Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10-inch

And here we have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 that looks more like a brother from another mother. It's a Galaxy Tab, all right. But the speakers have been brought out front -- basically it's the same body as what we saw released in Germany to stave off design patent issues. That makes it different from the newly announced Galaxy Note 10.1, which also throws in the S Pen feature. Elsewhere on the hardware front, we've got a 10.1-inch plane-line switching display at 1280x800 resolution, a 1 GHz dual-core processor, and it's running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, with the TouchWiz UI improvements on top. 

Things are as speedy as you'd expect, and Samsung's done well with the UI tweaks to make use of all that extra space.

We've got a complete hands-on with still and moving pictures after he break.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10-inch)Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10-inch)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10-inch)Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10-inch)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10-inch)

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rizzay1 says:

Will the first 10inch galaxy tab get ics?

of course Yes!

dmcman73 says:

I actually like this redesign with the speakers facing the front. I never could understand why tablet makers made them with the speaker either on the rear of the tablet or facing up/down from the edge of the tablet making it hard to hear even at it's loudest.

jdm4u says:

Man its not much different from the original spec wise. I would've loved ans ad card slot on the original. I don't think ill be upgrading to this just for an SD slot and ICS.

Kcaz says:

At least the original 10.1 isn't totally obsolete just 5 months after I bought it.

Jeffeb3 says:

Actually, this means the Galaxy 2 is obsolete before you _can_ buy it.

Unclekeg#AC says:

If anything, this should mean ICS is a lock for the original 10.1 given the same specs essentially.

plunder says:

So they finally woke up and added an micro-SD card slot, which was essential. Some of the clips I have seen suggest it is underpowered, so scrolling on web pages looked rough. Even their Note 10.1 looked a bit slow, perhaps Samsung need some faster processors next time. Perhaps ASUS make better Android tabs right now.

afazel says:

Tegra 2 or OMAP?

birdman_38 says:

It seems underspecced, especially with the imminent release of the iPad 3. Fail.

which processor did they use this time?

datastar says:

I'm really disappointed with the specs; no need to upgrade. I hope we get ICS on the original 10.1. Sammy could have done a lot more to push / thrust ahead of all but now it looks like they are playing the same games as Apple (add a few things and a "S") and thinking we'll buy it. I love my tab and couldn't wait for vesion two. Now I have to wait another year, switch brands, or see what Windows8 brings.

blackbyrd says:

After the iPad 3 is announced & speccd next week, Sammy will probably hood the release of this & revamp it with some new new goodies. Isn't that what happened with the first one?