Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

We're in New York City ahead of the reader meet-up with our pals at Samsung and just snagged ourselves a look at the retail version of the Wifi-only Galaxy Tab 10.1, which will hit the Union Square Best Buy in New York City on June 8, and nationwide June 17.

For all intents and purposes, what you see here is exactly what was handed out to developers at Google IO (see our full review of the special edition Galaxy Tab 10.1). Same Tegra 2 system on a chip, same hardware (thin and light!), and same Honeycomb. OK, not the same Honeycomb. This guy's running Android 3.1, and it'll have it at launch time.

One thing it won't have, however, is Samsung's Touchwiz user experience, but that'll be coming in an over-the-air update later. (No, we don't know when.)

And because so many of you have asked, we'll put this in a sentence all its own: There's no microSD card. But you do have a couple of versions you can purchase. The 16GB Galaxy Tab 10.1 will run you $499, and the 32GB version costs $599.

So there you have it, folks. For those of you not able to come to the event in New York, we bring the event to you.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 retail versionSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 retail version

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 retail versionSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 retail version

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 retail versionSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 retail version

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 retail versionSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 retail version


Reader comments

Hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 retail edition


Now, i want the 32GB version though could someone please covert the 32GB it costs to USD? as i normally pay USDs not GBs :D

No slot, same price as the Xoom (unless you get the wimpy storage version), proprietary cable for USB. Otherwise nearly identical to the Xoom. Sorry, not terribly exciting news.

Terribly disappointed it won't be selling here in Denver until 6/17 - I was really looking froward to having this thing in hand on my upcoming trip next weekend. But I guess good things do come to those who wait! I am so excited for this device. I will likely stick with the 16GB model now with the booming progress in cloud music services available. Music really was the only thing that took up all the space on microSD card - now if I could just catch that unicorn (Google Music Beta invite)...'s a dud. Samsung spent too much time copying apple to think about what they were doing. They had a chance to really shine and they blew it. No expansion, no hdmi, no usb, 32gb max? It is no better than the iPad, except it has Honeycomb on it instead of iOS.

Considering the millions of iPads Apple has sold with out these components I don't think Samsung really cares too much. Maybe when they build Galaxy Tab 2 they will consider adding those in as it will put them ahead of the competition.

With media streaming software they have no motivation to implement these changes... I too would have loved to see HDMI (mini or full) as well as USB, let alone expandable memory. Not all of us live in the cloud 24/7.

Yeah. It's really hard to believe they would not have any expansion. I've been reading a lot of comments here and other sites (including Samsungs page for the 10.1) and it looks like they're going to lose lots of buyers because of that. I at least wanted to have USB. I wanted to buy the 10.1 but now I'm not sure what to get!

I feel the same way. If the Asus Transformer had 3G or 4G it would be the killer tablet and my decision could be much easier!

I had high hopes for this tablet, but the cheap plastic look kind of turned me off to this. I'm super happy with my transformer and glad I chose the right tablet.

I was holding back on pulling the trigger on the Asus Transformer until more info on the gTab 10.1 came out. I now realize I should have pulled the trigger last week, as this retail edition is a bit of a letdown.

Same here, I ordered the Asus Transformer, but they didn't have it on stock, then I decided to cancel it to wait for galaxy tab 8.9 cause that is a good side. Well, I have to rethink my decision right now. No micro sdcard support is just not a good idea.

So let me get this straight: Samsung will be selling people a stock Honeycomb device, which the buyer will get used to. Then, in the future, they will send out a ninja update that will slap Touchwiz all over the device, making it buggy and slow. The user will have no idea what happened, and will hate the product they purchased. Also, before the ninja update hits, they will have a little arrow in the middle of the taskbar, that does nothing but look weird, causing them to have to explain to everyone who asks, "I have no idea why that's there!" This will be great for the reputation of Google and Android.

Usually when there is an update, the system will ask if you want to install. Simply click the button that says "Do not install"

How many buyers out there have no idea that it's going to put Touchwiz on the tab? I would venture to say most of them. Not to mention, that means that you're stuck on 3.1 for the rest of the tablets life.

He said it will be available in multiple retail channels on June 17. Any news if it will be on Amazon for preorder? I want this the day it comes out! Definitely getting the gray version.

Did we really just spend 3 minutes staring at the static home screen discussing what's not currently on the device?

I can't tell what's worse, Samsung's salesmanship or AC's reporting. Awful Awful Awful.

The Asus Transformer completely kicks this thing in the butt. Beter screen, expandable msd, hdmi.... No brainer.

Even Acer pulled off a better retail tab with the Acer Iconia Tab A500! Now that the Samsung tab failed I have to decide between the Acer and ASUS tabs...Or hell even a Windows tablet is looking better at this point!

