Motorola Droid 2

We're knee deep in the Motorola Droid 2, and it's time for the initial video hands-on. In a nutshell, it's a softer, more gentle version of the original Droid, with the same screen, an improved keyboard, beefed up internal specs and Android 2.2 with Motorola's new user interface. But you knew that already, right? Hands-on after the break. And more to come soon.


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Hands-on with the Motorola Droid 2


I was so excited for Droid 2...and then Moto f'd it up with that god awful Blur junk. The biggest thing that gets me is that it looks like a 4-year old designed the notification icons. None of them match or have any similar design quality. When you've got a bar full of notifications, it looks like ass.

Oh well. The upcoming HSPA+ phones on Tmo this fall are calling my name. I'd be much more willing to put up with Sense UI over Blur. At least HTC is consistent.

People say the same about the X !! Its not blur its just Widgets you don't have to use ! My X is setup just like my incredible was and you would be hard pressed to tell the difference , the phone and ui is awesome !!! NOTHING like any blur before it , so different I wouldn't call it blur at all

Are they going to keep changing the 4 button layout at the bottom around or is this one getting to be somewhat common?

I lol'd when he said talked about the old droid and said "unlike the first droid which was just cold and hard." sounds like some history...

You retards need to get off this blur kick your on. Its NOT moto blur geez. Yes some of the widgets are similar but that's it. Delete em and guess what? Nothing similar to blur....retards quit using that as something to bitch about because your incapable of finding something more valid to complain about.

Actually, it is Motoblur; just not the blur that become infamously annoying. There was an article on the other day with a quote from the motorola ceo stating that this new version on the DX and D2 is a more "not-in-your-face" version of motoblur. Sorry I don't have the link to the article, but it's there.

Funny Motorola said a few days ago that the Droid X is running Blur. So I believe the D2 is the same meaning guess what? It runs BLUR.

Actually he is correct. . . it's not motoblur. Neither in name, nor in form. And that article you read about "not in your face" version of blur. . . that news was dropped about 2 months ago.

And now im done lol. Anyway i liked my origional droid much more than this one. Felt more precise and stronger. This one doesn't feel as much like let's get down to business. Keyboard is a huge improvement, hate the shiny bezel black was much nicer. Bottom line his may have a better more capable internal ability but it sure feels like the Droids little sister instead of beefy big brother.

Well my droid 2 is on the fed ex truck waiting to get to me. This is my first taste of android/droid. Have had a BB 8330. Hopefully this doesn't leave a bad taste in my mouth as I heavily debated over the incredible and droid 2. The keyboard was what made me jump on board with the droid 2.

Icee_Man: rest easy on your decision. I had the 8330 too (Blackberry Curve) and switched about a week ago to the Droid X. I could not be happier and seriously will never go back to RIM/Blackberry. Android can do SO much more, SO much faster. The X, with it's touch screen, was an adjustment from the Curve's physical keyboard...but I've picked it up easily (and Swype keyboard is great too). With your decision on the Droid 2, your conversion from BB to Android will be smooth and it's physical keyboard will help you bridge that gap. Welcome to the world of "Does."

Icee_man, you will NOT regret the switch from BB. Although it is a completely different experience, you will find it very easy to use and very productive.

I don't believe D2 was designed for us D1 owners (some, maybe). It's about getting new customers to jump onto Verizon and Android. People here are comparing the two since they own the first version, but to me that really doesn't make sense.

No because the 3D app drawer is part of Android 2.2, but Motorola added their own skin to the D2 and DX which overrides this.

You can always install LauncherPro from the market which has an option for a 3D app drawer though.

nice to see Motorola making a come back after that razor fiasco. their android offerings have been up to par. the original Droid really pushed android to the forefront. before that we had the G1 on t-mobile which was not marketed to the masses.

Yes, Motorola and all the other manufacturers should worry about hardware, and let the users and google worry about the UI. With all the homescreen launchers and customization apps on the market, you can make the phone look any way you like without breaking google's ability to update the OS.

Really donn't understand all the blur UI hate. I've had phones with both HTC Sense and Blur. . . and while if I HAD to choose I would choose Sense. . . I really noticed virtually no difference in user experience. Sense= 10. Motorola's new blur= 9. Big freeging difference.

Anyone else notice that when you take a picture and send it to facebook or any other account, the orientation of the photo always winds up in landscape? Even if you take the picture in portrait, it posts in landscape for MMS, Facebook and Twitter. VERY annoying. I thought they would fix this bug!!!