Galaxy Grand.

With devices like the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note, Samsung has been an integral part of the push towards bigger screens on smartphones. But traditionally these larger, higher-resolution devices have been aimed towards the high-end, carrying expectedly high-tier price tags. Today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we saw a device that aims to defy that convention.

Android Central at Mobile World CongressThe Galaxy Grand is a mid-range smartphone with high-end ambitions. Its 5-inch screen and Galaxy Note-like aesthetic give it the appearance of a premium handset, though like most Samsung smartphones it’s bright, white shiny and plasticky. There’s no ‘S-Pen’ stylus to be found, but aside from that the Grand offers a fairly complete Samsung software experience. You’re getting the latest version of the company’s TouchWiz UI, which runs on top of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. The software package even includes newer additions like multi-window support -- Samsung’s method for running more than one app on-screen at a time.

The hardware, while not as cutting-edge as Samsung’s high-end products, are will be sufficient for most smartphone users. During our brief time with the Galaxy Grand it seemed every bit as responsive as Samsung’s higher-end phones. There’s a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU inside, 1GB of RAM, an 8-megalpixel rear shooter and a WVGA (480x800) display. Despite the lower resolution, the display doesn’t look terrible -- in fact, the colors appeared bright and vivid to us. That said, you’re obviously looking at significantly fewer pixels than on a premium 5-incher like the Droid DNA.

We’re expecting the Galaxy Grand to be offered mainly in emerging markets, as opposed to Samsung’s more established stomping grounds. Online pre-order prices currently stand at around €350. Check out our hands-on video and photo gallery down below.

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rivera2387 says:

Looks exactly like my white Galaxy SIII. You would think Samsung would try to differentiate between different models. Getting boring when they keep bringing out the same product but with different insides.

SpookDroid says:

It's worked for Apple for sooooo long ;)

rivera2387 says:

Just what I was thinking.

crester says:

The whole point of the phone is to give an S3 "feel" at the lower cost of a mid-range phone.

st_7 says:

It's already been on sale in India from few months or so. I've a first hand experience with it, I was really impressed with it's performance, look and feel in the few odd minutes that I spent with it.

fgoyti says:

No mention of dual-SIM? I thought that was one of the main features of the Grand....

Slartey says:

Yes, it does take two SIMs. They are regular sized SIMs. This is very popular in India (where I bought mine while on a business trip) and is useful for avoiding having to carry two phones (work and personal) or where you have data plan on a separate SIM/service. It is very cool that you dial a phone number and then have two call buttons, so you can choose which one to use.

My problem right now is getting it to work in the US. I have tried a NET10 SIM but while the phone works, I cannot get the data to work (APN settings are correct perNet10 but they think the problem is that this is not a phone from AT&T or T-Mobile (not domestic). If anyone has thoughts, do let me know.

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dacp283 says:

Shameless plugin wasn't obvious at all ^^^^

Dan29466 says:

I wish the AC staff would delete scumbag advertising posts like this. Why does this guy get free advertising for his crappy product when others have to pay to advertise on AC?

I just wanted to share my using experience.

vitorfv says:

Saw one of those on a retailer today in São Paulo, Brazil.

Isn't this available already?

What the Hell!?!
It's been selling for over a month now where I come from and it's supposed to just get revealed at MWC?!

In case you didn't believe me: