Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE

We’re here in New Orleans on the eve of CTIA, and Verizon has the next star in their lineup on-hand. The Droid Incredible 4G LTE made its rounds tonight, and from our short but sweet time with the device, we really like what we see. The next-gen Incredible is what would happen if the Droid line mated with the One line: quality HTC hardware with Verizon’s signature touch.

It would be simple to compare the new Incredible to the One S, but despite the similarities, the two are quite different and independently unique in their own right. Sure, they share the same display technology, the same processor, and the same user experience, but aesthetically, the two phones are quite different. Where the One S draws its ooohs and aaahs from its svelte physique, the Droid Incredible 4G LTE makes no apologies about its heftier footprint. If you’re familiar with the first two Incredibles, you’re going to feel right at home here. While they don’t pretend to be the most beautiful devices on the market, they certainly have a charm that’s hard to deny. The textured back, the chromed bezel, and even the 4-inch qHD display isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it adds up to a nice experience.

Internally, it’s pretty clear that Verizon has gotten its hands on HTC’s latest and greatest technology. We’ve got a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, along with a full GB of RAM and 8 gigs of internal storage. The Droid Incredible 4G LTE’s got Ice Cream Sandwich onboard, which translates to the same experience we fell in love with on the One line. Sense 4.0 is like butter on top of Google’s latest OS. It’s fluid, it’s fast, and it looks absolutely stunning. I’ll go on record tonight and say that Sense has made some honest to goodness improvements to Android 4.0.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the main difference between the Incredible and HTC’s flagship devices: the camera. The Incredible lacks HTC’s ImageSense technology, though Verizon says that this camera is respectable in its own right. Regardless, we think its kind of a drag that Big Red customers are going to miss out on one of the best smartphone camera experiences on the market today.

We’ll get more down and dirty with the new Incredible in the coming days and weeks. You can grab yours “in the coming weeks” but until then, sit tight and take a look below at what we got to see tonight.

Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTEVerizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE

Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTEVerizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE

Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTEVerizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE

Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTEVerizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE

Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTEVerizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE

Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTEVerizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE

Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTEVerizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE

Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE


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Droid Incredible 4G LTE hands-on


The last two Incredibles haven't been living up to the name (cutting edge specs-wise). Makes my retired Original sad.

There have only been 2 before this, the OG and the Inc2... Were you referring to the Rezound?

That said, I'm glad Verizon is continuing the Incredible line. My OG is still in daily use running ICS, it's the smoothest it's ever been, 2 years on. Couldn't ask for more.

The Rezound is the successor to the Thunderbolt, not the Incredible. I think at one point they were actually going to call it the Thunderbolt 2.

The step from the Thunderbolt to the Rezound isn't a very big one... not worthy as a successor imo. Rezound is the spiritual successor to the DInc (used it for two years) -- took the cultural learnings of DInc for make glorious benefit of Rezound. =)

I have to politely disagree, after two bum Inc's I was finally given an Inc 2 as a warranty replacement and I could not be happier. The Inc 2 (in my experience) is a MUCH more solid dependable device than the original.

I wish verizon and htc could make at least one more sweet little android phone just like with original dinc, same screen size and form factor and everything. Just add LTE and a better chips and I think they would sell a ton of them. The only smaller android phones are pieces of junk, they need to have a premier small phone for those that want it as a backup or as a complete alternative to the monstors that are out there. At some point there will be a back lash with all the size increases in current phones. Just look at the iphone and you never hear anyone complaining about its small screen size and it is even smaller than the dinc 1 screen. Just my 2 cents.

I agree - this and the screen tech are really the stars of the new generation of HTC phones and to edit it out is a mistake imo. It at least put this phone in the "maybe if it's inexpensive" column.

You know what? All cell phone cameras suck! All of them! I don't understand why people whine about the camera tech so much. "Why does this phone have a 5mp camera when that phone has an 8mp?" Boohoo!!! If you want to take real pictures, get a real camera!!

I have a real camera. But I don't feel like carrying 20 pounds of camera pack everywhere I go.

So if I'm going to have a camera in my pocket all the time, I'd at least like it to be as good as it can be for its class.


Agreed. I understand why many/most don't care that much about it. It just so happens that for me personally - to motivate me to upgrade I'd want a nicer screen and a better camera. Greatest device in the world comes out with no camera I'd have to think about it. That doesn't have to apply to anyone else.

I have a real nice point and shoot, an older DSLR, a Flip HD and an older video camera, but what's always in my pocket is my phone. Also, I'm assuming you don't have a toddler who requires constant documenting :). It's just a spec that is important to me because I've got my phone running pretty smoothly at the moment and the only thing that makes me envious on my wife's iPhone (urg) is the picture and video quality.

