ASUS Transformer Prime

So we're already giving away two ASUS Transformer Prime's with their keyboard docks -- one via Google+, the other in our forums. Only, as some of you have noticed, the Google+ link is mostly dead. Pesky rules or something. No matter. Here's what we're going to do:

We're going to give away a third Transformer Prime and keyboard dock. To enter, just leave a comment in this post. That simple.

So now you've got three ways to win -- in the now-dead Google+ thread (don't you worry, we can still see it, so we can still pick a winner), this thread in our forums, and now here on this post. We'll shut it down at the same time -- 8 a.m. PDT Monday morning.

​Who do ya love?


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Heads up: We're giving away a THIRD ASUS Transformer Prime and dock


Nice! This is exactly what I want! I've been looking to replace my iPad2 and convert fully to Android, but it's between this one or the new iPad for me. Sadly Android tablets have been lacking so I need this!

I'm a longtime Android user (since OG Droid) and 5 Android phones later, I would love to win my first Android tablet.

I just signed up in hopes of winning this. I could really use this for school. Sucks paying almost 300 bucks a book per class that I'll only use for 3 months if I had this I could pay like 50 dollar per book and not have to carry all these heavy book day in and out ~___~

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to own one of these, and would take very good care of it, too.

I just got my Blackberry app accepted and they're sending my my PlayBook soon, it would be awesome to get a Transformer Prime at the same time so that I have a dev tablet and a real one :-)


I've never had a tablet! And this is my first ever post (although I check in on your site/widget all day).


I would very much appreciate the opportunity to own one of these, and would take very good care of it, too. oops, sorry double post - pressed it twice.

Wow a Third way to make my Monday Better! Thanks for the contest and Goo luck to everyone!

No better way to catch up on all my Android Central news then on the best Android tablet available... The Tranfsormer Prime!

Transformer Prime...If you could be mine....I'd have a party, let's have a party!!

Transformer Prime...If you were all'd steal the party, let's have a party!!

(To the tune of "Red Solo Cup" by Toby Keith)


If I win the ASUS Transformer Prime, I will develop, test, and release more killer Android apps to share with the Android Central community. Definitely pick me to get the best return on your investment!

You people are AMAZING! I would really like to be able to have this and give my laptop to my kids. Thanks!

Having a Transformer Prime from Android Central would prob be the best thing ever!! I would be able to keep up to date on the latest Android news where ever I go! AWESOME!!!

I really need one, I am such a bug android fan, I even helped many buddies of mine with it, but I can't get one for myself... I even will develop apps for it if I get a tablet...

Been trying to get one donated for our music program at school. Our tech is less than fantastic and there's some cool apps we can use with the kids. Would love the chance. Thanks!

this would be really awesome since Asus screwed up my original transformer with the ice cream sandwich update. I'd love to have a smooth functioning transformer again!

I'm just about ready to let the dog chew on the ipad I've been forced to use. Plus the prime would be great for school and note taking.

OMG Android Central you would be a life saver i bricked my only tablet trying to get a taste of ICS on it, thankfully it was the original galaxy tab so its pretty worthless, the Transformer Prime though would be a dream come true.

I would love an Asus transformer prime! You only have to look on my G+ posts to see that I've been waiting patiently (ok maybe not so patiently) for one. I love everything about it... It's better IMHO than the iPad 2, It's quirky, It's named after one of my fave films too and acts like one too! What's not to like! LOL

I have been waiting since Christmas for this! Pick me, please!!! :)

Plus, I am part Irish so it would be a perfect St Patty's day present.

I am prepared to win this.
Rabbits foot? check!
Four leaf clover? Check!
Horseshoe? Check!
Almost tripped over this damn black cat.....thank god i missed that ladder and went right under it only breaking my mirror..... Would have died of i didn't open this umbrella in time. Whew! Must be my lucky day :)

My wife has been wanting her own tablet so when I win this one she can have my original Transformer.

I'd love to win this. It'd be a nice birthday present (my birthday is on Tuesday) and it'd be perfect to replace my laptop with, which barely has a working display at this point :(

This would be a great replacement for my Notion Ink Adam, which died on me two days ago, this time for good. Happy St Patties Day.

Woah... Anyone who got in before the break on g+ got LUCKY! Those are some good odds of winning! I hope I win this one! This post has too many exclamation points!

I'm so down for winning one of these. I got my girl the Transformer during Black Friday and she loves it. I think it's time for me to have my own.

I am a huge.. Android fan... And love giveaways..... Would be glad to own one.... Thanks guys..

The power is too strong for most humans. You must be wise and humble to wield the power of the Prime.

WTF Phil, are you pulling my chain? this is to good to be true!!! Don't start early with the April fools' jokes now... Would love to get my hands on this tablet!!!

Well, I was gonna buy a Samsung GALAXY TAB 10.1 this weekend, but since you're giving an ASUS away - I'll wait. LOL.

A FREE Prime powered by the Tegra 3 processor... hmmm... let me think about it... DONE! I'm in, damnit!

I would like to partake of your contest. Alternatively, you could skip the contest part and give me the prize. :D

I will love it forever and ever and ever and when it's redundant in years to come, it will make a beautiful home media server with the right linux distro... and still love it haha

I want this... I'll work for it even. I'm a graphic artist and also a student in animation. I'll create a Floyd animation for it!! See.... I'll work for my prize!! lol

awww man, i need one of these so bad, my laptop is slow and i cant afford a tablet :'( Please im a huge android fan!

awww man, i need one of these so bad, my laptop is slow and i cant afford a tablet :'( Please im a huge android fan!

Wow, this is fantastically, immensely, stupendously generous of you!

This is a "Prime" example of why you guys and gals simply ROCK!

Oh and please add me to the list of entrants, thanks!

I would love to win one! I was hoping it was not just me who couldn't access the link and i wasn't going crazy...well more crazy then normal!

Waking up on a Saturday morning to see there's a 3rd chance for am Transformer Prime... How very cool! One of the 1st PC's I ever built was with an ASUS Motherboard... Anyone else remember those bright red MB's?

Good luck to everyone!

My mommy told me not to take things from strangers. But in this case screw my mom. I'll take whatever you freaks wanna give me.

Please enter me. Android Central is first and main source for Android news.

Even if I don't win, I appreciate having this site as source for my Android tech news.

Phil and Jerry for Prez and Vice Prez! Hook a brother up guys :-). I have a Transformer Prime but no keyboard dock! Peace and love and a BABABOOEY to you all.

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