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Although I'm not much into politics, there is plenty of good reasons to be following along with the 2012 Presidential Debate. If you're looking to tune in and hear which each of the candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have to say there is no shortage of ways to do so on your Android device be it, via audio or via live video. Jump below to find out more about how you can tune in.


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ABC News will be streaming the debate live on YouTube. You can pull up some of the content through the YouTube app itself but if you're looking for the full stream, you'll want to fire up your web browser of choice and go directly to the ABC News channel and tune in from there.



In case YouTube isn't your thing, the Ustream app for Android will also allow for streaming of the live broadcast courtesy of PBS. PBS will be providing their own live stream of the Presidential Debate on the PBS NewsHour Stream that you can watch on your Android phone or tablet. If you're looking for the Usteam app, you can download it here.



If you have zero interest in actually watching the event, you can tune in via audio or just simply read up to date information from NPR. The NPR News app can be found within the Google Play Store and will offer audio streaming of the debate with additional commentary available on their website as well. You can download NPR News from here.


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How to follow the 2012 Presidential Debate on your Android device


Thanks for this info! Been attempting to find the debate stream on my puter but apparently youtube is over-accessed because I always get an error.

I don't see the point of watching the debates.

Doesn't really matter which one you support.

It's already pretty clear who will be the next POTUS. :)

Romnbey flip flops everything, he says one thing then 45 minutes later he's says another. He'll say anything to be president. He's like a crack head trying to get a fix. He'd suck a D$ck to be president. EFF Romney, he only cares about wealthy, the top 400 richest people in the U.S. have more money than 50% of all americans, that's over 150 million. And they screw their fellow Americans to get it and keep it.

WOW would you look at that BLUEISH white hue in the first 2 pix on that SGS3 pentile display. Guess I'll wait for the GN2 or GS4.