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The Galaxy S class of Android smartphones -- the T-Mobile Vibrant, AT&T Captivate, Sprint Epic 4G and Verizon Fascinate -- bring an all-new Touchwiz user interface. And it has one feature we know a lot of you have been clamoring for -- the ability to rearrange entire home screens. We break it down, erm, after the break.

Update: Ah ha! So you can change out the icons down in the bottom bar thingy. Video of how to do it has been added after the break. (Thanks, commenters!)

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Home screen tweaks on the Galaxy S


You can in fact customize the default touch wiz icons on the bottom. I did on a Captivate, your video states otherwise.

open the launcher and hit the menu key. You will have the edit option. The icons in the apps screen can now be dragged down to the launcher bar.

Your right, but I had something to add. You have to go to the drawer and then hit "Menu" then choose the "Edit xxxxxx" button (cant remember what it says exactly lol I am using ADW and am lazy to change it) then while in edit mode hit the "Menu" button again and drag them in. It is kinda hard to get it to work the first time cause it seems that it is hidden. Hope this helps

Phone is not in front of me but i figured it out on a buddies the other night.

Click application menu>edit>customizable grid
Then in applications menu>edit

Really like the ability to move entire home screens etc. Hopefully it won't take the launchers too long to implement something similar ;).

+1 on that eyesparky; seems like such an obvious thing to be able to rearrange the order of the home screens. Was a little surprised that isn't supported in Sense on my Evo.

I heard that hitting the home button on touchwiz took you to the first screen, not the fourth. Does it actually go to the 4th? Are there any models(the international version?) which do go to the first screen or did I just miss something?

Not for me. I have the European version of the Galaxy S with the stock XXJF3 firmware. I always end up on the leftmost. Very annoying.

I saw that in a video too before I got the phone and it stuck out in my mind because I like having the same amount of screens to the left as I do the right, I don't like the "iPhone" setup where your homescreen in the first. I was pleased to find out that by default the screen setup is just like all Android phones and you have the one screen and two to the left and two to the right (with the option of adding 2 more screens to make 7). I didn't think i would like TouchWiz and I was determined that was the first thing I would change, but it has kinda grown on me a little. The app drawer is nice (although I still set it up to scroll up and down alphabetically. I am using ADW cause it is just to well built and I love the options as well as the screen scrolling a lot smoother than TouchWiz. I am not a huge fan of any of the TouchWiz widgets so I don't use them plus they seem to slow down the scrolling noticeably. This phone is going to fly once it gets Froyo I hope it is coming (god, it feels weird coming from having the latest and greatest on N1 and now wishing and waiting for Samsung and AT&T to push it out).

Dear Verizon: you have like 5 more days to release the Fascinate before I jump ship. This Android iteration is finally lightweight, good looking, efficient and very powerful (i dont need a full keyboard, a moviescreen for a phone, or a battery assassin). I am seriously considering ditching VZ and going to AT&T to get this phone (their service is cheaper anyhow).

This made me lol. Just remember, AT&T's network is spotty. May not be worth the headache. I agree with everything you just said. I pictured each specific phone you were referring to (full keyboard, a moviescreen for a phone, or a battery assassin).

Let me write this down: Somebody is leaving Verizon for Android on AT&T!
I never thought I would see the day.

Sent from my awesome Captivate.

LOL yeah that made me laugh too, I never thought i would see the day that AT&T would be stealing customers from Verizon for a high end Android phone (not counting Nexus One as AT&T didn't sell the thing Google did). Yeah I love this phone I think that the EVO stole it's thunder back at CES and it has kind of flew under the radar. Some great devs like Paul over at Modaco use the Galaxy S line as their main phones and that made me give it a second look. I really like the overall design of the Captivate the best in the US Galaxy S line (except for the Epic that phone is going to be the best by far too bad it is on Sprint cause I get horrible service here). I really like the phone and this 4" screen is perfect in size for me, not to mention the Super AMOLED is the best looking screen I have ever seen. It even puts the Nexus One, Legend, Desire, and Incredible to shame. The hummingbird processor and PowerVR GPU give this phone a lot of power and I think that it will attract a lot of users as well as great devs. We just need to give it time and I doubt with the Droid 2 in the pipe that Verizon will release the Fascinate until around November or December and by then we should be getting the first dual core monsters. I think the Galaxy S line is leading the next gen of Android along with the X and EVO. It should attract a lot of good game devs because we finally have a great GPU (the best GPU in the industry as far as I can tell) for some great games . Also since Android is now getting the MaxTouch sensors we all don't have to worry about games. I can't see myself buying another phone unless it has this sensor and I would have a hard time buying a phone if it didn't have AMOLED/Super AMOLED screen it just looks to damn good. Sorry this is like my third chapter long post in this thread (or article) I guess I am just a new proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy S Captivate and want the world to know about this beast. Where is the review Phil and the guys at Android Central? I have been waiting patiently lol. JK you guys are great and is my homepage on all my devices even my PS3 which I never use for browsing.

