Spot now available.
Phone speed has increased
Waiting on battery life results

Going to install on second phone tonight when i get home.

Thanks for the Update Link

Once I download the link, how to I designate to to copy to my SD card? Do I plug my SD card into my cpu it leave it in my phone? I've never plugged my incredible into my cpu so I don't know what its gonna look like.

Quick question, I just downloaded the OTA link onto my Mac. When I did so the computer automatically unzipped the file. I was however able to find a copy of the unzipped file that is 93MB, that is the correct file to rename as update and root to my sdcard? Thanks to any replies!

anyone still here?? I downlosded the file to my cpu.. I plugged in my incredible into my cpu (removable disk M) How do I find my root sdcard location within that drive?? First time doing this so please be nice.

Waiting patiently on the Droid eye.... pop up on my monitor says "new device software requires a restart of your computer before software is updated" ?? I followed the directions completely and It didn't mention doing a cpu reboot, just the phone...?? do I restart my PC with it plugged to my incredible or ignore this? My phone is done updating.. Or at least it seems to be. thank you

SCRATCH my questions.. I'm up and running. First thing I noticed is the keys in texting arent keeping up with me. Internet doesnt seem faster at all, possibly slower. A handfull of new apps pre- installed none of which I would essentially use.. But I have Froyo so I guess it's just cool to say that.

OK - I've waited through the Droid Eye screen and a couple of reboots of the phone. I've gone from 0 to 100% and now my phone just says "Loading..." with the circular automation thing pulsing on the left.

It's probably been this way for 10 minutes. Is this the expected behavior? If not, what now?

UPDATE: Took about 2 more minutes. Whew .. kind of creeped out, but now I'm up and running.

Hangs ups? Forced closes? Here is the answer gang. At one point you either had your Droid rooted or used software from the market made for rooted Incredibles. The result is the same - you can't update to 2.2. Going back to factory settings does not remove the fact it's been altered. Now for the three step process:

1) Do what this video says to do: http://androidforums.com/incredible-all-things-root/99828-video-howto-un...

2) This will take you back to 1.22.605.0 but you need be be 1.22.605.2. Any trace of root or Superuser will be automatically removed. Follow this link to update it to 1.22.605.2 : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=7933281#post7933281

3) Once done, go to http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=770091 follow the instructions, and you will have a perfectly upgraded Incredible.

Writer's note: I did take the extra step of reformatting my SD card, but it was not necessary.

Appears to be up and running, appeared to freeze on the Red Eye but moved on after a few minutes, then task manager opened and I closed tasks twice before it proceeded to whit HTC loading screen.

Worked like a champ, just took time to load everything. Be patient, update takes about 17-20 mins once it starts to load. It will seem like not doing much on a big red eye screen, let it run. About 10 mins later it will start it's final install run.

Thanks A.C.!!

Followed the directions and all went well. The process was very easy WHEN FOLLOWING THE DIRECTIONS. Astro made renaming and moving the update file easy.

This was an ABSOLUTE DEBACLE FOR ME!!!! It has destroyed my phone and taken almost 3 hours. Nothing works at all. Wait for the OTA! It started ripping through my battery and i had to plug in while it was updating, i hear the OTA tells you that you don't have enough power, and it takes up a lot more App space and it didn't warn me that I was low on space until it was hung up. I then had to abort the update after 2 1/2 hrs, then re-did it, and it said it worked. HOWEVER...

It's force closing everything, none of my contacts exist and I can't use handcent or make calls nor does GChat work!!!

WTF??? I'm furious, absolutely furious...

EDIT: After writing this, my DINC apparently felt my wrath and suddenly everything works! Very weird stuff... Gchat is there, contacts are there, facebook works, skype contacts there, handscent works, caller ID list re-populated... I did have to delete a few more apps and go into systempanel and stop a bunch of things, but as others have said, everything starts runnign again and my battery is ripping through... and NO snotty folks, its not b/c I've been playing with it, the clockspeed is running way high constantly b/c of all the apps its running! And that's not ADK. Thoughts?

Help! I get the error message and it abort. I placed it in the root of my SD card and it is labeled update.zip (not update.zip.zip). Everything is correct. It just gives me the error message still.

