Widgets are a great part of the Android OS, and clocks are a necessity in many peoples lives, and who wouldn't enjoy to have a futuristic styled clock, much like that found in Android 3.0 Honeycomb? This clock, which is a great replica of the one found in Honeycomb, offers users a very clean clock that takes a bit of getting used to in order to read properly.

Two versions of this clock widget are available, a free as well as a premium version, both of which allow direct access to the alarm application by simply tapping on the clock. The premium version will allow users to select between eight different colors, which is almost one for any color wallpaper that you are using at that time. For less than $1, the premium version is a must have for anyone looking for a great clock widget to keep their home screen clean and futuristic looking. Hit the break for more information as well as download links.

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tim242 says:

Those are ugly. Besides, I find it a bit redundant to have a clock on your homescreen, when there is one right above it in the notification bar. But, I'm sure some will love it.

gmonkey88 says:

This should really be free. It's not that great looking and like tim242 says, it doesn't make sense to have a clock on your homescreen when there is already one on the top right. Once it's free I'll take a look.

Jalarm says:

There is a lite version which gives you just the Blue clock.

Jalarm says:

There is a lite version which gives you just the Blue clock.

voiceonly says:

Looks, from these pics, just like the free Live Wallpaper one. What's the advantage here, or difference?

Spork1673 says:

them are some ugly clocks

Simer03 says:

those are pretty ugly.....and girly!

Johnny_Mac says:

I just tried the lite versions of this clock (TP Technology) and the other Honeycomb clock (by Juliojs) in the market and neither of them open the alarm when pressed. Just useless static clocks. At least the one by Juliojs gives you two colors to choose from in the free version and 20 color choices for the pay version.

DirkBelig says:

I just loaded the Juliojs one and tapping the clock opens the alarms screen for my stock EVO.

eric6052 says:

I think I will stick to Beautiful Widgets Clocks.

canucknnv says:

ummm, does anyone have the time?

kinster02 says:

No thanks I'll pass.