The more I think about it, the more i get the (sinking) feeling that Verizon is convinced the Fascinate is basically a Droid Incredible killer; no one will want those anymore once it's out so they are going to stretch their investment in that handset for at least a few more months before announcing anything on the Fascinate, and they surely won't launch it any sooner than late Nov, for the holiday season.
Four more months! Auuugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Here's hoping the 2.2 update for the Incredible comes soon, and it fixes the terrible battery life issues by kicking out the silly HTC ui. Maybe then that phone will be viable. maybe.

Well, this phone is only available on T-Mobile (Vibrant). But yeah, get what you're saying, the Samsung Captivate. There are little differences in the UI between the phones. For instance, the buttons on the top are not numbered on the ATT phone. To change the home screens also has a slightly different method.

AT&T is selling this as the Samsung Captivate, they have been since last Sunday (7/18). I have seen them in the wild. They are very nice.

3 things:

1. The fascinate has an LED flash while the ATT/T-mobile versions do not

2. ATT got rid of unlimited data. You still have unlimited on Verizon.

3. Verizon's service is better than ATT's

Would you seriously give up all this just because you dont want to wait a month for the Fascinate to come out?

If so, then no one can help you.

Well it was highly tongue-in-cheek, but I am really digging this phone and it's frustrating that it's out on AT&T but VZ doesn't even have a release date yet. As far as data goes, I don't spend enough time away from my PC to warrant unlimited data, I could probably even mind my bytes and go with the 200mb plan and SAVE $15 a month. AT&T has cheaper minute and txt plans too, and their network has been getting better and better, especially with new handsets that do more with less signal.

I probably wouldn't ever work up the gall to leave VZ but it sure is *tempting*...

Look at it this way atleast it should launch with Froyo unless Samsung does the unthinkable. Come on Sammy win your customers back for some of us this is your last chance with Android and you have a great product that could really make you some good money, but you need to get Froyo on this beast to show what it can do. If you need any help I can give you the names of some great dev's that put all you companies out there to shame it really makes it look like you all are dragging your feet (this is not pointed exactly at Samsung btw) I am really proud of Motorola they seem to be getting froyo done pretty quick and I have also heard the the HTC phones are getting it soon, but still have heard nothing from the Galaxy S you really risk falling into oblivion with this great phone. Get on it and bring on the Galaxy S lineup this is the new face of Samsung and it might be your last chance. I know it is with me.

Go T-Mobile! I have had the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile since last Friday, and WOW. Not sure what rate plans you guys are on but my unlimited data is $25, and my 1000 anytime minutes with free nights and weekends is $40. I only get 400 texts per month, but for $65/month its FANTASTIC! This rate plan is not with their current promotions, but it somehow carried over from my G1.

Loving the Samsung Vibrant, and loving T-Mobile!

3 things (as I see it):

1. "The Fascinate has an LED flash while ATT/T-mo versions do not"

- I see your point as this day in age there is no reason that it shouldn't have flash even tho I don't use my phone a lot for pictures it was nice to have on N1 for video (on Froyo atleast).

2. "ATT got rid of unlimited data. You should still have unlimited on Verizon"

- I still have unlimited on AT&T and I was told I can have it as long as I don't change it. I have it on my Captivate right now as we speak and I was able to still keep my N1 on my account for $25 and that was with a data plan. I use GV for messaging, $10 for the extra line, and $15 for 200 mb of data (I know that is not a lot, but it is no longer my main phone) You can't do that on Sprint, T-mo, or Verizon you have to have a data plan if you have a smartphone and they don't have tiers.
-Verizon is more than likely in the process of following AT&T with tiered data and we all saw it coming. All four will more than likely be dropping their UL data by the end of the year. First, AC reported that Verizon was complaining that the Droid X users are using 5X more usage then other smartphone users ( that looks like they are setting the stage and then I read over at Engadget this so it is kinda a moot point.

