Galaxy Nexus OTA

So you want the latest version of Jelly Bean, but don't want to wait for your turn at the OTA and don't want to flash a custom version of it. We completely understand -- Not everyone is into that. The good news is that a little bit of hackery (just a little, we promise) and an unlocked bootloader can get you some tasty new Jelly Bean with no wait. And when you're finished, you're good as new and completely stock.

You'll need to be running the takju version of the Galaxy Nexus, with the Google I/O preview of Android 4.1 already installed. If you're running the 4.1 preview, download the first file. If you're running 4.0.4, download the second file. Pay close attention to this part. This method may work on other versions, but you don't want to be the guinea pig for that. If you're not running this hit the forums and look for advice.

You'll also need a few tools, namely ClockworkMod recovery, the fastboot files you used to unlock your bootloader, and the OTA package. Grab them here:

ClockworkMod recovery for the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus

 The OTA package if you are running 4.1 (direct from Google)

The OTA package if you're coming from 4.0.4 (direct from Google)

Next you'll need to find the folder where your fastboot installation resides. Place the ClockworkMod recovery image file (it has a .img file extension) in the folder with fastboot. Copy the OTA package zip file to the storage on your phone. Shut your phone off, then hold both volume up and volume down, then press power to enter the bootloader. Now follow along!

  • Plug your phone into a high-speed USB port on the host computer.
  • Open the command line on the host computer, and browse to the folder where fatsboot and the ClockworkMod image are located.
  • At the command line, you're going to tell your phone to reboot into ClockworkMod. You're not going to flash anything. If you're running windows on the host machine, type in fastboot-windows.exe boot recovery-clockwork- . If you're using a Mac or Linux, type in fastboot boot recovery-clockwork- .
  • Your Galaxy Nexus will reboot into ClockworkMod recovery, where you can follow the on screen instructions and flash the OTA package you downloaded and copied to the phone in the beginning of this procedure. 
  • When you're all done, choose to reboot your system from the ClockworkMod recovery menu. You will boot normally, into Jelly Bean, and since we didn't flash CWM, you're still 100% stock.

It looks more complicated than it is, but if you're a bit put off or having trouble unlocking your bootloader, head into the forums. They'll fix you right up, and have you rocking some Jelly Bean goodness in no time. Ummmmm, Jelly Bean.


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How to manually flash today's Jelly Bean updates to your GSM Galaxy Nexus [updated with 4.0.4 files]


Didn't work for me either. I'm getting status 7 installation aborted.

UPDATE: I just noticed that it says that you have to be on the preview build of Jelly Bean.

Hmm.. How do you update from 4.0.4 IMM76I to this new 4.1.1 JRO03C build without wiping? The OTA link says it goes from JRN84D to JRO03C.


Turn off location under settings/location. Make sure all is uncheck. Then go to setting/application and select all. Scrol down till you find google service framework. Only clear the data. Then go to setting/about us/update go check now then jell bean update start downloading jelly ota. this only works for gsm/ hspa models both international and US. Thats both the yakju and takju versions

curl2k1, I was on bigxie's and changed to Koush's build... 5 minutes later OTA poped-up and now I'm 4.1.1! Thanks a lot! You're the man!

If you're on a completely stock 4.1 (JRN84D) build without any system files (fonts, buttons, etc.), radio, or recovery changed, then you will be able to apply the OTA. If you've changed anything, it will probably Status 7 on you.

Alright, so I flashed rom "bigxie_maguro_JRN84D_v2-signed" then flash "CWM-RADIO-i9250-JB" then to keep a recovery i flashed "SuperSU-0.93-Busybox-1.20.2". Just to get back to 4.1 that was leaked on June 28th. I then tried to apply the update, but returned with "assert failed: apply_patch_check ("/system/app/ApplicationsProvider.apk" Blah Blah Blah (Status 7). So in doing this I am just going to wait...

So i'm in the same boat as you..getting the same question is, if we stay on the version of android (4.1) that we flashed on our phones last week or so, will we still get updated to 4.1.1? I just went back to 4.0.4

I'll just repost this again here:

If you're on a completely stock 4.1 build (JRN84D) without any system files (fonts, buttons, etc.), radio, or recovery changed, then you will be able to apply the OTA. If you've changed anything, it will probably Status 7 on you.

I'm having a HARD TIME in deciding what phone to keep. I have the Quad Core S3 and the Galaxy Nexus 4.1.1 Both are kick ass phones but one must go. Decisions! Decisions! The wifey likes her GS3.

if i do this on yakjuxw will it work, will i receive it thru OTA and if i clockwork it, does this wipe my things?

Thanks Jerry!!! I'm flashing 4.1.1 as we speak. I had a Galaxy Nexus from Google I/O with stock 4.1 OTA.

Can't wait for it to finish!! :)

Happily flashed to 4.1.1 :) Are there any actual updates to this version from 4.1? I (granted, in the minutes I've had it) haven't noticed anything different yet.

Thanks, your procedure worked for me. The only thing I would mention is the "fastboot-windows.exe" command isn't correct. You just type the same command you listed for Mac and Linux.

I'm pretty surprised AC, a community full of Tim "More Power" Allen fandroids, would make a recommendation for a GN. I think the bloggers are still in JB honeymoon after Google IO.

Not withstanding it would be my phone to pick as well because frankly, I hate skinned android and I NEEEEEED value. GN is value capital V.

I would presume if I've already unlocked the bootloader and have CWM recovery already flashed, all I need to do is flash the OTA.

My question is whether being rooted will matter, and also I have custom softkeys, so I wonder if that will throw everything for a loop. guess I'll find out soon. JB ftw!!1!

Was on YAKJU myself so had to flash to the IO version of JB first, then straight from there flashed the patch. Currrently rebooting!

JB for the win.

./fastboot boot recovery-clockwork-

My Terminal is stuck at < waiting for device >. Anything I'm doing wrong?

I had to do two things to make it work from that point (had the same problem):

1. Enable USB Debugging (in Developer Options)
2. Download another USB driver (Windows 7 64-bit). I Googled "galaxy nexus fastboot driver" and used the first one (sorry, can't remember the website... probably in the Advanced Forum).

I've never unlocked my bootloader, much less rooted. That said, I was very happy to see that all my apps, wallpaper, and data remained intact after the unlock and installation. Many thanks to all the contributers to this thread and all the forums. You guys rock... and so does JB!

All done. Just used Galaxy Nexus Toolkit to launch CWM without flashing it and then selected the zip and installed.

Can't believe how fast Jelly Bean is - exceeds expectations (and mine were high based on everything I'd read!). What really got me was how fast Chrome runs, it loaded the full site almost instantly (seriously like in 5 seconds), where as before it would load some of it and sit there, rendering, doing whatever. It scrolls like lighting too.

Was interesting that Google Now wasn't "on" by default. I did a couple of voice searches via the search bar icon to test the voice digitizer (flawless!!!) and then happened to hit settings and saw Google Now set to off. It's on now and already popped up to show me my commute to work in the morning :)


would you happen to know which zip file I would have to select from the 4.0.4 OTA package listed which I saved on my sd card?

My WiFi still isn't working after going to 4.1.1, on 4.1I had no bars, now I have the bars but it still won't permanently connect. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot, worked for me...after rebooting it did not identify the radio in phone version...labelled unknown....then i powered off removed battery and back on and all is buttery smooth...all my data are also intact. My question here is ..the default browser icon did not change to chrome as expected,but i can see incognito mode among browser options...what do u guys think of that?