Sero 7 Pro

Both the small maintenance update and larger cumulative update are rolling out OTA

For a company that is largely untested when it comes to providing updates to Android devices, Hisense seems to be looking after its Sero 7 Pro pretty well. Another update, albeit an extremely small one, should be rolling out to nearly all users by now. For those that missed past updates, a cumulative update of 330.6 MB will be available for you to download. For those already on Build number P756., the update comes in at a scant 1.7 MB. The latest Build number is now P756., with no other obvious software differences in sight.

This update does not change the Android version number, which is still the same one that the Sero 7 Pro had out of the box — Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. With Android 4.4 just around the corner, one has to wonder what Hisense's plans are for the future of this tablet's software.

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Hisense Sero 7 Pro gets another maintenance update


Owned one of these for a couple of weeks.. Nice Little Tablet..
But No Development for those of us that Hack Things..

They haven't released the kernel source yet so all you can get are modded stock roms. I returned mine for the same reason.

Someone gave her a nearly new Audi in exchange for working on their computer? Wow, there really is a sucker born every minute!

But there aren't any suckers here. Go away, spammer!

it's to bad you got rid of this tablet,

it does have Development, it is just hidden

you go to settings-about- tap the build number box until
a small box pops up saying you now have Development.
then go back into the setting menu and it will be there

Hisense has already confirmed to me that they will update to Jelly Bean 4.3 this fall. They have also stated this publicly.

Hisense has confirmed 4.3 because the Sero 7 Pro is essentially a Nexus 7. (Bad Memory)
4.3 helps to fix that.

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Hisense Sero 7 Pro

Wow I didn't know that. That just made my day!

My only problem is the charging cable that came with it doesn't work on it. I even had them send me a replacement and it still doesn't work. I have to use an old Moto cable to charge it.

I've been on this build for some time now... my "small update" came weeks ago.

The site seems to do articles on this tablet, but even after over 124000 views and over 930 replies to my original thread... we still can't get a spot on the forum for this?


I almost picked out e of these up. Glad to see the company supporting the device still.

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I for one am very happy with this tablet, and recommend it to anyone looking for a great deal. Not the slimmest, not the fanciest, no flash, but it does everything it needs to do. Getting 4.3 would be a blast!

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I agree that this is a great value in the tablet world. I've had mine for less than a week and I'm absolutely satisfied. I was specifically looking a tablet that would support a microSD card and this one works fine with my 64gb Sandisk card.

Must be a modded launcher. The one I had updated to this a couple days ago and it still had the screencap button. Also I'm pretty sure the buttons were spaced out more in landscape mode too.

There is no screen capture button because the tablet they have was never updated to 4.2.1.
That's why their update file is so huge.

Update : It's a launcher.

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Hisense Sero 7 Pro

I'd love to get rid of the capture button but hate the idea of messing everything up just to remove it.

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I love it too but sometimes I wanna use the old way (hold Power button + Volume down) but it won't work on mine :-(

Not sure for the reason for the "hate" of the screen capture button. Honesty I hit it a few times the first few days I owned it, and then only when I have wanted to take a screen capture. It really doesn't get in the way, and for the value the tablet provides... I learned where the buttons are located.

Awesome to know this tablet is getting updates let alone 4.3 is coming in the near future. Cannot be happier I have this tablet compared to other "name brands".

Best Bang for your buck.. but developers simply will not touch it (Excluding Xbox but now even he has abandoned development on it).. and XDA will not even give it the respect of having it's own thread..

I don't see that changing just because the Tablet gets updated to 4.3..

I didn't get this tablet, I almost did but opted for the 10" Nook Tablet HD on sale for $150... but I have high hopes for this tablet and this company. If they do timely updates, and released the kernal source, I think they could do very well.

Has any one got this tablet to talk to Windows Vista? Looks like it needs a driver as it's ok on my Windows 7 machine. This is my sons tablet and he has a Vista machine (yes I know doh!!!) Driving me nuts trying to get it to work with vista.

For those looking for Developer Options on Sero 7 Pro
it is there put hidden

instructions on how to get it

go into settings menu
scroll down to About Tablet(it is very bottom of menu)

Open About Menu
Go to Build Number, Tap that Build Number Box fast(3-5 times)
until a small box pops up telling you now have Developer Options

now exit About Tablet

You will now see and have Developer Options

Lol He built it himself. He has a thread on xda trying to pot cm 10.2 over. I think he has it all working but for NFC and camera.

hi every one:
i own the HISENSE Sero 7 pro.
my question is:
how do i tranfer my apps,from internal memory to the SDcard?

thank you for your help :)