Sling Grip

No phone or tablet is too big when you have crazy cheap technology from the late-night Internet to help

We've seen similar gizmos, but never for just six dollars. Hook it to the back of your Note 3 or Nexus 7 and free that thumb to reach right around and tap tap tap. Complete with free shipping.

I just grabbed a couple in white and a couple in black, and if they're worth a hoot I'll let you know. 

If you'd rather get in on them while they're cheap and find out for yourself, hit up Daily Steals at the link below.

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Hold any device with one hand for just 6 bucks


Nice! No more dropsies while getting the high score in the toilet.

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I just read that in the voice of the character in your profile picture. Makes it much funnier.

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If I used a phone or tablet as part of my job I could see using it but not for personal casual use.

I have the fly grip(got it for sale at, you get 20 dollars for signing up) was thinking of that but it's not really. It has the same functionality but not the design.

While it does the same thing its less than half the price and thinner. I have both and the slinggrip, which was originally the thingsling, is the better product for me. You should check out the website. They are american made and the dude hires the homeless to put it all together. At least he used to. Don't know if that changed when the name changed.

The only thing the flygrip has over this, IMHO, is that the flygrip can be used as a stand. The flygrip is thicker and needs to be snapped in and out for use. I always snagged it on my pockets as well. Like I said before, this is a better product for me. YMMV.

Two questions Phil,
- Does it leave marks on the back after removal?
- What's it made of, plastic or rubber?

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Mine is attached to a case. I have taken it off a few times. I've never damaged the case, but I wouldn't attach it to the phone itself.

I'm a short guy so small hands (ladies: every thing else is big). The GS3 is my limit for one handing. And I have to play the pinky balance game to even do that.

Was it really necessary to point out that only your hands are small? You do realize how much worse that sounds than just saying nothing, right?

I think the idea is good eg for tablets perhaps but for as Samsung now wants you to call them fonblets i would say no. The Note 3 gets often refferd to as a two had device but because of the form factor it really isnt t, unless your using the S-Pen.

For devices like the xperia z ultra 6.4", mega 6.3" and perhaps the Htc One Max 5.9" although i also have the Mega and although i wont argue that it is huge and not easy to always use one hand i managed hmm most of the time lol..

I wouldnt say useless product, but how many people would use or do use for a 5" to 5.7" phone?

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You might be surprised. The Note 2 sold *far* more than anyone really expected, and the Note 3 looks to be blowing the Note 2 sales out of the water.

When I picked up my Note 2 a year ago, a *bunch* of people I know ended up playing with it and liking so much that they went out and got their own.

We're seeing a *lot* more mainstream adoption of the larger screen sizes, which is why Apple is rumored to be making a larger phone next year (something even Apple fans have been begging for since before the 4s came out).

This is a handicap device for those who weren't born with giant mitts. I already can hold the note 3 and mini tablets with one hand.

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Perhaps the time to worry is when you can hold a Nexus 10 that way.

The devices do keep getting slimmer with bigger screens; like the jump from Note 1 to Note 2 and finally to Note 3. The Nexus 7-2013 is much nicer to hold than the first one; but this idea could help.

You may be able to hold it one handed, but unless you have hands like Shaq I doubt you can comfortably reach all four corners of the screen without repositioning your hand. Products like these allow me to easily touch the screenwherever I need to without changing how I'm holding my Note2

I use the pinky under the bottom grip on my note :)

Is this using that strong and easy removal 3m tape?

I had a case that performed a similar function for my original Kindle. It was quite good being able to swing my arm around with want-less abandon with the device stuck in place. Whether this will do similar remains to be seen. I am sceptical given how it is attached. Please report back!

I need to get one of these, would make it much easier to use my One one-handed while gripping a pole on the subway, can just barely reach now and feels precarious while doing it. (I'm a woman, y'know)

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Tried ordering and I keep getting "Input validation failed" on the payment page.
It also redirected to an unsecure page. Is this website OK?

Can anyone vouch for DailySteals?

Yup, I have ordered from them many times with no issues. Slow shipping a lot of time, but never any real issues.

I have a pretty rugged case on my Note2 (Ionic case similar to a Ballistic case) and I've dropped my phone a lot. That being said I've never dropped it while using the sling. Its always been me carelessly putting it into a pocket or quickly glancing at my phone without using the sling. It works pretty darn good. My wife has a pink one on her Note2 as well and her milage is my milage. YMMV though

I would like to find a case that has a ridge in the middle of it so you can hold it better. Seems like an easy thing to do. This will work but will such when you have to use both hands to take it off when you want to put it back in your pocket like a glove

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Don't see the point of still gotta hold your phone and besides you can't use all you fingers in hand to play with your this is not that useful

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Flygrip... FTW, i tried all the knockoffs, none compare... Kickstand on flygrip is the key over this product anyways

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Guys, just put your pinky at the bottom of the phone with your middle and ring finger on the left edge and your index finger on the back.

I did a Google search for SlingGrip, went to, and bought a 3 pack for 9.95 plus 2.00 for shipping. Slightly better deal than $6 for only one, and that was from a website that was kinda sketchy and wouldn't let me pay with PayPal.

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I've been using the kickstand on my Qmadix Snap-On Cover, which came with a handy (read: silly and useless for me) holster. When it is out, there is a gap in the mechanism that is perfect for a finger, though not soft or stretchy like this appears to be. I picked it up when it was a deal of the day here, but it's still available at Shopandroid. I'd post a link to it, but in the interest of censoring spam, which it does NOT do, the site's built-in faceless filter blocked my comment with the link in it.

The Sling Grip is from I've been using one on my S4 since the week I got the phone and it's been rock solid. It's stayed on just fine, doesn't cause the back of the phone to bend/bow/warp/whatever, and makes it a lot easier to hold the phone.

Also, it's always fun laughing at the people who post negatively here while admitting that they've never tried the product. Mommy did a good job making you believe your opinion matters, but she forgot to mention that she's the only one who cares.

No thanks, I can already hold my nexus 7 2013 with one hand, that's what I love about it, and even if I couldn't I wouldn't feel comfortable sticking something on the back of it, makes it look cheap and would probably add a sticky residue as well.

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How do I get one of these? And does anyone know where to find the flygrip everyone talks about? I can find these anywhere. Thanks