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Heads up, folks. No podcast tonight. Just though you should know. I mean, I guess you could all hang out in the chatroom and pretend there's a podcast, but we won't be there. What? You need an explanation? Fine.

See ya'll next week. In the meantime, feel free to catch up on previous shows, or check out one of our other Mobile Nations podcasts.

Update: Happy to report I won my first Sorry! game against Daughter No. 1. And now, Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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Reader comments

Heads up: No podcast tonight


Haha good show Phil. I have two little girls myself and can definitely relate. Enjoy your night off.

Thing #1 - Family first, no question.

Thing #2 - Your daughter's musical "bye everybody" should be the sign off of every podcast

No brainer should beg off and let your daughter do the Podcast.......... Much more entertaining! ;-)

It seems every freaken week he's either tired or sick, if that isn't the case he has computer problems. This is getting old.

Are you seriously bitching about a FREE podcast not being up because the guy is sick/tired/rather spend time with his baby girls instead of indulging ungrateful pricks such as yourself?

there's 8 other types of podcasts listed up there. You're welcome to listen to any of those other ones. Besides if Phil doesn't get his rest and get better that means less scoops and news for us while he's sick.

Feel better Phil and enjoy your night off.

Kuddo's for putting family first!!

Now... Can you turn on the podcast so we can listen to the bedtime story also? :-)

It's official,***** Daddy Daughter Day *****


+1 on "Thing #2 - Your daughter's musical "bye everybody" should be the sign off of every podcast".

Enjoy the family time We'll be here next week. Hope you feel better.

Just getting over being sick after my oldest infected our family, I can relate. Disappointed that we won't have a podcast but I understand, family will always be first. Have fun. Too bad I was going to watch a movie with my girls, but they ended up not behaving and had to go to bed early *sigh*

Wait... There's a Sorry! game in the Marketplace??

Hope you feel better soon. I'd choose time with my daughter as well. :)

"It's much easier to become a father then to be one." Kent Nerburn

I commend you for being a father first, and I truely wish half the dad's out there could learn a lesson about parenthood from stuff like this.

...and props for telling everyone how it is come hell or high water.