Motorola Backflip

Let's be perfectly clear here: When I first saw the leaked images of the Motorola Backflip, I didn't know what to make of it and wrote it off as gimmicky. OK, a keyboard that contorts and kind of wraps itself around a phone is gimmicky. But once you see it in action -- along with Android 2.1 and Motoblur --  it works, and it's actually functional.

For one, Moto's positioning the Backflip as an ultimate social networking phone. There's an honest-to-goodness front-facing camera on the keyboard, so that you can easily take a self-portrait and upload it to Facebook. For another: You can fold the keyboard down and use it as as a stand. And when you do that, it automatically does into alarm clock mode. Really, it makes more sense than it sounds.

We're fully expecting the Backflip on AT&T in the very near future. Check out the video after the break.

Motorola BackflipMotorola Backflip

Motorola BackflipMotorola Backflip

There are 12 comments

mr.saving says:

Looks really cool...Android 2.1 would make it even better.

Elizabeth says:

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gryn says:

Haptic for the hard keys.

Functional it seems, but not pretty.

BoNg420 says:

Looks more functional then my droids keyboard which looks like it jacked a calculator from the 80s/90s for its keys....

cmorty72#AC says:

I like it!!!
Looks like Motorola is back on track with product development.
Kudos to them!! ;)
Now as to which carrier will be getting this puppy...... ?

Anonymous says:

Processor is a tad slow though, and screen not up to snuff for a next-gen phone, it's more of an HTC Hero with a decent keyboard, hopefully they'll produce another similar device in the future with more modern specs.

Anonymous says:

i wish this were coming to verizon!

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Adrian says:

The phone looks amazing. Is this phone going to be available only on AT&T? Wish it comes to Verizon. Finally it seems Motorolla is getting back to the right phones.

VDubb22 says:

You guys need to check your facts. I was at the Motorola Booth and this device IS NOT running 2.1. It's running 1.5 and will be upgradable to 2.x. It's also on the Motorola website:

- VDubb

Elizabeth says:

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Anonymous says:

This means that the whole time your using the phone normally the keyboard is the back?? How terrible if you set your phone down frequently on rough places and constantly scratching up your keyboard that you have to use rather than just the back of your phone... definitly a turn off for me.