Bigger is always better, and when it come to software nobody likes to wait

You have a finely-tooled Android smartphone, which you keep on the bleeding edge of all things software. It's nothing for you to grab a USB cable and start flashing things on a moments notice. You will have the most up-to-date Android device possible, no matter what hoops are needing jumped through. You're among friends here.

What if you also have a Pebble to go along with your sleek Android sex machine? Did you know it's just as easy to keep things updated to the latest and greatest there, too? There are even beta builds to flash! Follow along.

  • You need to install the beta version of the Pebble app on your Android. Grab it from Pebble right here.
  • Install it as normal. It will overwrite the Google Play store version so you only have one instance installed.
  • Next, you need to download the 2.0 release candidate firmware for your Pebble. To do this, you'll need an account at the Pebble Developer site. I find it easiest to do this from a computer and put the file in Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Once you're registered and signed in, you can start downloading. If your Pebble serial number starts with a Q, download this file. If your Pebble serial number starts with a numeral, download this file. If you have a Pebble Steel, download this file.
  • Make sure your Pebble app can see your Pebble, and open the firmware you downloaded to your phone. It will open with the Pebble app and the rest is pretty magical.

If you get stuck, or things break, going back is easy. Uninstall the beta Pebble app from your phone. Put the Pebble in a recovery mode by pressing back, up and select for 30 seconds (you'll see "loading ...") and go through the regular setup to go back to the latest stable build.

While this is mostly for folks developing Pebble apps to worry about, the new firmware seems stable and it's so easy to flash that you almost have to try it.

Source: Pebble Developers


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How to manually update the OS on your Pebble


Does this allow you to have access to and download from the app store?

Posted via Android Central App

The appstore for pebble has not been released yet for android. It has been released to iOS, but is in beta like SDK 2.0. I suspect a release for android isn't too far off.

Posted via Android Central App

Without the app store you can't play with the tier 1 apps like Facebook yelp and ESPN. The rumor says this Friday is the final 2.0 release out of beta

Posted via Android Central App


I got mine to work if I opened the file in "My Files" app after I installed "Astro File manager" app. But I don't know if astro was necessary. I did not try using "my files" before that.

I was just about to figure this out on my own and decided to see if any new articles were posted on Android Central . Just saved me so much time. Thanks Jerry. Couldn't of been easier. You're the best

Posted via Android Central App

I was thinking about trying the beta, but I will wait for appstore to be live for Android first.

Posted via Android Central App

I am using the RC right now and it seems solid... Only 8 apps still... But a stop watch is running in the background and that makes me happy.

Posted via Android Central App

Still regret returning my pebble hoping for the Google smartwatch, now I'm waiting for the Razr nabu.


I doubt it.

Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. N7 2013

I updated to 2.0, but none of the apps seems to work. I get loading screens from Glance, Music boss won't control anything(not much of a boss!), and I thought you had to buy pebbletasker, it didn't work either. Sad day lol maybe i did something wrong...

Pebble stated that Pebble 1.x apps won't work once the watch is updated to 2.0. You should be able to reinstall Music Boss through the "Get Watch Apps" in the app.

Posted via Android Central App

Thanks Jerry. Worked first time. Updated and reinstalled MusicBoss and Glance and they are working great. No luck with Pebble Rocket yet.

Posted via Android Central App