Logitech Revue

The Honeycomb (Android 3.1) beta for the Logitech Revue has been leaked out, and is now available for you to download and flash to your Revue, should you like living on the edge.  Yes, that's an important consideration as this is really beta, and you can't roll back should you decide to give it a try.  If that doesn't deter you, flashing it is fairly easy -- no root required:

  • Copy the file (grab it from the source link) to the root directory of a FAT32 USB drive
  • Plug the USB drive into your Revue, then unplug the power to the unit.
  • Plug it back in, count one Mississippi (I'm not kidding), then hold down the connect button and keep it held down.
  • The Revue will reboot, you will drop your TV signal, and and see the Revue logo again.  At this point, let go of the button.
  • The GTV logo will then show up, with an arrow and a horizontal "barbershop scroll." At this point, on your Revue's keyboard, press the FN key (in yellow) and the left arrow (to the left of the OK button). It will then come up to a recovery menu.
  • Hit "Apply update from sdcard:/update.zip"
  • The Revue will verify the update, and reboot. It is installing an updated bootloader and recovery image (both, heavily encrypted).
  • The Revue will then come back on, and flash the latest kernel and system files. Once this is done, the box will reboot again.
  • This bootup may take a few minutes, at first you will see the Revue logo, then the Google TV logo, then the "new" logo (a grey tv over a ball glowing red). Just wait it out.
  • You can then begin setup, as normal. You may notice some crashes - this software is still beta, you should be able to force close and continue.

Remember, this may be permanent, and will be buggy.  If you try it, be sure to get in the forums to discuss.  Makes that $99 pretty well spent doesn't it?

Source: GTV Hacker via Android Central forums


Reader comments

Honeycomb beta for Logitech Revue leaked


can someone let me know if there is anything worth while for network share streaming? I really really would like to ditch the only apple product in my house (atv2 running xbmc) for something a bit more android friendly :)

Second that comment... I need to know it can play files off the network share before I can shell $$ out on it...

You can use any number of DLNA servers and stream anything you want on the network. It can also be done with Win Media player fairly easily.

err.. I think he was talking about software on the device to play said files... serving up the files is easy enough.. but decoding them and playing them? is there anything available?

yes there is Market access. Most Apps don't work. Suprising enough i've gotten Seesmic and Napster to work. No FCs as of yet *knocks on wood*

Hmmm....$99 revue with $9.99 spotify subscription equals one helluva nice home jukebox. Anyone tried to load spotify?

Can anyone confirm if it works well ill go buy one tomorrow lol and once official comea out can we update to that version

I knew there was a reason I jumped on this without a second thought! Woot!

Anyone try the Harmony remote app and have an opinion to render on it?

Dude if you got a Revue you GOTTA dowload the GoogleTV app, way better than the Harmony and it's Google so you're staying loyal to the KING!

I bought one for $249 two weeks ago from Best Buy. I just went back Yesterday and got $150 buck credited back due to their price match policy.

This is exciting news, and I was toying with installing it, but I. Am put off with comments elsewhere that Netflix won't work on it. If that is confirmed to be true, I think a warning should be included in the main article.

I've had my Revue since day one and I love it, SOOO glad I bought this thing. I want to flash this so bad BUT I'm concerned about how stable it is. Bugs and FC's on ur phone is one thing but if I'm watching TV and have to keep closing programs thats gonna piss me off. I think I'll wait until its out of beta but please someone POST A GOOD, LONG VIDEO so we can all see how it looks, thanks

Sony gonna be the new Verizon on this and not release forever? I thought the update was going to be for both. Looks like I'm screwed again. Thanks sony, Love ya!

Installing now. Have noticed that it doesn't like USB drives over 2 or maybe even 4 gigs. It failed on 4 different thumb drives before working. Used a 1GB that finally mounted the drive. I'll keep you posted.

Follow up, Works fine, limited due to it being a leak. Have market access, not many options to install however. No netflix app. Kind of neat.