Moto 360 Steel

You'll be able to buy steel links later this year, at a bit of a premium

We've had a number of folks ask about the steel bands for the new Moto 360 — can't believe you couldn't find it in our mountain of overnight coverage — so here's the deal:

You can order your $249.99 Moto 360 today, and chances are you'll have it pretty quickly. But the steel bands won't be available until later this year. When they are, you'll be paying a little bit of a premium to get one — $79.99 will be headed from your wallet to Motorola. If you wait and order the steel band with the watch once the bands are available later this year, you'll be paying a little bit less of a premium — $299.99 total.

Yes, the Moto 360 bands are interchangeable, and Motorola says you should be able to use any 22mm strap. But Motorola did warn us that that because of the round shape of the watch, any old strap might not look as good. (The words "premium experience" might have been used once or twice.) Sort of the same situation with the Samsung Gear Live — it'll work, but perhaps not quite as nicely as if you use something designed for the watch.

So, again — $249 now for the watch and a leather strap, and $79 later once the steel bands are available. Or just wait and pay $299 altogether. Leather straps will be made available a la carte at that time, too, for $29 each.


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Here's the deal on the steel bands for the new Moto 360


Thanks for clarification. That stainless steel looks gorgeous enough to just say f it and get but that black bar definitely stands out more than with the black stainless. Damn.

Honestly mesh band would look outstanding for that design. Premium my ass.

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Yeah, it didn't bother me to bad at first, but this is now a deal breaker. With all the other watches out now, Motorola screwed the pooch on this one. They should have released it along with the g watch and gear live.

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That's what I was thinking, the stainless steel with an Omega shark mesh bracelet.

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Very interested in how this works. I'm eyeballing one of those steel mesh Omega Shark knock-off bands on eBay, but don't want to order it until I know how it will look and how easy it is to change out.

I'm in that same boat, especially since I'm a girl with relatively tiny wrists. I'm also wondering if a skilled jeweler could cut the end of a regular steel mesh band with straight ends to fit the 3-4mm block in the back...

If a vendor were to start offering metal bands beyond the Pebble Steel with that matching gap in the ends, they'd make some good bank.

The black bar is there whether you have a black one or a silver one. You just have to embrace it and get it or don't and pass on it. I'm choosing to get it, and basing my choice on which color looks best to me (not which I think camouflages a permanent design element), and for me that is the silver.

I never said anything about not getting it, I simply said it stands out more. And yes camouflage would make it less an eye sore to notice. Yes you have to "get use to it" that's obviously no choice. With that being said the silver options very appealing to me. It's a hard choice for options now.

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I understand. I didn't mean it in that way. I had the same dilemma as you. Ultimately I decided it's there no matter what, and for me, it's silly to not get a watch I think looks better (the silver) because I've convinced myself the black may "hide" a permanent feature. I've just accepted that, and it made my decision much easier.

I'm an equal opportunity Lover and Hater at the same time. Will iWatch be on my 'must have' list? No. Will an Android Wear watch? Definitely. But, only at some point in the probable near (Gen-2) future. But, it would be the same if I were an iWatch fanatic.

The question is: If we completely skip the Android Wear/iWatch argument, where is one of the keys to the success and failure of the product? COMPLETENESS in a product or product line.

The iWatch hits the market. It's there. It's done. It's 100% a product, with Apple accessories, watchbands, headphones, etc., etc.

When the Moto360 hits the market, it's 'Here's our product. But, if you want metal, you'll have to wait. If you want black leather, you have to wait. If you want ...., you'll have to wait.' Why is the product not complete???

The specs are there, the distribution is there, the manufacturers are there. What is the excuse? Market demand? Apple doesn't wait for market demand in a product or associated accessories, it CREATES the market demand.

The Moto360? Or, a round-faced Android Wear device. It could be one of the many. But that *is* the issue. I *can* wait, because it will change. I will wait because the Moto360 is still not a COMPLETE product. I *can* wait, because perhaps I may like the Carbon Fiber watchband that comes out on eBay in 2 weeks - or even the knock-off metal band that looks even cooler - direct from China at 1/2 the cost.

A primary success of a product at launch is the completeness of the product at launch. And as much as I want to open my wallet, I shouldn't have to wait 1 minute longer than it takes to open up the package to replace the default leather band (that doesn't match either watch case) with an optional band, which is more money from my wallet - and more money into their wallet, from that same brand.

I wanted to be nice as possible man, but Good googly moo, Cowboy! your comment is 100 words longer than the original article.

Yea I'm sure you made some nice points, possibly, but I gotta be honest... I got to the second paragraph of your comment, scrolled down to see that you had written a book, and said fuck this! :-)

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"But, only at some point in the probable near (Gen-2) future."

