Hisense Sero 7 Pro

Hisense today announced a price drop on two of its tablets. The Sero 7 Pro has dropped $20 to $129, and the lesser Sero 7 LT falls to $79.

The Sero 7 Pro is the only one we'd really recommend out of this duo, however. In our review, Casey Rendon concluded that "the Sero 7 Pro does exactly what it sets out to do: offers good all round specs, more features than you can shake a stick at, and comes in at a great price." 

You can snag the Sero 7 Pro at Walmart.


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Hisense drops price of Sero 7 Pro to $129


I wonder how would this compare to the Nook HD/ HD+. I work at Barnes and noble and I am thinking of picking up the HD+.

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Hey Aaron I work at BestBuy and I got the HD+ and I like it. The display is better and direct access to Google Market now is great. With the HD+ you get the 9 inch screen at HD which is great for viewing video and magazines. The dual core processor is fairly fast plus you get 16gb storage. Funny thing is you have the Droid M and thinking about the HD+. I have the Droid M and just got the HD+.

nook HD+ $150 (even cheaper with the target debit card!)
Sandisc 32 gig card $30
N2A jellybean download $20

best damn $200 tablet on the planet... priceless!!!

Why would you pay $20 to N2A when you could easily do it yourself by heading over to xda?

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for us semi-techie types, its a one stop, tested proven to work solution with minimal opportunity to screw something up... also, as i understand it (though the semi part of the techie could be wrong), the xda solution overwrites the original nook software, rather than providing a dual boot option. again, just in case something got screwed up...

Heck man, $20 is nothing and is actually THE smarter, quicker, and less time consuming way to quickly change from an Android based tablet to the Nook HD E reader. Thats not only keeping someone in the semi techie status but also thinks.

Well I have nook hd+ duel booting and enjoy booth. I order the pro after trying le one, I liked the mirroring on hdtv 42 in 1080 with the micro hdmi. took back the wifi bluray. If the pro is as good and better than the le, and a walmart warranty to boot for 158. I'M LOVING IT; ) p.s. got great deal on the nook also

Google should have kept on selling the 2012 Nexus 7 with a price drop like this. Like what Apple does with its tablet line. I can't wait to see what other high quality tablets come at an awesome price like this.


Remember that Android 4.3 is dropping this Fall alongside with source anytime soon. In my opinion its better than Nexus 7.

OK from the article that I believe you are quoting, they are reviewing dropping the source (which they should have done by now) and have planned on 4.3.

Many phones have been "planned" for an upgrade and not gotten it.

No official announcement on either, so I really would not put the cart before the horse here. With any "off brand" it is hit or miss if the updates actually will happen.

It is a nice tablet though.

This is not better than the Nexus 7. Period. I'm not even sure, how you can twist your mouth up and say that, lol.

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If we are talking 2012 Nexus 7 yes, especially if HI-SENSE blesses the pro with 4.3.

But even with the lack of NVIDIA, the 2013 Nexus 7 is king of the mountain.

Really? Where and when did they say this? That makes me happy if it's true!

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I wish Google would continue to sell last year's model at $149 for the 16g. This tablet is pretty dang good for the price. If only it was to be supported

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There are a few places online where you can still pick up the OG Nexus 7,some at lower than $149. Has Google stopped support of it?

I've had the S7Pro for a while and it's been a great little tablet for the price. HDMI out and sd card give me the ability to do everything I wanted to with it.

I have the Hisense Sero 7 Pro and it is a great Tablet. I will also be picking up one for my wife at $129. I recommend it highly.

i have one, feels slightly cheap bur works like a beast! bummed that i couldve bought it for $20 cheaper had i waited 6 days lol. oh well

I bought one of these 2-3 days after it came out. I love it. Comparing it to the Nexus 7 (gen 1) is great, especially given the significant difference in price. We just drove back from DC to Indy and my kids fought over it the whole way. The battery lasted the whole trip with plenty to spare (I think it got played for about 6 hours).

For $129 I'm in it for a second one so they don't have to fight over it :)

Funny for me.. (Because I am ready to take my Nex-7 2013 back for this and save $170.00) when I click on the link to go to Walmart it pops up $129.00 for a second.. then reverts back to the $149.00 price.. I called my local store and they still quote it as $149.00.. I guess this has not kicked in the system yet.. as soon as it's does, Bye-Bye Nexus-7 and hello HiSense Pro! Maybe I'll put that $170.00 savings towards the new LG-G2..hmm...

I just bought one of these last week and love it. Limited internal storage so if you want to install a lot of games, you will want to root and use something like FolderMount or apps2sd to move large game files to the SD card. There is already a good little community getting together for it, root and custom recovery are very easy, and there are already a custom ROM and kernel. I have been using a hacked hp touch pad but am selling that now that I have this. Compared with a coworkers first gen nexus 7 and performance seemed identical. Was a deal at $150, at $130 it's ridiculous...

RUN RUN AS Fast as you can from hisense sero pro 7. I bought one almost 2 month ago and the piece of shit doesnt hold its charge.

The sero 7 pro is a fantastic device! I've never been sucked in by brands, albeit we're all a little sceptical when it comes to our electronic devices. I had some reservations about purchasing the sero, basically down to all the neigh say reviews and massive (over exaggeration) for the nexus 7. The sero performs better than I ever could have expected, at a cheaper price than other big brand tablets e.g. nook HD, nexus, Acer iconia. Any fault with the device is a manufacture error which can be rectified with the warranty (battery drain). The 32gb memory with additional SD card reader means I can have all my music, games, videos all on my pocket size tab, it's just great guys. Also the speakers are louder than the nook and nexus in my opinion. The additional HDMI output allows playback on your TV and any fears over software upgrades, well its so adaptable you can just root the device which makes it more flexible than any other tablet. Don't be foolish over big hype reviews regarding the nexus. The sero deserves your attention. Also with the new utorrent beta app you can download direct to your tab. I'm struggling to put it down. Oh and one more thing, moaning about having an additional button; the screenshot button, is in my opinion unnecessary and repeated time and time again in reviews. Don't like it, don't use it.

The only thing I am curious about is battery life. I have seen a couple people say that it's not that great. How long does it last for you? Given the choice would you go for this tab, or a nook HD+ ? I am never going to have ipad or galaxy money so these are my choices. I think kindle is out due to someone said it had no card slot. What do you think? Anyone else also would love some feedback.

I listen to iHeart Radio for 8+ hours everyday at work and the battery is usually @ 52% when my work day in done; nothing to complain about there.

Available for $85 at newegg for a refurb with iron egg guarantee (extended return period). How concerned should I be about it being a refurb? cuz this is a very tempting deal.