Followed instructions to the Tee! Install was flawless however I'm not really sold that 2.2 is all that better...

Anyone having problem with Voice Search/Action? The funtion to "call" does not work at all. My wife Droid 1 work perfectly every time. My DInc does not even pull the list of possible matches, instead search online for the name. Seem like doesn't even go to my contacts at all. Try uninstall/pull battery/reboot and setting for the app and nothing...

Mine freezes on the recovery screen and,can't get to recovery menu...Wtf??? I've done everything exactly as told...

I had the same problem, turns out I was putting the zip file on the phone instead of the SD Card. I had 2 drive letters on my computer, so check the free space to ensure you match the SD Card size to the Drive Letter.

I downloaded the file and followed the instructions to a T. It still says

--Install from sd card...
Finding update package...
verifying update package...
E: failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (No such file or directory)
E: signature verification failed
Installation aborted

The file is not in any folder, its on the root of my microsd, I renamed it exactly update.zip and it still does not do it for me. I even downloaded it again. Any suggestions or shall I be forced to wait for the update the old fashion way?

I had the same problem, turns out I was putting the zip file on the phone instead of the SD Card. I had 2 drive letters on my computer, so check the free space to ensure you match the SD Card size to the Drive Letter.

using astro: if you see the update in the SD Root folder listed by a bunch of numbers and letters, pres that and hold, got to rename, delete the whole title and write update in front of the .zip and save. then go to recovery steps. if it's not there you need to copy it from the download screen and paste it on the root, not in a folder.

I did rename it, and it also is in the root, not in a folder. It's weird, because if i name the folder wrongly, i can get into the recovery menu. When i use the right folder name is when it freezes on the recovery screen.

Asserted failed. Status 7.
Spending hours trying to do this manually isn't worth the benefits. I'll wait for the ota and "suffer" with 2.1 till then. Initial impressions are proving that Froyo isn't the best all/end all some were hoping it would be anyway. I'm sure we are just hours away from the "wheres gingerbread" threads. Brings back memories of blackberry update frenzies.

My brother in law in Allentown, PA got it this AM. His update as he said, went smoothly. Now he's trying to figure out "What's new / better"

After the 2.2 update, my SWYPE stopped working--FC all the time.

Also, does anyone know if the new Tethering app requires a subscription, pay as you go or just FREE !?

I'm having a different Swype issue. If I re-boot my phone, Swype only allows touch input - no finger swyping. I have to re-install to fix. I like to re-boot every now and then; an old superstition from my Storm1 days lol.

so easy!! thanks for the helps peeps, that was as painless as it gets. astro worked for me, it's a simple tool to use. updated in 20 mins, now rocking 2.2!

Thanks for the link! Did the manual update last night and it worked very well. 2.2 isn't giving me the battery problems like others have posted. Battery seems to be lasting longer. Only issue I have on 2.2 is with Swype: after any time I re-boot my phone, Swype only allows touch input instead of finger swyping. I have to re-install Swype to get it to work.

Ok, thought I'd update......

ok so I manually upgraded to froyo via the link yesterday, some of you may have read my post about battery usage. Well being a flash/android developer who recently built a web site that delivers full Direct Tv service as well as a massive catalogue of movies and a library of online Tv channels to any Android powered device.....

I have some additional comments regarding power consumption and flash 10.1 usage. First I really saw no difference in battery usage, I normally watch roughly an hour worth of TV on my phone in a day and I started with a full charge this morning, and ran out when I normally run out, around 10:30 - 11:00 pm. This is basically what I have been doing this whole time, and this includes normal phone web and email usage throughout the day as well. Upon first installation of froyo I uninstalled Advanced Task Killer, based on forum postings about it causing possible problems (Figured I'd take my chances with draining the battery quickly first). So there's really only 2 possibilities here, either the apps that are kept in memory are eating up enough power to compensate for the upgraded power management in froyo, or ATK never really did anything important at all (perhaps maybe only serving as adware) and power management is basically the same. Common sense comes into play here....there's simply no way that if froyo had a major impact on battery life and advanced task killer was really saving you battery power, that these levels would balance out in these 2 scenarios so perfectly. It's just ridiculously improbable. I would conclude that the latter of the 2 possibilities is more probable, and that the power consumption of the memory chips when holding apps is so minute that it has virtually no impact on battery life, and ATK was useless from the get go.

