See our video hands-on with HBO Go for Android


If you are a HBO subscriber and an Android lover, you will be happy to know that HBO has announced they will be bringing HBO Go to Android devices. HBO Go is a streaming service that will allow subscribers to bring all their favorite shows on the go with them (thus the name), giving them the ability to watch them at any time, from any where. Unfortunately there is no release date given in the video, though the end appears to not-so-subtly hint at May 2. [Youtube] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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newboyx says:

I am wondering what devices this will be restricted to.

arundc says:

Screen capture of the phone in the end looks like the Droid X?!?! Crossing fingers....c'mon Netflix, hello?

BTW, love Game of Thrones on HBO :-D

Netflix is an absolute joke anymore.

weave majjik says:

HBO will gain a new subscriber in me when this goes live.

NickA says:

Also coming to iPhone/iPad as well if anyone cares...

JTEastwood says:

Nope, don't care.
Can't wait for it on my inc!

BatmanX says:

Very cool.

stopsign002 says:

I am already a subscriber. Couldn't live without my Trueblood and Game of Thrones. But this is going to make it sooo much sweeter

Endr.S says:

All we need now is netflix.......

mc5no4stp says:

This is already available for android...via the logitech revue

artacn says:

So were do u go to get it

mc5no4stp says:

Under spotlight...HBO GO

mikemick says:

WARNING!!!! I have HBO and the Logitech Revue. However it says my cable provider (Bright House) doesn't allow support for HBO GO. You have to verify that you are a HBO subscriber, so if your cable company can't provide this for you, then you are SOL. So, if you have a capable device AND an HBO account, you still might not be able to get it.

Another dream crushed. I'm willing to spend money on media, but when providers don't make it accessible to me, then I feel less guilty about just downloading them for free. I could go on and on, but this isn't the appropriate place for a rant.

dacp283 says:


cadzilla74 says:

Useless if your TV Provider isn't listed on HBO GO website. Charter Cable in TX is NOT listed and I can't use HBO GO even though I am a subscriber.

crxssi says:

>"bring all their favorite shows on the go with them (thus the name), giving them the ability to watch them at any time, from any where."

Oh really, what if you don't have a network connection? Does it download the whole show first? If not, it is not anywhere or anytime.

erikr715 says:

Now that this has been released, make sure you have the right TV provider to maximize its value!! I have the Sling Adapter for TV Everywhere on my Android with DISH network. I work there, and found out about this yesterday!! Now I can use my phone to go to and watch HBO/MAX Go, thousands of on-demand titles, Live TV and my DVR!! I am fully web-integrated and can take it everywhere!!! Go to to get the info!!