There was a saying we had when I was training AT&T employees how to sell data plans a few years ago, "The best camera is the one you have WITH you".

You are somewhat correct, cell phone cameras are nowhere near as good as a dedicated camera, even the smaller point and shoot ones.
That said, not too many people carry their cameras everywhere. I don't know too many people who don't carry their cell phones with them EVERYWHERE.

I have an older Konica Minolta digital camera that is "only" 5 megapixels, but wow does it take great pictures with excellent color depth. Too bad it's kind of big and I can't keep it with me everywhere...

LOL! Not all of us can afford a $400 camera in addition to out $200 phone. It is great that apparently you can, but that isn't the norm. And if I did have a $400 camera I probably would not want to take it everywhere I got and risk getting it broke or stolen.

Having had a Droid 1 for the full two years I can appreciate having a good phone camera. I used the hell out of that one. Yes, the camera matters on a phone.

Just like most people are tone-deaf, most people are pixel-blind. They can't tell the difference when it comes picture quality. That being said, the HTC EVO 4G LTE (also One X) is probably the first phone with a real imagechip that rivals stand alone cameras.

This argument is getting so old already. There are some good camera phones out there and the point of these devices are to replace having to carry around a bunch of other devices. If I needed to carry around a laptop, a video games system, a calculator, a radio, a camera and everything else that a smartphone can do then why would I need a smartphone!

Sure, 2 years ago camera phones were not that great and the tech wasn't there yet but it sure is now and top camera phones can replace a basic stand alone camera so when companies opt out to cut corners with the camera it is a bid deal for people because not everyone wants to carry a camera around with them everyday.

This is becoming so tiresome. I'm on Sprint and I want out. Sprint gets a better One X variant (Better battery and microSD slot) while Verizon (who I want to jump to) gets the gimped HTC "One".

Meh,i'll stick to my Gnex LTE thank you very much.. i loved the first incredible as it was actually INCREDIBLE! lol.. but this one just seems some what of half-assed ya know?.. :)-

Isn't this most similar to the EVO Design 4G maybe, but running LTE and Sense 4.0/ICS? The EVO Design is scheduled to get ICS at some point, so except for WiMax vs. LTE it is quite similar in size and hardware specs. It's a great smaller phone, too.

Don't Jump to verizon The overrated network.
First ask this questions to yourself: Are you looking for the worst speed in 3G? The spotty and unreliable 4G that works in and out draining the battery shifting from 3G to 4G radios. The carrier that thinks is ok charge 300 dollars for a phone that cost 550 without the subsidy?

So whats the other option? AT&T reception sucks in most major cities and Sprint is even worse. Who knows if T-Mobile will even be around in a couple of years.

Yes sir, Mr. Alvarorey is totally correct. Verizon is OVERRATED at best and clearly OVERCHARGES for devices. And even WORSE they are the WORST carrier in the update game. And even more WORSE than that all of their devices outside of the Galaxy Nexus have the WORST BLOATWARE in the industry. Their overall refusal to keep updatedsoftware on the Galaxy Nexus as well as all other devices. Verizon is the WORST CARRIER IN THE GAME and their network since December has been the biggest JOKE around. Looks like a move will take place for me over to tmobile soon. Verizon sucks eggs.

At least I haven't been throttled once on VZW. I used 9.6 GB of LTE and still was getting 23 mbps down and 3 up on my last day of the cycle. Better than getting 2GB on T-Mobile or 5 GB on AT&T before your data becomes slow as molasses. Oh, and haven't heard of Verizon crying about even offering unlimited data like AT&T just was.

Well, I guess there must 107 million of us (me included) that must be complete idiots to overpay for Verizon's lousy service. My phone service (yes, I do make phone calls) and 3G (no LTE for me, the 3G is a little slow - 1MBit BUT very consistent and reliable) are excellent, when I do have to call customer service they are friendly and helpful and I have no problem with their phone selection and very much looking forward to this phone as a successor to my very nice, reliable, good looking Dinc 2 (in red no less). I would love to be rid of the bloatware (and at least ICS lets me hide/disable it). I don't think you would be happy with anyone - everything is too expensive, doesn't work right, should be free, etc. Verizon's reputation was not built by a bunch of us being duped by advertising. I travel A LOT for business and I ALWAYS have better service than my colleagues on any other carrier. Don't like Verizon, don't get it and find someone else to put up with your bitching.

