LG improves upon last years QuickWindow case with a circle and better functionality

Much like its predecessor, the G2, LG's new top-of-the-line G3 comes with a special, windowed case. This time out they're calling it the QuickCircle and functionality is certainly improved in this years model. As the name implies, the window this time around has become a circle, and it's a circle that has its uses.

As before you get a variety of different clock faces to display when you close the case, some analog, some digital, and there's still the option to have the current weather conditions, too. You can still activate the window by double-tapping on the display and a swipe across in this years model opens up a whole host of things to do.

App support is increased to include not only the music player but also to your Email, Phone and Camera, and even a pedometer. All display neatly within the circular window, offering little snapshots of important information and controls. We didn't get chance to snap any pictures and see how they may or may not be cropped, sadly.

Aside from what happens within the window, it's basically a flip case to keep your shiny new G3 safe and sound. Oh, and when you close the front, the ring around the window flashes bright white momentarily. Très cool. It also looks to be available in all the same colors as the phones, and a few more besides. We'll no doubt see much more of this when they start getting into peoples hands, but for now check out a quick photo gallery below.

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chazglenn3 says:


Linebarrel86 says:

Anyone know where I can get that clock widget on the G3?

DocToxyn says:

When it's folded against the back of the device does it sit well and is the phone stable on when laid on a flat surface?

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Impossible to tell at an event where everything has a security tag attached to the back ;-) (see first gallery pic)

DocToxyn says:

Ahh right, that's unfortunate. Thanks for trying though!

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Looks.. So... Nice.


GrooveRite says:

Sure does!

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rootedVette says:

Kind of makes it look like one of their washing machines. Looks nice though

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That analog clock looks mighty fine with this case.

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lucas710 says:

That is actually nice looking! Good job LG you have improved on the stolen Samsung idea.

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Gator352 says:

This phone DOES look good! Stolen Samsung idea?? Maybe but who cares? I bet this actually works as intended in a much sleeker package.

Apple stole from android. Android stole from apple. Samsung stole from apple. LG stole from Samsung. HTC stole from all the above, and I stole from my local 7-11 when I was a bit younger.

I wonder if Apple will sue LG for copying Samsung. Cause well, ya know, Samsung is Apple's turf....

NoNexus says:

They have a patent on how to sue Samsung I hear

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Gator352 says:


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ryanmtech says:

This is why you're my favorite buddy

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m3lover1 says:

Just a quick question, the back cover does it go over the existing back cover or does it replace the back cover?

droidhead_1 says:

Good question.

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droidhead_1 says:

In the pictures it looks like over.

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Slots over.

kj11 says:

Goes over, which sucks.

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rampage1979 says:

It Replaces the back cover, and also some variants will have built in with wireless charging also.

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stoldmymojo says:

Awesome! Great job LG!

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jernavy says:

Question does it snap and stay shut? (Magnetic or otherwise) the one for the g2 does not.

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jgemberton says:

Is the circle effect accomplished through some sort of local dimming or is this thing eating up battery by back-lighting the entire screen under the cover?

It doesn't backlight the entire display. It's the same as on the G2 equivalent, an isolated portion of the screen is lit up

jernavy says:

With the g2 flip case, when it was activated only the square was lit. I found out because I set my !7 down on it and the magnetic poetic slimline case activated the feature

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ddot196 says:

I was hoping it would replace the rear cover to make it a bit slimmer. However that analog clock is absolutely sexy. This might be one of the first cases/covers I ever buy for a phone.

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rampage1979 says:

It does I saw in another review on YouTube that it replaces the back cover.

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cnotes2019 says:

I'll take 2 please :) long live LG!

droid5 says:

Yeah, don't have to wait for the oddball size case the verizon version had on the G2.

biggmr says:

The case does replace the back cover.

Evilnut says:

This just shoes how nice the Moto 360 is going to be with a round screen.

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Looks like a washing machine.

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Gator352 says:


tlo07 says:

I do like that case much better than Samsung's version for some reason. The G3 is going to be hard to resist. Maybe impossible!

Very nice case. Like the round look? Possibly future round smart watch?

scottwood2 says:

I Like the look, cool idea

Very nice!

Clever and cool!

I watched online them use this case how cool. Super cool

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gspida says:

I like

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SmogHog says:

In LG's home country,South Korea, the Circle Case is offered in 2 flavors
The Quick Circle Case = $32
The Quick Viewer Case =$22

The difference being the Viewer Case doesn't have the wireless charging.

The LG G3 WCD -100 wireless charging pad is $34