3. "Verizon's service is better than ATT's"
-That is kinda false to say that everywhere Verizon is better than ATT cause that just isn't the case I have had both and my fiance just got rid of her Verizon and jumped on ATT. I have never dropped a call on my ATT Nexus One and I always have 3G (and i live in Idaho!) I moved from Utah last year and ATT is great in northern Utah so I don't see this argument. Plus I feel the opposite as Verizon is using CDMA and we all know they are making the switch to LTE here soon so that should leave a lot of phones that will not be able to use LTE and will slowly be phased out. This includes the big ones like Droid X, OG Droid, Soon to be Droid 2, Droid Inc, and even the Kin (Ok, I was just kidding with that one LOL). I have yet to read what Verizon plans to do with the million people using CDMA are they going to continue to use CDMA for voice and LTE for data? That seems likely (can you even use LTE for data? I know nothing about this tech) What happens to all the people with new two year contracts that came with these phones that just got released. The rumor is that Verizon is going to launch LTE in November and it looks very promising (

Those are just how I feel because we all know that each person is very different. I think ATT could be better (all providers could be better), but I think ATT gets a lot of shit because of the media. As far as removing side loading apps and including ATT crapware like the radio so they can remove the FM radio is a bunch of crap. I hope this phone does great and attracts a bunch of iPhone users. Samsung has a great opportunity as they have a great phone and the iPhone users are leaving for greener pastures due to this whole "death grip" thing. Can you say Vista anyone? I know they still have a lot of customers and I hear that Win 7 is great, but Apple was able to capitalize off of that. Sammy should plug this phone like crazy and build some hype then everyone will see how great and also the word will get out that it is coming to all four carriers.

Sorry for such a long response (this is like the fourth one in this article btw) just adding my $.02

Only thing I don't like about this is the lack of being able to pick which number to use as the home screen. Idk about others but for me I'd like to be able to do that.
For example, I'm not really interested in having THAT MANY screens [7]. Switching from the G1 to the Vibrant, I'm pretty comfortable using at least 3 screens. Now, I noticed that when I did that and I would press the HOME button, the HOME screen would be the LAST screen on to the right. I found that kind of annoying. I'd like it to be the one in the middle.
It's really not a BIG BIG deal but I have somewhat of an OCD problem so things like that kinda bother me. Just wanted to share lol
Other than that I'M LOVING THIS PHONE! :D

I have to agree. I like using 3 screens, like on my trusty G1.
When you press the home key it warps to the far right screen, which I too find disturbing.

It would have been better to set any number of screens, and then in edit mode select one of them as the home screen. Here's to hoping Samsung will add this in their next TouchWiz release!

Oh and btw, I'm loving TouchWiz 3.0, lol!!

Another cool feature you should mention, uninstalling from the app launcher. Open the app launcher > menu > edit, now applications that can be uninstalled will have a little red minus icon on them. Click it to uninstall.

note: It only works on the user installed apps.


Not sure if someone else has said this or not, but you can actually uninstall apps from that edit menu too. When you go into the app drawer and hit menu/edit, you then just tap the red (-) to uninstall any third party app. No need to go into the market or use any third party software to quicken uninstalls.

I love least until adw or lp add these features :)

Great, although I figured out that it was easy to move all icons :)

What I don't like (and funny it wasn't obvious or mentioned all over the place) is that Android doesn't accept vcard as a method to add a contact... I mean vcard is a standard originally proposed by a few companies that INCLUDED AT&T--yet their Captivate doesn't accept vcards... Sigh!

I don't keep my contacts on google, and I am now faced with no way to get my contacts on my phone since AT&T, Samsung, and Android haven't given us software to get this done...

[sarcasm]Great job... [/sarcasm]

You can import contacts from vcards. Google ended up syncing every person I had ever emailed so I turned that feature off and just imported my contacts from my iphone from the sd card directly to the phone memory.

Does anyone know how to make the 4th screen not be the home screen? I really need help with this. I hope there is a way.

Why can't the EPIC 4G customize the home screen and applications menu as shown in the above videos? There is no edit option from the menu on the home screen, nor is there a customizable grid option from the app screen...
I have really been trying to tweak the home screen and app menu because I hate alphabetical order and having unused home screens. I thought I had hit gold with these videos...but alas, not love from the EPIC.