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Gameloft's much-anticipated lane defense game, Heroes of Order and Chaos, launched this morning on Google Play. The Dota clone is free to play with plenty of in-app purchases, and a very familiar gameplay style.

Two teams of five players each have to join waves of AI troops to take out enemy towers and ultimately a base at the end while the opposition tries to do the same. Maps are broken up into multiple lanes, and players pick signature heroes with highly-specialized abilities to do their part. Matches can be played against others online or with simple bots locally. Over the course of every game, heroes level up, unlock new abilities and weapons by slaying opponents. Between matches, you can develop specialized talents for particular roles of characters, such as fighter, mage, support, or guardian, as per your play style and unlocked heroes. 

I've been playing Dota 2 on PC off and on, and the formula is proven and polished. It will be interesting to see if Heroes of Order and Chaos can reach the same level of high-end competitiveness. I've only played a little bit of the iOS version, but so far it has yet to disappoint - so long as you can deal with the usual prodding to upgrade through IAPs. So, who's in?


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Heroes of Order and Chaos brings lane defense to Android


It's a shame IAP seems to be the order of the day and the future as well. I hope there's still room for quality games that don't follow this model. I understand the dev's motivation, but it just makes for fundamentally flawed game mechanics (imo). I probably would have put down 2 or 3 clams, but being a "free to play" just kills it for me from the word go. (waa waa yeah yeah)

Thats actually pretty damn large Heroes of Newerth started off smaller if i remember right and HoN is an awesome PC game best of the dota versions out there(excluding its horrible community of coursE). Newerth now is very large in size but thats because of the huge amount of updates its received since first released.

HOC is somehow a proof of Gameloft’s blasting its way into the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genre, which is apparently expected to be DOTA for mobile devices.