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We're edging ever so close to the release of the AT&T Thrill 4G (aka the LG Optimus 3D outside the United States). And seeing as how it's been a good four months since we last took a look at it -- and an unfinished version at that -- today seemed as good a day as any.

We spent some quality time this afternoon with LG in New York City for our first official look at the retail version of the Thrill 4G. And things appear to mostly be as we left them in March. You've got a 4.3-inch display, dual-core TI OMAP 4430 processor running at 1GHz, Android 2.2 (LG tells us it'll get Gingerbread later this year), and a couple of 5MP cameras.

And those cameras, of course, are the starts of the show, working in concert to create 3D pictures and video. And you can view all of that 3D content -- without goofy 3D glasses -- right there on the Thrill 4G.

Unfortunately, watching 3D content as seen from our video camera doesn't really show off the technology. But you do get a good idea of just how powerful this phone is -- pay attention to the graphics.

And, le sigh, we still don't have a street date or pricing for the Thrill 4G. But it's going to be sooner rather than later. Of that we're sure.


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Hands-on redux with the AT&T LG Thrill 4G


I don't understand how they can still roll out high end devices without gingerbread this late into it...

LOL...LG says it will get Gingerbread later on this year....just like the G2x right? Man what a bust it is to purchase any smartphone from LG. Fool me once shame on you...twice...not happening. They are starting to look like RIM.

Only thing I want from this phone, which I'm sure we'll get bc of our awesome HTC the 3D Space. Then my E3D will be complete. Muahahahaha!

I must be hooked on HTC sense because that UI looks ugly! Either way, I hope this will bring more 3d movie options to my EVO 3d!

Remind us again Phil, which 3D phone is causing some folks headaches, when viewing for longer periods of time? I promise to write it down this time! :-D

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