One of the things we wouldn't mind Android stealing from the iPhone is their game selection. Games on the iPhone typically outclass Android games and can even keep pace with dedicated gaming devices like the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP.

Luckily, as Android grows, the games will follow. We're beginning to see a ton of great games on Android and even some iPhone ports. For example, HomeRun Battle 3D, a simple, yet addictive game that is basically a glorified home run derby, has come from the iPhone to Android. What's even cooler about HomeRun Battle 3D is that it allows for cross-platform multiplayer, which means you can pit Android vs iPhone and go hit for hit with your iPhone buddies. Cross-platform multiplayer is an awesome feature that we hope to see in other Android & iPhone games--the more people you can beat in games, the merrier.

Hit the jump to see the Droid vs iPhone in HomeRun Battle 3D! (sadly the Droid loses)

[via toucharcade]

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Anonymous says:

Brilliant idea.

alphabets says:

why does the droid lose?? elaborate.

Anonymous says:

He is referring to losing the home-run challenge. The guy playing on the iphone had a higher score, thats all.

Mark S says:

Typical gamer, blaming his device! :-)

CeeDotSmith says:

That game is extremely fun! The online pay is great! If you don't have it, I suggest you go to the Market and pick it up. Definitely worth the $4.99 IMO.

Anonymous says:

OMG WTF. So what? Cliq has android 1.5 and can't even get this? It's not even available in the market. I show my friend this and play the demo and of course, it's awesome on his Nexus. He goes and buys the game and rubs it in my face. Then two other guys in the office get it for their iPhones. Awesome....

rufflez says:

yeah, i was a little upset too that i couldn't get it for the Sprint Hero (1.5 as well). Now I have a reason to want 2.1!

Richard says:

The graphics on the iPhone looks alot better than the Android. Just compare the pics of the Home Run Derby shown above.

Fahren says:

Just tested this out with my friend yesterday. It works! I bought the full version, and he got the trial on his iPhone. The actual gameplay against the other person is minimal; it's somewhat like a race to see who gets the most home runs. But there are some battle aspects to it (if you homerun an iron ball, their next ball will be slowed by 50%). You can see the other person's progress in a window on your screen, pretty cool.

It's always cool to impress an iPhone user with new stuff.