Kogeto iCONIC

Only just a few days ago we learned that Kogeto, the maker of a panoramic lens for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S was planning on announcing their iCONIC lens which was being made for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The software is not fully finished for the Galaxy Nexus as of now so we did have to jump on the iPhone to show how the application functions and exactly what you can expect.

Android Central @ CES As you can see the device is actually a case that clips on the back of the device and once the application is launched you can begin to record. Once the recording begins you lay the device flat and sit back while it captures 360 degrees of video. After you are finished recording you can watch the application or share it to your favorite social network where your friends and family can share the same 360-degree view that you captured. Hit the break for a few more images and a video demo.


Android Central  Kogeto iCONIC

Kogeto iCONIC


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Hands-on with the Kogeto iCONIC for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus


I do field, behavioral research. There's only two devices that have this capability under $100. It's compact, and can easily be disguised as a beacon, light meter, etc. Being able to share a greater level of immersion with design partners is incredibly valuable (but not worth the trouble of getting an iphone 4 JUST for this). I'm still waiting for this to come out, I don't have much hope since the Kogeto site makes no mention of Android compatibility.

What's the point? Why would someone need this? Are there any practical uses for this? It would be interesting to know. It is a cool conversation piece.

you'd have to keep switching cases if you want to use this because it seems attached to the case. or is it removable? would be stupid if it wasn't cause that means no more phone in your pocket.

Ok, if the video is accurate, this is not really 360 degrees. Well, I guess it is in 2D. But you can't see above and below, only sideways. Not even practical for military uses...

360° is 360°. It's a full rotation on any axis even a single one. For your simpler definition. And it has several fun applications. Quick clips of the entire room and family at Christmas, out door applications, video editing buffs might have fun with this. I could use it for my building/remodeling gig to showcase an entire room without taking 30 pictures.

What is the deal with like five hundred of these 360 degree lens whatchamajiggers at CES? Are there that many people out there wishing they had the ability to slap on an awkward accessory and take a 360 degree shot (After futzing with the timer settings) to get this done? Was taking a series of shots and then telling photoshop to stitch them too hard (its a drag, select, one click operation)? Or are they tired of the panorama option in the camera app chopping peoples arms off?

Yes, it is difficult to get Photoshop to do 15 frames a second of 360 panorama. The stitching in Photoshop has one MAJOR flaw, which is a lack of perspective. That means Photoshop has to progressively warp images to mesh to each other. Ever try to do a panorama with a brick wall on both sides of you, and corrugated roof above? Not a quick operation, no matter how well you place that one click.

If you are a Realtor or homeowner looking to sell your home, that could be the best thing ever. It can be hard to capture a small room.