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Not a whole lot to say about the LG Viper from our brief time with it at Sprint's little get-together at the Tao nightclub in Las Vegas. You're looking at a mid-level device with a stock Gingerbread UI, LTE data and Sprint ID thrown in for good measure. It's got one of LG's excellent Nova displays though, so that's a pretty big point in its favor.

We'll get more quality time in with the Viper when we're done bouncing our heads to the beat here at Tao. In the meantime, enjoy.

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4GB RAM!!!!

He mean internal storage I'm sure.

xemtra says:

lawl. so much RAM. android 2.3. man this CES is a big let down besides Asus and Nvidia, they pretty much owned the show for me.

dacp283 says:

Nvidia, and the Moto/Intel partnership were the most exciting things for me thus far.

sndplace says:

When did a dual core become mid-level? This is a good phone for those who thing 4 inches is the perfect size for a screen.

plainbrad says:

Agreed! Can someone explain to me what is mid-level about this phone besides its price?

Suntan says:

Just saying. Friends shouldn't let friends endure blurry-cam pics of the showroom floor...