Moto G Grip Shell.

It's a Moto G replacement shell — with more grip — in an array of bright colors.​

Motorola's Moto G (be sure to read our full review) brings a (relatively) low-cost phone while keeping the ability to customize. And one of those ways is with the Grip Shell. It's in the same vein as the $14.99 replacement shells and ads in a bumper-like edging around the phone. 

It's a simple enough proposition, and easy to swap on and off. (Just be sure to remove the stock shell before trying to put this one on.) Slide the top end of the phone into the shell, work your way around the rubber edging, and you're good to go. It might take a little prying, but nothing unexpected. As you'd expect with a name like Grip Shell, you get a fair amount of grip added to the phone — not a bad thing in the case of the Moto G, whose matte shells could get a bit slick. There are cutouts for the microphone holes, 3.5mm headphone jack, camera and speakers. The power and volume buttons are covered by the rubber bumper but work flawlessly.

And the Grip shells are nicely two-toned. You know, for kids. They're available in the four colors seen here — chalk, royal blue, lemon lime and cherry — or in the always classic all black.

We've got some more pics after the break. You can buy the Moto G Grip Shell directly from Motorola for $14.99.


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Hands-on with the Moto G Grip Shell


Nice. That' a good price too. I hate when OEM's price there cases at $39.99 and $49.99. I'm looking at you google with your Nexus accessories.

Does anyone know if something very similar exists for the Moto X? I really like the design of the cover.


I've got the lemon/lime one waiting for me at home.

Pro Tip: by default, shipping was $10 for overnight. I changed the shipping to standard delivery (3-5 days) for $4, but Moto sent it overnight anyway. I'm not sure if it was a goof or I got lucky, but either way thanks Moto!

Mine got switched to overnight too (black/white combo), and so did my wife's Moto X order last week. This might be Moto's new thing? If so, I'm an even bigger fan.

Hi Phil,
could you please tell me if the grip shell caused any wifi-connectivity issue?
Thanks a lot.

I was also overnighted free of charge. I love that Motorola is so keen to get these out there given the release delay.

Is the rubber edging removable and swappable with other Grip shells? The color combo possibilities would be enormous!

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I was wondering and hoping that same thing but unfortunately you can't. Its all seamless which is nice because it makes it feel less like a case and more like part of the phone. Having said that i am right there with you. I'd love to have some different combinations. I really like blue but I'm not sure about the green edge. Same with the red and maroon grip shell. They are such high quality though that I may go ahead and pick the blue/greed up

Hello ,I truly can't wait to get paid again so that I can buy one or two of these although they are affordable to most I live from payday to payday I couldn't afford to buy a case when I got my phone But I love my phone and it need protection I've been worried about it slipping out of my hand and breaking. the color I'd pick would be blue or pink but I like them all

moto G 16Gb good phone with up to date software everything is fine. it compares with nexus 5 surely samsung market will down for a while. bought through flipkart importer.