While the lot of us were playing with our new Droid Incredibles and getting a crash course on all things Android this past weekend, Google's Android team was throwing a party for itself--complete with an Android Robot Ice Luge. So. very. awesome. And since we have no idea what the party was for, we'll leave it for you guys to figure out. Is it for a successful launch of another great Android phone? The completion of Android 2.2? Or just because Android is so awesome? We're going to go with that. Let us know what you think! [romainguy via androidandme]

Update: Awesome. :)

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benthe1 says:

It was Android partying cause of how awesome their OS is. Also, all the freaking awesome phones that have Android on them: Droid, Nexus 1, Incredible, and coming soon, EVO 4G and Galaxy S. What's not to celebrate?

benthe1 says:

google rocks!

gbhil#AC says:

Note to self: Must build Android ice luge and attach keg of pabst for next weekends BBQ

rizzay1 says:

Its because they have the best OS out there Good job Google!!

ricbon says:


panzeryelp says:

i'll sacrifice my Pre there

AndyH_STi says: