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If you just have to get that "Related" tab into your Android Market and can't wait any longer, you can force it to update on your phone, if it's running Froyo. All you have to do is go to Menu>Settings>Applications>Manage applications>Market (you might have to hit the "all" tab first) and then clear data on the Android Market app. Re-launch it, and you should have the "Related" or "Similar" tab. Thanks, @SethHikari, for the tip! And p.s.: We totally should have thought of that! :p

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I thought of that yesterday and tried to force it. And it didn't work. Did it today and it worked. Weird.

jtwebfusion says:

Me too.

iPwn says:

I'm running a 2.1 Fascinate, and was able to make the related tab appear by doing what you said. Thanks!

cowgirl66 says:

sorry about the star. I o on my phone and accidently hit it and tried to undo and it turned red.

cowgirl66 says:

sorry about the star. I o on my phone and accidently hit it and tried to undo and it turned red.

iPwn says:

Ahh, it's okay. I was wondering why someone would rate down my comment.

jaw4bama says:

I tried that last night and it did not work for me :( but I just got the update and my tab is listed "similar" :)

MrNate says:

Didn't work on my droid inc. Guess I get to wait.

jaw4bama says:

in that picture it is a droid x and it says "related" and the Droid 1 is "similar", is that weird to anyone else?

judasmachine says:

My Droid X says "similar," but it's probably the ROM I'm using. (Fission 2.2.1)

mikevo says:

Didn't do that it just appeared after downloading dragon hunter. Sweet music bty

thebizz says:

I did that but had to force stop the application after clearing data for the tab to show up

Charmed Juan says:

First attempt, no joy, Second attempt, I did a force stop, then clear data, It worked.

ezun says:

Clear data, force stop, launch Market - bada bing! - 'similar' tab.

Running Rubix 1.90v2.3.320

going through this procedure actually seems to have made my market faster overall!

icebike says:

Hell, all this time I've been scared to death to clear data on the market app.

But it worked, and it does seem faster other than on the initial load of your downloads, which can take quite a while.

decyphersmc says:

first clear, nothing (in fact Market force close on loading the agreement)

Did a clear data plus clear cache and it shows up now.

joshh347 says:

Weird. Mine had the "similar" tab, but then I did this Clear Data and now it says "Related". Running on EVO.

Rafiboy05 says:

nice! it worked on my SGS!

jmc2543 says:

Had to force stop then clear data for it to work. Droid 2

kinster02 says:

Worked like a charm on my Evo.

CRKhead says:

Force Stop, Clear Data, AND Clear Cache got it to work on my DINC...

cowgirl66 says:

sweet worked perfect EVO

jessexcruz says:

It worked on my Cliq (Vanilla 2.1 ROM). Clear Cache, Force Stop and reboot.

sq3htu says:

I just want to do this and ... suprise :-) Updated itself on my Spica (Rooted unbranded 2.1). Market version 2.13

Eighty_3#AC says:

Thanks. I was able to get it to show on Droid Pro.

Lukela says:

Appeared on my Droid X yesterday. Cleared Data on MT4g and voila, I have the "Related". Thanks AC!

voghan says:

Ugh, I restored an old nandroid and now I'm back to the old market with no tabs. Tried the steps above and nothing changed.


Thanks for the tip!!

mukarram1 says:

Great tip.
Im on a Nexus One running stock 2.2.1 FRG83D
Clearing data did nothing, so I cleared it again, cleared the cache, and force stopped, now I have a "related" tab.

tapoutbeast says:

I'm running 2.1 on my epic and I have no update to the market whatsoever... How do I update it? I'm still running the old market....

Wolfee57 says:

Stock OG DROID - was just there this morning, says "related".

jermajesty says:

Did the update and now the market will not download anything. It gets stuck on "starting download." This seems related to Google Talk. My Google Talk will not sign in either. My Evo is not low on memory either. However, I have the related tab. What do I do to fix google talk, et al?

Ms Charli says:

won't doing this erase all your apps and data and updates!

newtronco says:


Ms Charli says:

well when I followed the instructions it and clear data it said "All this application's data will be permanently deleted all files,settings,accounts,database and so on". ????Confused just say ok will "downloads" and updates still be there!

Cyrilmak says:

The "related" tab is now live even if you don't clear the cache!


HINC picked up the change.

Grimmy says:

Worked for me on my Nexus One... Had to agree to the market terms and conditions again, but it works fine.