Moving your contacts from your old iPhone need not be a chore with this handy guide

If you're just joining the Android world from a past life on iPhone, there are a number of things you might want to transfer to your new device. One of these is your contacts. Whereas on Android your contacts are backed up to your Google account automatically, Apple has iCloud to carry out the same purpose. Luckily, there's a pretty straight forward method to move your address book over.

There are apps in the iOS App Store that will sync your contacts to your Google account for you, but the method we're going to look at here involves just a computer and a web browser.

  1. Point your browser at
  2. Login with your Apple ID and password.
  3. Click on contacts
  4. In the bottom left, click on the settings cog (pictured right)
  5. Hit "Export vCard..." and note where the file saves.
  6. Head over to and log in with your Google credentials.
  7. Click "More" and select "Import"
  8. Select the vCard file you exported from iCloud saved on your computer
  9. Let Google do the rest!

From here, providing you have your Google account set to sync contacts on your phone (Settings>Accounts>Your Google Account) your phone will populate the People app with your previously iPhone residing address book.

As I mentioned above there are iOS apps that will do it for you, likewise similarly on Android. Motorola Migrate, for example, will move all your personal affects over from your iPhone if you've picked up a new Moto X or Moto G. But it's really straight forward, and the added bonus to doing it this way with your computer is that you retain a hard backup of your contacts list for yourself.


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How to get your iCloud contacts onto your Android device


Just set up my daughter on the moto x 2 weeks ago. The moto migrate app made it so easy for her to transfer everything from iTunes to her moto x. I was pretty impressed with that app.

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Hmmm, that guide is only good when you want to switch completely. I don't like Google contacts, so I sync all my iCloud contacts with my android device. There's an app called "smooth sync for iCloud" that does that seamlessly. (From the same developer there's also an app for iCloud calendar, I got both).

Just fyi

Yeah I use one called ContactSync to do it the other way (Google to Apple.) For a lot of regular folks though the issue arrives when they're switching completely from what they know, so that's where this comes in :)

Just a heads up, the website doesn't seem to work on Chrome on Android (specifically my Nexus 5 on 4.4.2)

Posted via Android Central App on my LG Nexus 6 (Sprint)

I also noticed the iCloud site doesn't work on Chrome on my Nexus 5. A few weeks ago I was trying to use find my iPhone for my wife...something that Apple should really fix.

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Is it just me, or do the contact photos not transfer over? I have a 5s and a Nexus 5, and I moved my iCloud contacts over and no contact photos sync'd through.

Photos aren't transferred over vCard. I tried this when moving from my iPhone 4 to my new Nexus 5 and lost hand picked photos for over 100 contacts. :(

Never worked that well for me. Maybe I'm unlucky. Since it's a how-to aimed at people who need guidance, probably best to provide a simple method that is most likely to work properly first time? 

I miss bump already. That was one of the easiest ways to move data from iPhone to android.

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The best way to do this actually, along with your calendars are to use the series of SmoothSync apps.
Not only do you get your icloud contacts on android, but it seamlessly syncs them back and forth, too, so you can use whatever ecosystem you like, and have updated, synced contacts on both.
Their app for icloud calendars is excellent also.

Far better solution, if you ask me.

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Yeah you are right but I think there are also some really nice alternatives. Currently I have switched to one called ContactSync - CardDAV and more from Calendar/Task/Contact Sync Mobile to sync my contacts because it not only supports Apple iCloud but also the service of my employer and I like the built in featuer which can autogenerate appointments for my contacts birthdays.

For calendars I like aCal+, basically it has some limitations because it can not be used with a custom calendar app but I'm really into built in calendarmanager. I'm so accustomed to it and know every button press because I'm using it since years => I can work with it completely blindfolded also at shaky trains or busses.

See Below -- Smoothsync for Contacts does NOT work on the Galaxy S5. Developer aware of it and has blocked download to GS5 devices for now.

Probably this is a good time to mention that the previously discussed SMOOTHSYNC FOR iCLOUD CONTACTS will not work on the Galaxy S5. While it will sync over your contacts from iCloud, there is some kind of bug in the Samsung system that will cause the Phone/Dialer program to crash until you delete your contacts and delete your smooothsync connection. Calendars do work as usual. According to the developer they are aware of it, yet there isn't a single mention on the Google Play site --- on the other hand, it DOES now say that the program is not compatible with the GS5 if you try to download it.

Ok, I just purchased that and used it and it did not say it was not compatible (or at least I didn't notice it). Any idea how get a refund?

Recently switched from iPhone to Galaxy s5. someone i have duplicated all my calendar appointments and my contacts. How do I get rid of one set?

Thank you so much for this.
I could not get iTunes to sync with Google/Gmail. Not that I actually wanted my contacts in my gmail account, but just wanted my contacts onto my new RAZR.
Nothing else worked, but this did. Cheers.

after you enter iCloud and then contacts, you NEED to press ctrl+a to SELECT ALL CONTACTS, otherwise you only gonna export the current (first) contact, NOT ALL !


Hi there
Just wanting to transfer data from iPhone to galaxy S4
I back up with iCloud then turn off iMessage then download switch to iPhone .
When do i change my sim card over to galaxy and put in battery ?

Samsung smart switch is a free app in the app store that does all these steps for you and makes it easy... Just get it on your new Samsung device and it will ask for you icloud login information and your set.