Having no SD slot, micro or otherwise = complete failure at knowing your buyers....a DEFINITE no buy, Asus TF it is....

I can't wait to get rid of my Acer A500 for this. It's the same thing with out all that crap getting in the way. Like the full usb, micro usb, micro hdmi, and micro sd card slot. By the way, I'm just kidding. I can't believe that they would release this so behind the times.

I feel like the reason people buy android tablets are because of the limitations that come from apples tablet. If you impose the same limitations ( no expandable memory, hdmi, USB port,) you get a subpar device. Apple can get away without flash and all the other things mainly because of the AppStore. The marketplace is a joke and so is the support from developers, and 3.1 get very little optimized apps.

Why dont people read before they start wining??? Do your research and then talk. The only thing missing is a micro sd card which does suck im not going to lie. Go to and you can read that usb and hdmi will be available with optional accessory.. if you want to have 500gb of storage space get a laptop or desktop. These are just devices to make are lifes easier and portable at the end of the day i will still have a laptop for heavy usage and a tablet to play and when i travel. if you dont like the specs then move on to something else and dont kill it for everybody else.

sent from Asus Transformer

Sorry, requiring a PROPRIETARY cable just to access USB or HDMI pretty much means *FAIL* for many people.

Sorry Samsung Guys,, U did a big design mistake by not including SD CARD.I am terribly disappointed...

Just got back from the event and I gotta's an AWESOME device. Yes, an SD card slot would have been great but the device was really really responsive and very impressive. It's definitely a tough decision between this and the Transformer.

Nice tablet. Not impressed enough to part with money. No SD slot equals a "NO" for me. Waiting for Kal El.

I was at the event tonight in NYC and while I think the Galaxy 10.1 looks great and is very responsive, the lack of HDMI and SD card slot makes it really hard to justify buying this over the transformer. I am not interested in using a dongle or dock.

Another option I guess is to wait for Kal El tablets to arrive and just be happy with my Evo4G for now.

freakin awesome video, that is why i come to android central for my android news and more, oh, and apple sucks hehe.

I really didn't believe the Google IO tab is what they were bringing to market. No SD card slot, no HDMI out jack, and proprietary USB. I did not think that you were that stupid. You have got to be kidding me. I had money burning a hole in my pocket for two of these...and was holding off on buying Transformers because I could not believe you would make such a mistake.

Hey Samsung, here's a hint -- folks who are impressed by the smooth (portless) and thin exterior ARE buying a tablet - BUT NOT YOURS. Those sheep are getting iPads. This could have been the killer Android tablet that got many folks off the fence, including me...but not likely now. We'll continue to sit and watch each incrementally improved tablet hit the streets each month....because for each step forward you made with this version, it has taken two large steps backwards from what is already available from other vendors.

Guess what? Your target market is an educated tech-savvy consumer...and you just gave them the finger...and I am giving it back to you. You won't see a dime.

If everyone keeps whining maybe they will lower the price of the 8.9 when it comes out so that I won't have to spend as much when its time for me to buy. I will definitely be buying the 8.9 because I find the other a little too big and heavy for my needs.

Knowing now that it doesn't have an SD slot or USB makes me glad I decided to keep my Iconia instead of waiting for this. Don't think I could live without them now that I've used them. The Galaxy Tab may get more dev support but I'm encouraged by the response I got from my Acer contacts regarding their bootloader policy.

Not knocking this at all, though. More tabs means more apps and Honeycomb appeal. Woohoo!

Great. From the front it looks like an iPad!! I was trying to avoid this. Now everyone will say "Oh you have an iPad?". *sigh*

Tablet designers let me explain this to you so you can understand.

No microSD card==FAIL!!!!!

We are not Apple users, we DEMAND card slots, this is how we work. We are Android users, we require them, this is not up for debate period!

So would I be able to connect to the a home server? Or connect to my Epic 4g somehow? Those were my 2 main issues. No SD card slot wouldn't be a problem for me if I'm able to connect the 10.1 to our home server. And if I could connect it to my Epic 4g somehow (bluetooth?) the not having the USB plugin wouldn't be an issue either.

I’m terribly disappointed. For me, the lack of micro sd and usb is a deal breaker. I’m going with the asus eee pad.

Can someone tell me something? Besides being thinner and a a few grams lighter (negligible for anyone not recovering from neck-down paralysis), what makes this tab any better than a Xoom? No, really I want to know. And don't hit me with the touchwiz crap. I want pure Honeycomb, not some overlay. Comments, anyone?

Seeing as they will be trying to push these tablets to corporate places and employ encryption, it wouldn't make sense to have removable storage.