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Wanna sideload apps (or use ADB for any other reason) to your Kindle Fire via your computer?  It's really easy -- just add the USB Vendor ID to the Windows ini file.  Even reading it seems more complicated than it really is.  On your Windows computer, press the Start button, then choose "All programs" > "Accessories" > "Command prompt" to open the text based command prompt for your computer.  Then copy the following line, and past it into the command window:

echo 0x1949 >> "%USERPROFILE%\.android\adb_usb.ini

Press the Enter key, and you're done.  What's it doing you ask?  It's adding the Vendor ID (0x1949) to the end of the Users\%your_user_name%\.android\adb_usb.ini file, so that the Android SDK tools can communicate with your Kindle Fire.  Doing it via the command prompt means you don't have to make hidden and protected files viewable, and it has a little bit of nerd factor to make you smile inside.

Once you've done that, enable Unknown sources in your Fire, connect it to your computer, and you can install apps just like you would with any other Android device.  For more help on installing and setting up the Android SDK, visit the forums

Source: ACT Local Media (Mac instructions are there) via Android Guys


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How-To: Enable ADB on your Kindle Fire (Windows)


Isn't possible just to email the non-amazon-appstore app file to your amazon email account (it downloads to your Kindle\Docs), then install it from there?

Little warning to newbies, make sure you put 2 >> symbols. If you put 1 symbol you replace the file with the preceding characters, 2 symbols will append to the file.

If you just want to sideload apps, I just did this:

1. Enabled "Allow Unknown Applications" on my fire under the Settings->Device menu.

2. Installed a File Explorer from the Store

3. Browse and download some apk files on the silk browser

4. Installed the apks through the file manager

Now I am watching Divx movies with arcMedia player and no problems.

Well, using ADB means that I can write apps in Eclipse and run them on the Fire by clicking the "run" button.

Hum... while I will grant that I've not updated my Android development environment in a while, I can find no such INI file anywhere.

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