We all were a little surprised when HTC showed off the Flyer (see our hands-on here) and it wasn't running Honeycomb.  It looks like they aim to fix this situation in the second quarter with an OS update according to their official Facebook account.  We reached out to HTC for confirmation, and we were told:

"I can confirm that we are working to bring a Honeycomb update to Flyer in short order – however, I don’t have any specific information on what the timing may be."

We'll have to see if that second-quarter window pans out. But either way, it's pretty sweet that we do have word from HTC that Honeycomb will be coming to the Flyer!


Reader comments

Honeycomb to come to HTC Flyer


I just can't decide if the Flyer will please me or not. I really think I want to go for a 10 incher, but if the cost is going to hover around what the Xoom is then screw that. Im hoping those ASUS tablets will be reasonably priced

Lord willing it doesn't have sense on top of Honeycomb. HTC was the first company to adopt Android, and they went Vanilla with it, but ever since Sense has been out, it is all over their phone, there should be an option, through all companies, to buy the phone with the UI or not, and if you do, then just download it later. C'mon HTC I have been loyal.

If only a company with a UI over top of stock (Sense, Touchwiz, Motoblur etc.) would make a complete on/off switch to make it completely optional to run that UI, the phone(s) would be a huge seller. It would allow for updates straight from google for new versions of Android and updates from the manufacturer for the UI separately (almost like a more involved launcher such as Launcherpro or ADW Launcer). This would greatly reduce fragmentation and allow for timely updates.. the two major problems with android

From the track record of HTC delays and lies, the Flyer will get Honeycomb not sooner than Android 4.5 is announced, and after the HTC Flyer HD Pro is launched.

DISCLAIMER: I'm a burned owner of a HTC Legend.

Never been burned by HTC..My and everyone else's evo's were the first ota froyo updates..i was impressed by that! If they say its coming it prob is, I think HTC is the best manufacturer out there.

I agree!! Htc just let me down tho. THIS A HUGE FAIL. A 7" tablet. Get real.If I want to do some doodling on a screen shot, I'll take a picture with my camera!!!! Htc needs to scrap this idea of a tablet. What is Htc rushing to put something out!! They bring out a tablet without Honeycomb 3.0,sd card slot,usb slot, and 10" screen, what are they on DOPE? Consumers want a 10" tablet with 3.0. Htc could have and should brought this junk out last year and swallowed up the market, but no they want to give us a 7' a yr later, forget it HTc!! 7' tablet is so last year it ain't even funny.. Don't get me wrong this 7" will sell a little but it will not beat 10' tablet sales. This 7" has to be under $400 bucks and wifi only just to get off the shelves. I know all the 10" tablets are expensive now but give it a couple of months and Motorola,LG,Samsung and everybody else will bend and bring those prices down!!! I was really looking forward to Htc's announcement today but I came out disappointed, not to mention the facebook button phones, that's another comment. Unbelievable Htc. THis is BULL JIVE

you guys didn't really think this was coming out without out HC... its different with htc cuz of htc sense its a longer process. smh

Htc don't make your Honeycomb version look like a giant phone... just add some of your features such as cut and paste, email and some widgets. Other than that keep it pure as possible.

I have had time to think about the flyer and I believe overall it was a good move by htc. Did we really need another 9-10" stock HC tablet with moto, samsung, lg and others already with tabs coming out?? I believe the 7" and 10" have 2 different customers based on use-case and there is less competition in the 7" space by the big players. If they can price it at 399-459, they cold have a winner. I know everyone loves stock HC but I am curious to see what htc can do with sense on top of HC. Isn't that why we all love android....choice

It has to be priced under $400 to compete tho and wifi only!! If not it will be collecting dust. Because in the fall 2011, Htc will be launching a 10" tablet!!

I really like the HTC hardware but feel they are getting a little obsessed with Sense being the utopian dream of software design. Honeycomb makes Sense look dated and I hope that when HTC do update the tablet (and for future tablets) they realise that there are huge gains to be made by adopting a purer Honeycomb experience. Some of the application and widget design HTC produce is excellent but they should look to supplement Android UI not supplant it.

As for the stylus, hopefully in future we will see a design that includes the device within the housing of the tablet rather then a separate, somewhat chunky and infinitely losable add on.

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