Motorola Droid Pro

We high-tailed it over to the Motorola Booth and grabbed ahold of the first untethered Motorola Droid Pro we could find. First things first: the keyboard is above average. There's not a ton of movement on the keys, but they're well-ridged in a style that's more than reminiscent of the BlackBerry Bold. While typing, it's a little top-heavy by dint of that 3.1-inch, portrait HVGA screen, but it's not completely offensive by any means.

Also, and we mean this from the bottom of our hearts, it's lovely to "just start typing" on the Android home screen to initiate a search.

We're looking at the Motoblur-lite you've come to know on the Droid X. Speed-wise, it certainly kept up with our scrolling and zooming in the browser -- a virtue of the 1GHz processor, we're sure. The official word on the Droid Pro is still "Q4," but the man at Motorola suggested that November would be the month to watch.

Grab a huge helping of photos after the break along with a super quick hands-on video, then head on over to the Motorola Droid Pro Forums and let us know what you think!

Update: We wranged a Moto rep to take the Droid Pro through its paces for us, including showing off the profile switching and the Enterprise features - which include remotely wiping the SD card via the standard Exchange device management interface on the IT side. We also grabbed a quick hands-on and a couple photos of the extended battery and, well, it's not much thicker, not much heavier, and we are having a hard time understanding why it's not the default. Catch it all after the break, at the very bottom.


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Hands-on with the Motorola Droid Pro [video]; Update: More video, more features


Wow, full of win. Not on my wish list because I'm now a full Swype convert on my X, but this is going to absolutely destroy what's left of RIMM's market share.

The new Moto Pre, I mean Bravo ;) looks like it wil be the Torch killer and Palm Pre killer at the same time. Though chances it will be crippled by Blur are pretty likely so not much of a win for that poor fella actually haha

Launcher Pro + is now a mandatory download. PhilBlur gets a bad rap, but its really a moot point.

No, PhilBlur is not a moot point. I used to be in the "I'd just install LauncherPro" cagetory until I was sent a Droid 2 to replace a defective Droid. Now I know how deep and broken the changes get.

It breaks third-party account support, forcing social networks to go through Moto's servers and can't get contacts right (ignores GMail's contact groups, doesn't pull down all contacts properly, and is inconsistent between Contacts and Dialer apps). That's just what I ran into in the first day of having a Droid 2. I went to their forums for support and also found that they were telling people to buy a third-party app for proper Exchange support (don't know how broken that is as I don't need/use it).

I've been a Moto user for years, but will not buy another Android device from them unless they start offering vanilla, non-Blur Android again (like my Droid).

I just realised that if these world phones work over here in Europe on Vodafone then they can be unlocked and used on any of the other networks over here :) woohoooo

Apart from Binging a lot of their new devices and the Philblur there finally looks to be some decent World Phone options when traveling :)

oh totally agree! RIMM is in big trouble with this guy now...perfect move by Motorola, I bet HTC and others will jump on this form factor asap.

you said it! im currently an 8330 user, overall using bb's for 2-1/2yrs, and ive been thinking about android for the past 1-1/2 to 2mths now, but i was worried having an all touch device (had the S2-all touch not for me) and I was currently searching the Fascinate and D2. BUT then i saw this bad boy! :p My upgrade is coming up soon and i cant wait till i can get my hands on this thing to try it out! After seeing the video, I definately cant wait! :)

Moto, Verizon and Android going in for the kill with this one. I can see a bunch of BB users liking this just because of the form factor. My coworker for example is really into this and she's a long time BB lover.

If this was an option 8 months ago when I jumped from BB to Android, there's no doubt it would have been my first stop. Rocking the X now and don't need the physical keyboard, but I can see this filling a massive gap in the Android phone space, especially with all the extra security features they built into the software. Unfortunately for Android, until they address some of those issues, most Droids will not be allowed on corporate networks. Looks awesome though!

Am I the only one to think the screen is unproportionally small? Love the keyboard! I wonder if BB will have something to say about it though?
Bottom line, if it wasn't made by motorola and had a larger screen I would consider swapping my evo for this

This is a world phone, and I am sure someone will find out how to SIM unlock it before its even released.
Go buy the best AT&T phone on contract then sell it, then go buy the Droid Pro off contract with the sale monies from the AT&T phone, then unlock it. I've done that many times before.
Sprint is the only one who suffers on this one! (yes, i'm Sprint, grrr)


I guess it'll be a nice addition to verizons choices of droids, comparing the droid 2, droid x and this. But I hope htc really doesn't make models like this. Htc makes great phones and i'd be disapointed if they make phones like this considering I personaly don't like phones like this lol

HTC made some WinBlo phones in this form factor, and I thought they looked really nice. My brother has one, and it's solid, and reliable. But he's a former BB user who needed that ff. He keeps asking me how much the DX costs though...

very nice alternative for BB users. Not sure why it only has 2g of memory but the SD card slot makes up for that. Not enough to pry me away from my future DX but for someone looking for Android on BB form-factor then HelloMoto!

and what's up with the numbers in a row across the top rather than in dialpad form?? That's a little on the tarded side...

It looks like the phone I have dreamed of. Bigger screen than the BB, but keyboard similar to the BB.

The DP is everything I expected it to be.
But I do have one minor gripe..... still no forward facing camera!!
I was hoping that Moto would of taken a cue from the iPwned4 and EVO4G, but I guess not.

Other than that, the DP looks to be a fantastic device.

I'm really looking forward to trying this out. This has been my smartphone form factor of choice going all the way back to the first Samsung BlackJack. Typing on a landscape keyboard just isn't as natural or fast for me.

Was Michael J Fox holding the camera? I kid I kid.

As a long time Motorola user (~15 years)... screw Motorola, that's all I have to say. I'm not buying anymore of their crap with their lack of software support. The Charm was the last one I got and I recently got rid of it.

Being a Nexus One and a G2 owner, coming from Blackberry I can say that this new device will drag many new customers to Android from Rim. I like the look of the device, I like the black and chrome, the thickness of the device gives it a real quality look and feel to it. This phone will be a big seller to the business man just fed up with the never get any better Rim devices. Rim is in hot water. Great job designing and building this phone.

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I say from here on in, Moto should stick with that type of physical keyboard structure and layout on all of their future physical keyboard models.

Ditch the keys on the Droid 2 and make the Droid 3 keyboard like the DP.

I feel like this device is going to blow a hole in BB.

As past BlackBerry user, I remembering wishing if only the BB screen was bigger and its browser better, I would stay with BB because I really like the form factor. Hello, Moto comes with Droid Pro that answers my wish. I think it's pretty ballsy for Moto to directly attack RIM and Palm by copying their best selling phones. But I love it. Can't wait till my renewal comes (which sadly is more than a year away). BYW, does Droid Pro have a universal inbox?