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Honeycomb you say? Yes, we're still digging through the SDK and looking over the finer details for our own enjoyment and yours. Lots of goodies were found within already. Such as wallpapers, logos and more. If you've not had time to catch up then head on into the forums.

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Honeycomb, contests and where is the WiFi only Tab? [from the forums]


If there aren't any Honeycomb WiFi-only tablets on the market for under $500 soon, I'm going to seriously think about getting the new ipad. The manufacturers are blowing a huge opportunity by crippling all their tablets with expensive data contracts.

I totally agree. I already have a data contract with Sprint for my Android phone and I could pay an extra $8 or $9 a month to use it as a hotspot if I wanted too so why do I have to get another data contract for a tablet? Plus, I'm going to use the tablet at home on my wifi 99% of the time.

I have to agree with johnny99 although I'm willing to pay just under 600$. I despise apple and its fan boys but I'm itching for a decent pad at a reasonable value and for these better reviewed android tabs to come out priced higher than apple I am seriously looking at the Ipad. At least apple is established and we all know the Ipad works well. Give me my android tab at a fair price. I'm waiting but won't wait forever!