With the six month wait for the Moto360, this is gen II. Samsung and LG:s offerings were Gen I, no? So you're really talking about gen III.

The complete product will not materaiize. Motorola had six months and the benefit of the MotoACTV experience to capitalize on. Any flaws will be improved upon in the next iteration, but new flaws will be created.

This just seems like the part of making a smart watch that nobody should of had trouble getting done prior to launch.

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It's probably a deal with the leather manufacturer to make sure they sell plenty of leather straps before the metal straps are available.

What are those horrible looking metal bands? Where the hell are the gorgeous metal bands they've been advertising in the pictures on their own website for months? PASS.

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That was my exact question coming to this page...the metal bands that they've been showing for months are beautiful..these look like something cheap you can go buy at WalMart.

My thoughts exactly! Between shit battery life and the cheap metal band, which isn't even available at launch, they shot themselves in the foot with this release. I'd wager whatever the sale numbers are at the end of the quarter for this watch, roughly double it and that's what they could have had if they had done it right. Maybe even more... oh well.

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I was going to buy the black one the first day they became available, but the nice black metal band from the renders is nowhere to be found, so I didn't. And if the only official metal bands that comes out are the crappy ones Verizon is showing then I'll pass entirely. The Pebble Steel band looks nice, but reportedly damages the watch.

How the heck could it be that difficult to source a steel band? I mean, how could they possibly ship a freaking smartwatch before a steel band.

Moto WTF - No metal bands at launch seems like another miss on the long list of *uck ups that has plagued this device since inception. As noted above, what happened to the metal bands that have been shown in all the teaser images? These look like total crap. At least it's allegedly a standard size 22 mm so I can check out other options over their $80 overpriced money grab.

At this point I'd buy the Sony SW2 metal band and slap it on there and will look 10x better than posted

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Going to have to pass. Combine the black bar/wedge with no metal strap and it looks like a good opportunity to wait for something more exciting.

If Moto had been able to push this out with the first GW announcement it would have sold well but it is getting to look a bit like last gen tech. now.

Stupid website. I was on the order page and and then it froze and now on backorder till 19th. I placed an order anyways cause I want the grey even though Best Buy show black available. Annoyed hate trying to fight with sites to get items

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I would definitely go with the Steel Bands for this watch. It's just too bad that early adopters have to wait until later this year to get them and along with that wait comes another price to pay bringing this watch up to almost $400 unless you are patient enough to wait to purchase the steel band with the watch when released.

My OCD keeps drawing my eyes to that black bar.

I almost feel as though the screen looks a little big now that I am seeing it on the wrist here up close. Hopefully these screens don't go the way cellphones are moving. I don't need larger screens on my wrist. Just a comfortable size that would match that of a standard watch.

The Moto360 looks so neutral, that the watch wrist band will say more than the actual watch. Changing the watch face (to the many up and coming customized Wear versions) will create many new looks. Motorola should have made a quick change wrist band so style changes could be made in an instant.

As a person who's hobby is watches, that metal band pictured above looks horrid. I hope that what is pictured is not the final product, and that the final product will have a more curved and flush end piece to hug the bezel. Flat end pieces on a round watch? I'll pass...

It's not a premium. The watch is $220, and comes with either a $30 leather band or an $80 steel band. If you buy the leather now, and the steel later, you'll spend the same amount as if you buy the steel when it comes out, then add a leather strap. The reason it's "cheaper" to buy it with the steel strap included is that you don't get the leather strap then.

Please, Motorola, give us THIS metal band----------

Maybe it was just pure concept art, or maybe a prototype, but I want it, and it makes the cheap (except it's NOT) and nasty metal band that you're actually offering look like a tacky piece of shit that you'd buy from a corner shop. Even the damned Apple Watch has MUCH classier bands available.

You are right. I'm returning my Moto 360 and waiting to see if the curved metal band is released. If not, I don't want the device. If so, I'll buy it again.

Anyone tried using the SteelConnect with this watch?  I realize the design is for the Pebble Steel, but was wondering what would look like connected to the Moto360.  If it actually looked decent it would allow you to use a wide array of bands.

What is that black metal-band called? would love to buy it because it looks so much better than the pebble steelband.


I change up my bands frequently, but love the look of the Super Engineer II band which is 20mm. The metal bands are 23mm on amazon, and offer a smaller 18mm variant as well. The 23mm online has an adaptor that fits and is 22mm the 23mm comes in after the first link of the band that is extended past the semi circle of the watchback.

Custom 22mm leather watchband from Clover Straps; which I am getting another made