Android L images

This part is important:

The Android preview system image is not a stable release, and may contain errors and defects that can result in damage to your computer systems, devices, and data. The preview Android system image is not subject to the same testing as the factory OS and can cause your phone and installed services and applications to stop working. 82

Have fun. Be careful.

Get the factory images for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 here.


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Here are the L developer preview factory images


Someone needs to dig through some of its code and see what the official release name is!

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

Gonna be a lot of moaning about how "x doesn't work!" Or "y is broken!" From people who don't understand what dev preview/beta means and have no business installing this.

Should be entertaining!

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Seeing as how it's flashed via fastboot, hopefully those people will be too scared about bricking their device to actually flash it.

Tell Google that.

The 4.4.2 update bricked my 100% stock Nexus 7 (2012). Had to send it back to Asus for them to fix it.

I'm wanna flash to my N7 to avoid possible heartache, but I've never flashed a .TGZ before. How do I do this? (I have experience with fastboot and have flashed recoveries and such, but I tried the .TGZ for 4.4.3 a few weeks ago and failed miserably.)

You don't flash it, you extract it. It's a GZIP tar archive. Which is a compressed file more common on Linux...

Good luck! lol

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To be fair, if you can't figure out that you need to extract the compressed file from the instructions "extract it, it's a compressed file" flashing a factory image of a developer preview build may not be for you, just saying. ;p

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I've only ever used .IMG files, and straight-up .ZIPs for custom ROMs like CM. If someone's never had experience with a .TGZ archive, they may think either: 1) I need to unzip it to get to the .ZIP inside (which I find convoluted but HAS happened) or 2) I need to install it just like I installed ROMs using .ZIPs. I'd extracted the files prior to you telling me to do so, but there were files/was a structure I'm unfamiliar with. Thusly, I asked for help. And, judging from the instructions blackroseMD1 linked me to, it's a bit more than just "extract the .TGZ".

You said you had fast boot experience and asked what to do with the tgz file, so you were told what to do with the tgz file. You're right though installation is more convoluted, you also need to run a script lol.

I'm not deriding you if you have a lack of computer knowledge, I'm just saying this may not be a good idea to do in that case. ;p

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I know it may not be a good idea, which is why I'm doing it on my tablet. I barely use it anyway, and I want to see what L's like. Far as I'm concerned, I have enough experience and intuition not to mess up and, if I do (as I've done many times), I'll quite likely fix it (as I've done many times). Far as I see it, if I make all the preparations and follow the instructions as they're given, I'll be fine.

Well regardless as I said before, and sincerely:

Good luck!

And yeah, if it does go wrong it's just a learning experience and easy to fix. As alluded to, it's not easy to brick a nexus!

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Thanks! :)

Hahaha! Believe me, I know. I messed up the partitions on my phone when trying for 4.4.3 a few weeks ago (because I didn't know how to do it with a .TGZ), but managed to fix it with the LG Flash Tool.

Ive just installed L. install went perfectly smooth and it seems like a very stable build. Just be sure to backup photos and such as this process wiped your device completely. ADB with Fastboot is required.
TGZ is still a compressed folder. extract the files from that file to a simple foler location (e:\L in my case) open a cmd prompt. navigate to folder location. ensure device is connected in bootloader mode (adb reboot bootloader) then just run the install by typing flash-all . Very simple.

Thanks. I have ADB and Fastboot. I don't have anything important on my tablet, so I'll see about installing it later.

+1 Right on! my N7 just sits around also..I don't use an account on it. Perfect for experimenting.

I would have, but I'm kicking it old skool with an N4 and N7 (2012) I'm so outdated :(

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I don't have a Nexus, but can someone install this then find the animation easter egg by tapping the Android version a bunch of times? Just want to see what shows up.

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Awesome, thanks! Disappointed there's no "L" name though

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I'm gonna wait for android central or droid life or somebody to do a proper installation video. I don't want to mess anything up on my way to android L

If you can't use fastboot and adb it's not advisable to try it, even when following a tutorial. It's risky. But if you do try it, and it works, you will love it :P

Then how will one learn? I muffed my way through and can do basics now at least. Lots of help from forum members too....HTC community/forums has some great contributors. I prefer that 4 letter word these days.....ODIN. lol

And re: ODIN... I can't tell you how much I miss Odin lol

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Exactly what another guy said. I want to learn somehow. I am searching forums on how to do it properly, I'm not jumping right in like an idiot

OK guys here's how you do it.