Additional, we come to Flash 10.1. I was surprised to not have to download it from the Android market but to find it pre-installed. As previously mentioned I built and maintain a Flash driven site that allows me to watch DTV+more, so of course the first thing I did with froyo was watch some F'N video. I should mention that the site I built was Flash Lite 4.0 friendly and could watch anything but the JTV channels that were in H.264 before (that includes live Direct Tv feed). The first thing I noticed being that my site has media player type controls, is that with Flash 10.1 on Froyo you have to tap slightly below a button to click it (if it's a Flash button). I noticed this with other sites including JTV as well, that use Flash. Also tried it on both Dolphin browser and Webkit 3.1. I think what they were going for here was so that when you click on something in flash it is at the tip of your finger not underneath it, which is how it works. I am starting to get used to that, so I guess it's not too bad once you get used to it, but I would still prefer an update that fixed it.

Other than that I am enjoying Froyo, and the video looks great, watching H.264 The Office right now from JTV go Nitro195!

Getting your phone ready for the FroYo update.zip!

Okay, so it seems we ran into a few issues with the installation

DO NOT run the FroYo update.zip unless the software information on your phone reads as followed:

Baseband should say

Software/Build number should say 1.22.605.2...if it is 1.22.605.0 please read the following instructions:

First download the "May" OTA at this link https://android.clients.google.com/p...n.a33bc3bf.zip (You may have an alert about the page, but just click proceed anyway)

-Rename the file to update.zip (note, many people are having an issue with this step for whatever reason...when you rename it, type update NOT UPDATE.ZIP...because then the file will be called update.zip.zip and not work)
-Drop the file on the root of your SD card.

- Turn your phone off.
- Press and hold the Volume Down and Power at the same time to boot into HBOOT.
When the white HBOOT screen appears, use the volume button to move down to “RECOVERY.”
- Press the Power button to select “RECOVERY.”
- When the triangle and exclamation appears, hold the Volume Up and Power button at the same time.
- Using the volume button, scroll down to “apply sdcard:update.zip” and select it.
- Make sure that the software now says 1.22.605.2

Now go back to the update.zip on your sd card and delete...now you can proceed with the Froyo update.zip here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=770091

-schwartzman93 XDA Developers

I have seen a bunch of comments on people disliking the Amazon MP3 app, VZ Navigator app, Skype and a few others. If I download the update, extract it to my pc and look at the install files (\update\system\app\) can I delete those programs, recompress it and run the update without those files? Has anyone tried this?

I have the incredible and just updated to froyo. Immediately after that when I tried to make calls or talk to anyone, I couldn't hear out of the ear speaker. The only way to hear them was with bluetooth or speakerphone. I had it replaced and the new one did the same thing. So now they're sending me another one. Has anyone else had this issue? Other than that it works great.

Thank you everyone. I got it done. I encountered almost every problem previously stated above. Thank goodness I can read!The hardest part...anticipation!

I know this is a bit deep into the comments, but thanks for posting this. I have converted from Blackberry to Android two weeks ago and articles like this that helped so much, makes me feel all the more confident that I made the right decision. Thanks again and I'm glad to be part of the community.

Now on to learning how to write programs.....

I missed the first OTA update for Froyo on my Incredible so I'm glad I came across this - It was very easy to install.

I with however that the notes would have mentioned a little more about what would happen *AFTER* the update was installed. Like the black screen with the green circle with an arrow in it, and how it sits at the Droid Eye for what seems forever during reboot, and How when you unlock it for the first time you're presented with a white screen that says HTC that goes through a loading process. THEN you're updated. I wish that woud have been mentioned 'cause if I was impatient or concerned I would have battery pulled and really screwed it up!!

But other then that very easy to install! Froyo took care of my Dialer storage problem filling up my phone storage preventing me from downloading or syncing anything!!! Thanks to the guys who wrote this up!