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Sale gives you a whole week to order your custom Moto X

Motorola's first attempt at a "Cyber Monday" sale didn't work out so well, but it's coming back strong with what it's calling a "2-day Holiday Sale." Although we were tipped off by Motorola's social media channels yesterday of the new sale, now we know how the whole process will go down.

Motorola plans to open up its new sale at 9am PT / noon ET Wednesday, but you won't have to worry about clicking the "place order" button right away. The new system will let you go to a specific sale page,, and sign up to receive your $150 Moto Maker discount. Rather than be locked into customizing and ordering right then, you'll receive a promo code for the discount via email within a few hours.

You'll then have a full week to head to Moto Maker and go through your order process at any time, and apply the one-time promo code to receive $150 off your order. (Unfortunately the discount can't be applied to Developer Edition devices.) You can also use the general promo code "THANKS" on your order to receive 30 percent off accessories of any kind.

As was previously explained, Motorola has a limited number of sale promo codes available, but has indicated that it has increased the number available from what was previously planned on Monday. In any case, once the limited number of codes have been spoken for, the deal will end for the day. Once the sale is all said and done, Motorola will ramp up and get ready to do the exact same deal again on Monday, December 9th, where you'll have the same promo code process and accessory deal.

Assuming that Motorola's website holds up this time around, we're sure more than a few people will be happy to get their hands on a custom Moto X for just $349 off-contract.

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Here's how Motorola plans to manage its refreshed holiday sale


Lol, I was thinking the same thing. Not sure ill like the resolution though coming from an S4

Posted via Android Central App

Screen resolution is not everything in a phone. Hence why a lot of people are interested in the Moto X even with its 720p amoled display.

Posted from my ol' ass nexus 7 via Android Central App

Agreed, hence why I'm interested as well. The S4 is my first experience with an Android device and while I like it, I don't love it. For $400 for the 32gig I think it's a no brainer to try something else.

"Even with its 720p amoled display" LOL. It's HD! How many people are watching movies on their 4.7" screen? A 1080p screen is much more important to me on a tablet than a phone.

AMOLED, SAMOLED is super AMOLED which is samsung enhancement, for increased viewability outside however, in "my" testing Nokia Clear black with AMOLED display (on Lumia 925) has better visibility in the sun than any SAMOLED display currently on the market. SO, SAMOLED may not always be better than AMOLED.

I have an S4 right now and can't wait to get the Moto x. Sure I'll miss the resolution and mostly the camera. But I don't know im excited for a new android expierence and the fact that I can make it my own is jackpot for me.

I'm so tempted to jump on this too, but after shelling out for the nexus 5 I think it'd be smart to hold off. Lol if you guys do get it, enjoy!

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I upgraded from Galaxy Nexus to Nexus 5 on release day, but I just haven't been as impressed as I had expected. After seeing the Moto X's innovative features i thought that waiting for the Nexus 5 would have allowed even better features to be implemented in the Nexus 5 but I was wrong. So Monday I was lucky enough to order my Moto X Developer Edition to battle my Nexus 5. Let's see if innovation wins over specs...

Spend an hour with one. After about the 3rd time it does something you never really considered you'll want to keep it.

My oh wow moment was when it asked me if I wanted to start music from the last song I played whenever I started driving.

whoa whoa whoa. wait..what?! THAT'S what that checkbox/option means??? great now I can't wait for my drive into work in (ugh) ~5hrs. never bothered with that feature since I use my dedicated MP3 player in my car but that may now change, thanks to you. Cheers!

Hey buddy boy!!,watch it.Dont start nothin,won't be nothin :-)

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

"you'll receive a promo code for the discount via email within a few hours."
Really?? A few hours? I can see a problem with this already. People not getting their emails, some taking longer than others. Hopefully Motorola can bring their reputation up with this instead of bringing it further down.

You're right hopefully it will work out. Its just that I was so mad monday lol was waiting all week for it

I know. A lot of people were waiting around for that website to stop having a seizure, myself included.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

This actually works out better for me. We have a staff meeting this Friday when I should find out how much of a bonus I'm getting, which will make it easier to justify money on the new phone.

I think that delay is part of the reason Motorola is doing this. By spreading out the promo codes over a few hours, they minimize the risk of too many people trying to use Moto Maker at once, which was supposedly the problem they originally ran into on Monday.

This is the absolute best way to go from a Web developer standpoint. Sure you will have the initial crush, but if the page is nothing but a form and a submit button, you should only see it slow down on submit, not crash and burn.

On the flipside now there is a week for people to actually make and order the thing.

The reason for the delay in email is very simple. If it were instant, everyone would crush it to get the code then immediately crush it to use the promo.

Think of it as a staggered Ota rollout...

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

A better way than what they had in mind for last Monday lol

Posted from my ol' ass nexus 7 via Android Central App

So, say I don't have $400 to spend right now on the 32gb version. Could I get the code and use it in a couple of weeks when I do?