Part 1

Download the system image from google's website along with the android SDK.
Unzip the SDK and put the folder on your C drive.
Unzip the the system image and put all the files in it (image, radio etc) inside the platform-tools folder in the SDK folder that you just put on C drive.
Make a full backup of your phone, including everything on your sdcard that you need (this is only if your boot loader is locked).
Go into settings, about phone, tap build number a few times quickly until you have developer settings access. Turn in uab debugging in developer settings.
Connect your phone to your computer and let it install the drivers.
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Part 2 - unlocking the bootloader (don't do this if your bootloader is already unlocked)

Put your phone in USB debugging mode

open command prompt as an administrator in your platform-tools folder. If you can't do this, open it as admin from start menu and type in the following command

cd C:\insertfoldernamehere\platform-tools

FOR EXAMPLE: Mine was cd C:\adbandsdkdevtools\sdk\platform-tools

Connect your phone to the PC and let the drivers install

Type into adb the following command:

adb reboot bootloader

fastboot oem unlock

Now your bootloader should be unlocked

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Part 3 - flashing the images
Wipe data on your device, either through custom recovery or factory reset.

When your phone reboots, go into settings and reactivate USB debugging then connect your phone to the PC.

Make sure that in your platform-tools folder you have the following files:




Go into command prompt that you opened earlier and type in the following commands:
adb reboot bootloader

fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-hammerhead-hhz11k.img

fastboot reboot-bootloader

fastboot flash radio radio-hammerhead-m8974a-

fastboot reboot-bootloader

fastboot -w update

fastboot reboot-bootloader

And you're done!

Be advised, initial boot will take quite a while as it's now on ART. once you get past the google logo you'll see the new boot animation, that will go on for about 10 minutes before it boots.

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Dumb questions - Any ideas?
When the final L get unleashed will it just OTA over the pre-release?
Will this release be subject to bug fixes or be left alone 'til the final version hits?

Both of these would affect my willingness to put up with a buggy N7 running L for the summer.

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1) Maybe, maybe not. Google hasn't done a public beta release before, so we don't know how they'll deal with that, but having to wipe it to get the full final release is certainly a possibility. Since this is meant for developers only, I wouldn't necessarily count on there being an OTA update.

2) I wouldn't be surprised if there was more than one beta.

That all seems very logical.
Having to reflash several times to keep the beta up to date and then again when the final release happens would probably tip me over and into waiting. For now!

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I am gonna go ahead and guess that it is going to be a ton of reflashes before a beta release comes about.

I don't care much about doing it myself, my Nexus 7 is pretty much retired. I also do not have much of a reason to do it either since I do not have any apps in development

this isn't a public beta release though. It's a developer preview. I know it's semantics but it's important. I bet you'd have to flash the new version when it's official in the Fall.

I'm a little bummed, when I heard Nexus 7, I was hoping my retired 2012 would get some preview love.

I don't think I will flash it to my N7 2013, not worth the trouble.

Oh well...

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5 or 7? and be sure to tell us if its usable untill the official release. i wanna flash it but dont wanna be at work when something breaks

I must say Android L looks really good in my Nexus 7, really like the look and feel and the notifications are awesome!

Only thing I don't like is the lack of a clear all button in the notification shade.

Edit 1: Twitter doesn't work

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is it possible to install it without unlocking the bootloader, it says that unlocking the bootloader erases all data

Yes but the system image can be flashed without wiping userdata. Bootloader unlock wipes data + userdata

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They're coming! Keep in mind that the icons are controlled by the app, not the OS. Most of the Google apps haven't gotten the "Material" overhaul yet. My question is, are we going to see the updated Google apps before the official release or are we going to have to wait for the release to happen? I want to play with the new calendar and gmail apps

I don't know if Android L will go to those devices.... I know that Nexus devices are guaranteed updates for 18 months after their release. Nexus 4 users might be out of luck.. I know that was an issue with Kit-Kat and Nexus Galaxy S users a while back. Thank goodness my 4 broke and I just got the 5!!

The availability of this preview on the Nexus 7 2013 and Nexus 5 is not a comment on which devices will recieve the update. Making these images available in beta is new for them, and it probably took them a little bit to get it prepared. They simply chose the most recent Nexus device releases.
You're right about the Nexus 7 2012. I agree on that. But the Nexus 4 is quite certain to recieve this.

I don't know why we couldn't build from source for the nexus 4 since the nexus 7 2013 shares the same hardware just a larger screen.... I guess Google is just working out the kinks considering the nexus 7 2012 has KitKat which is beyond the scope of 18 months. I think the galaxy nexus did not get KitKat officially is the omap CPU which I understand why. Where nexus 4 and nexus 7 2013 has the same krait pro CPU...

Part 2

Next, open command prompt as an administrator and type in:

cd C:\nameofsdkfolder\platform-tools

(Basically the full address of your platform tools folder. For example mine was:
cd C:\adbandsdkdevtools\sdk\platform-tools)

Now. *IF YOUR BOOTLOADER IS LOCKED* type the following commands hitting enter after each line, THIS WILL WIPE YOUR ENTIRE DEVICE:

adb reboot bootloader

fastboot oem unlock

Now that your bootloader is unlocked you can flash the image. Reboot your phone into the bootloader (adb reboot bootloader) *or* power off your device, then hold volume down and power button.

Connect your device to the computer

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Could an admin please delete this comment ^ I can't seem to do it

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