Hilton Worldwide Holdings is prepping for a major technology update in its 4,200 hotel locations that could allow customers to do things such as open their hotel rooms with an Android smartphone app as early as 2015.

Customers can already use the Hilton HHonors app to check in and out of their hotels, but the Wall Street Journal reports that the company is spending $550 million to let people actually unlock their hotel rooms with the app. That feature will begin rolling out in 2015 and be available worldwide in all of Hilton's hotels by 2016.

In addition, Hilton will let customers choose which rooms they want to stay in with their app by the end of summer 2014. The idea is to cut down the line at the check in desk at these hotels, which can get rather lenghty at times.

What do you think of the idea of a smartphone app becoming your hotel room key?

Source: Wall Street Journal


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Hilton's HHonors app could open hotel rooms for customers in 2015


You said it. I stay at Hilton properties several times a week, and I don't even have the HHonors app installed. It's that lackluster.

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The recent upgrade may make you feel differently about it. I had the original and it sucked, but with the recent upgrade, I'm back to using it and like it now.

The current Hilton app is an embarrassment. Let's just call a spade a spade, they're only focusing on the iOS app.

Compare the Hilton app to IHG's, which has had a pretty full function Android app since the 2.3 days, then you'd know Hilton should really be embarrassed.

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So long as security is not compromised, having one less key or card to fumble for with your hands full, and the door unlocked when you're close enough for your always in hand phone let you in.... Sounds like a good idea to me..

My concern would be how much easier it may be for those with netharious intent to gain access to the room.

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It would be great in terms of your personal data no longer on those plastic card room keys, but I share the concern about theft by wifi crooks and the like.

"Do you have an Andriod smart phone?"
"No, I have an iPhone"
"I'm sorry, our hotel doesnt support iPhone we are going to have to charge you for a key"

Hilton needs to work on their servers, not just their app. The HHonors website is always just absurdly slow, no matter what time of day.

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The existing Hilton app is atrocious and has been for years. It's basically a glorified mobile webpage, but slower! Also online check in rarely (if ever) works at present for properties, certainly those outside the US. Last of all I suspect they'll not code it properly to cope with offering upgrades to those with status. Also remember the Hilton website goes down every weekend for hours at a time for 'maintenance', imagine if that then caused issues getting into your room!