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Awesome, hopefully I get a chance to get the code and buy me a moto x. Kind of stuck in choosing between a moto x, g or nexus 5. For moneys worth and because its cheaper, a g would be great, but the 1 gig of ram really strays me.'

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Hope it's not like the Samsung Note 3 $50 Google Play credit mine got stolen by the crooks on slickdeal.

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Luckily i ordered mine before the crash. Motorola better see a huge spike in sales if this crash was that bad today they they had to extend. It shows how much people really want the phone.

not really, it shows how ill prepared they were. Googles site went like crap when the N4 came out and it really wasn't that that many people wanted it. It was just that everyone wanted to be the first to get it.

Any website will go down if everyone wants the same item at the same time.

Both Moto phones ...are not worth the screen burn in that you will suffer from 2 weeks in ... Just get the Nexus 5 LCD screen

LCDs are overrated. Sure the colors on my Nexus 5 screen are accurate, but I freaking miss the true blacks of the AMOLED screen on my Galaxy Nexus. That's part of the reason I ordered the Moto X yesterday.

This. Honestly, I don't understand the hate for Amoled screens. The colors look great, and I've never had a problem seeing the screen in broad daylight. Not to mention, they save battery.

Posted via my "Gift from God" Nexus 5

I do have issues w that direct sunlight. IPS is so much better. I literally have to put it on 100% brightness on S3 to see some of the content whereas LCD is perfectly fine at 50. Latest models did improve, though (note 3).
Because of the led tech to get the white pixels it actually consumes more energy - each pixel has to be lit to to the max. So it depends on the content you watch. Considering that more and more apps are with white background ... The other issue is brightness forcing them to light up more too. So in the end your on screen time ends up about the same as IPS LCD.
Outdoorsy people should def go with LCD

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My amoled is just fine after 18 months 8- 10 hours a day of screen time.
I see advantages of LCD s but I still like amoled better. Active notifications would be killing the battery on lcd screen faster.
And not every LCD is "color accurate" - they depend on TGE OEM s settings. g2 is the first example of oversaturation. On the opposite side is washed out N4 screen.
It all depends what you prefer.

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The only problem with Moto's new plan is it doesn't work for limited quantity promotions. Let say there are 5000 units available for the promotion, and all 5000 promo codes are given out. Then half of those people change their mind next Tuesday and never purchase. Not only did 2500 additional possible people miss out on the deal because they couldn't get a code, Motorola only sells 2500 units.

This is a horrible idea. Now people are going to snatch up those promo codes on fake emails, only to sell them on eBay for $75.

Whoops did I give everyone ideas.

Posted via my Shnexus 5

Oh yeah, you bet.
I hope they use some of the tools to prevent it to some extent.

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My idea was similar. I will make a phone. Then resell it if the wife doesn't like it. I'll get it unlocked hopefully.

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Yes indeed! T-Mobile is completely unlocked device. It's labeled like that only because of their bands people can easily use it on other GSM carriers in US. 0 bloat and not even the carrier's logo print.
So just choose the T-Mobile at the checkout.

Still , make sure you check if the bands for your carrier match. You don't want to end up with some data issues.

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Are you sure that t mobile gsm contract-less phone wont need any unlocking and can be used directly by inserting the domestic indian sim?!

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It's SIM free for the US so it shouldn't be a problem. To tell you that I'm 100% sure, I would have to know someone who already took it overseas and inserted a foreign local Sim card and had 0 problems.
In other words I don't want to be held responsible :-)

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Again, as i said on a different post - those shopping for colored back plates , try checking them out in person at any best buy store. Reasons :
Colors look different than on MotoMaker (both trim and plates);
Most of them don't have that soft touch rubber like coating - look and feel cheaper and lacking that extra grip.

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So your telling me I can get the discount code on the 9th and then I can wait 'til the 13th (payday) to actually order it??

If this is right then I'm wayyy too tempted! I just got a Nexus 5 but damn..

Let's see for how long the page will stay live (w all those "doubled in quantity" Devices available) :))
I really wanna know the number

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Well I just went to the page. Entered in my info and now I wait. Wonder how many hours it will be.

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Well I just went to the page. Entered in my info and now I wait. Wonder how many hours it will be.

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As the discount didn't apply this time for the GSM devs edition is there any alternative for people not living in the US? I can get a discounted Moto X and some people claim that the T-Mobile version is SIM unlocked, can anyone confirm this? I want to use the phone in Europe and I don't care about LTE, I just want a SIM unlocked phone or even a phone that can be unlocked for sure after buying it.

Guys I just wanna make sure, I received my code Monday. Can I purchase the moto x anytime during that 7 day period the code is valid or do I have to wait til Monday the 9th to buy it? Thanks in advance.

got a custom one for myself and my mom for christmas. Can't wait to have it delivered. Transferred all my icloud stuff through their migrate. couldn't be easier to leave apple's increasingly boring platform.

So if you have the promo code, is sales tax based on the $350 promo price or the $500 full price? Im in CA and whenever we buy phones from the carriers we pay tax on the full retail price even if the phone is free.