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With the OTA slowly rolling out today for the Galaxy Nexus, it's always nice to have a way to manually apply it.  Things have changed a bit from how it used to be done, but Alex, Phil, and myself have been fooling around and have a method figured out to give yourself the OTA with no waiting.  Fair warning -- this requires an OEM unlocked phone, fastboot drivers, and a few command line commands.

Download the OTA package direct from Google.  Then, download the latest ClockWorkMod recovery here.  Store both these files on your computer desktop.

If you haven't already, OEM unlock your Galaxy Nexus bootloader.  Here's a handy guide for Windows 7.  Note that this erases everything on your phone. (So hopefully you've done this already.)

  • Copy the OTA package above to the /sdcard folder on your Galaxy Nexus
  • Drop the ClockWorkMod file in the same folder you have fastboot in on your computer.  Rename it to cwm.img to make things easy.
  • Reboot your Galaxy Nexus to bootloader mode (hold volume up and volume down, then press power).
  • Plug your phone into your computer, and open a command prompt or terminal.  Navigate to the folder with fastboot and the cwm.img inside it.
  • At the command line, type the following: fastboot-windows.exe boot cwm.img (or just fastboot.exe if that's what you've got)
  • Use the ClockWorkMod recovery menu to flash a zip file from the SD card, and choose the OTA zip file you downloaded earlier.

When finished, reboot as normal and enjoy the OTA.  See why everyone loves fastboot?  This made no permanant change to your recovery, and without it we'd have to wait for the OTA to push to us all.  Alex reports that the volume bug is fixed in his unit when booted up and running, and all went smoothly.  If you feel uncomfortable doing this -- or if you're in the U.S. or other area not affected by 900MHz shenanigans -- just sit tight and wait for the OTA.  And if you have any questions, jump in the forums for help.

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carraser891 says:

What exactly is "the OTA"

carraser891 says:

nm im an idiot lol

gnex_please says:

It should be "TTE" - Through The Ether.
Tesla would have wanted it that way.

callofduty4 says:

I just want this phone

DocToxyn says:

Step one: obtain a Galaxy Nexus.

gsampl4 says:

Step Two: Unbox

Bong Bubble says:

Nexus three!

Jordan jones says:

These Nexus postings are really getting me jealous.

jlangfeldt says:

Jerry you always come through bro!

Mathparadice says:

Have you ever updated over the air? Oh you don't like to? Well, have you ever updated over the air ON WEED?

Yea and then you need to hit up AC the next day to be reminded of all the things that have changed. Good stuff.

ddaydev says:

recovery for the nexus looks sweet!

trixnrice says:

i booted through cwm, and its still showing 4.0.1
also why does this ota say ITL421F to ITL421D?