Galaxy S4 in red

Samsung didn't stop with just a handful of new devices today -- the company also gave its flagship best seller, the Galaxy S4, a new paint job. Five of them, actually.

Among the colors introduced is Red Aurora, which reps had in tow at tonight's Pepcom event here in New York. It's a welcome addition to the standard black and white, and along with the purple, pink, and brown versions also introduced today, just about every taste should be satisfied.

The red paint job is well done, and for now, appears to be limited to AT&T availability in the U.S. That could change, of course, but no word on when just yet. If you're in the market for an S4 and appreciate some color in your life, it might be worth holding out for the additions. 


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Behold, the Samsung Galaxy S4 in red


It still somewhat baffles the mind how Verizon doesn't have a Red version on its network considering it's nickname is Big Red. This goes back to last year and the GS3.

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I'm wondering too about the front - all I've seen everywhere are pictures of the back. I can't imagine the front being black or white, but can someone confirm the colors on the front bezel as well?

The front is red also. I can't remember where I saw a picture of it, but I remember the front being the same as the back.

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Agreed. I'm not a fan of essentially having the most unoriginal, boring version of the phone because I chose to purchase the phone when it came out and support the company. Samsung is going a bit overboard with the S4...only been out a few months and multiple versions, models and colors... if they aren't careful, they will become a joke.

Verizon will need to thoroughly test it and make sure it can push an update to it in a couple of years before it can sell that color.

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What is the point of having devices in fancy colors, if most times they're covered by a case anyway? And many times, a fancy case.

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Um....Cause not everyone uses a case?

People slam Samsung for using plastic but it's extremely durable and resilient compared to metal which will dent and deform. I had an SGS2. I used a simple rubber case for it at first but soon realized that I didn't need it as the plastic body took a licking without much trouble. Half the time I wouldn't have a case at all as I had an extended battery that of course made it so the phone wouldn't fit in a case.

Well, I did say that "most" people use a case.

The plastic may be durable, but notice that the screen is above the body, which itself is quite thin around the screen. A drop of the phone, and if it hits the ground with the side or, worse, a corner, the impact goes to the screen, which cracks. I have seen numerous cases myself, and another number on the internet.

Therefore, most people use some type of case, or at least a bumper-type.

One of the most popular types of cases are those with a screen cover. In some the phone is fixed inside, and on the Samsung model the back cover is replaced entirely.

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