Is not just complaining and whining. I used to have a good signal with verizon, then I moved to a different state and my service went bunkers. In fact I have unlimited data for two lines, my monthly consumption went from around 2 Gb to now that is 100 Mb. Then I basically pay 60 dollars monthly (I am only including the data plans obviously my monthly bill goes far beyond that)for nothing, what is the meaning of unlimited when you cant get anything? Dissatisfied I called the company an complain about the service and ask for some alternative, I proposed to drop the data plan even if I would loose my coveted "unlimited" grandfathered plan. They told me that I cannot have my phones activated without data plan. WHAT a ripoff so I cannot use my phone as a cell phone and only used in wifi for data? how was that, I mentioned that I have my Dinc that was out of contract if I can activate that device? NO, any device that is an smartphone needs to be on a data plan. By the way I have been a Verizon customer for the last 5 years. Even if AT&T is horrible does not shadow the fact that they use GSM phones and I can use ANY phone that I like, with or without data plan. And that for me is a world of difference.


Every phone I see running sense has the big clock widget on the home screen displaying the same time as the time in the notification bar. No class-It's ugly.

You must not be very observant, then. Because I have seen different times on several different ads. I have three in front of me right now that are all different. But the HTC stock photos, they like "10:08". So what?

As for why the flip-clock widget: It is the HTC trademark and is instantly recognizable. It is easily changed to any widget the user likes.

This phone should be $99 on contract.
When I see this, i think "entry level" android on verizon.
not excited.

I'm guessing it's not cutting edge because VZ doesn't want another $300 flagship device. They'd rather have something with upper mid range specs, with the Incredible name, with ICS and Sense 4.0 and priced at $149. They'll sell them like hotcakes.

or they've got a OneX in drag in the pipeline to make a more fitting replacement to the Rezound...even though the Inc4G oughta be a better device all around than the Rezound anyway.

Where do you get information? This from the specs sheet:
"Support for up to 32 GB microSD™ memory card".

>"Internally, it’s pretty clear that Verizon has gotten its hands on HTC’s latest and greatest technology. We’ve got a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor"

Hmm. Please note that the One X, Evo LTE, and One S all use a 1.5 Ghz S4. So this phone has a slower processor, smaller screen, worse screen (not LCD2), lower res screen, worse camera (speed at least), less included storage.

But it will still be fast and many people will like the smaller screen.

Its not a slower processor. Its the same one, except its under clocked in the incredible. Probably because of the lower specs and the small battery

The One S doesn't have an SLCD2 screen, that's just qHD super amoled. This screen should perceived as just as nice as the One S's screen since everyone suddenly thinks pentile is the anti-christ. Worse than the OneX yeah, but without all those extra pixels grpahic performance oughta be very nice.
The CPU is just down on clock speed, if HTC releases the kernel that won't even be an issue for those that really care.
Personally I feel like my thumbs are a little too big and clumsy even for my Bionic's screen, but in a world where apple sells every 3.5in screen they can make that isn't a deal breaker for everyone. After all, small hands doesn't mean you don't like gadgets right?

nobody is talking about BATTERY life.. That's the plague of all these phones.. except maybe the MAXX.. I've owned the Incredible & when 4G was released I upgraded to the Thunderbolt. In both cases, I had to buy a bulky extended battery for the phone to be useable. Then I had to wait for a case that fits the battery.. etc.. How long are these phones supposed to last?

I'm pretty disappointed to see what has happened to the Incredible line since the original released. In fact, I am still using my original Dinc and other than the common "Low space" bug, it has been a fantastic device. I have yet to see Verizon release another phone that I felt I just had to have. They really missed the boat on not getting some variation of the One X. Could be that they think Moto is the only go-to high end phones available. I have 2 lines out of contract and the last one out in August, looks like I will moving to another carrier on the basis of both price and devices. It's a shame too, been with them for over a decade.

It's clear to me that all Verizon cares about is that SHITTY RAZR and RAZR MAXX. They overcharge for smartphones running that same double the data promo just to hook people like they hooked me Nov last year. Verizon is OVERRATED and so is their saturated LTE network that has slowed down drastically since December 2011. If people are smart they will GET OFF VERIZON and look elsewhere if thinking to move to Verizon Don't do it to yourself. They are the EORST in the update game constantly testing, testing, testing, updates and still releasing buggy updates. If your considering Verizon MOVE ALONG LTE isn't that overwhelming thats for sure. Perfect combo slow LTE network, poor update abilities, over charging on devices, time to leave the big red overrated network. Piss on Verizon

You're awfully butt-hurt over Verizon. Did they kill your dog or something.

Most people don't have a choice if you actually want to use your phone for say, making a call.

I can't feel concerned about the speed a I underclock my Gnex already. I'll not buy a device without softkeys though, and I wish manufacturers would get on board with this.

What a disappointing phone. It's almost as if Verizon loves skipping on the current, hottest hardware in favor for their own, incremental phone updates. I mean this phone next to the One X, One S and EVO 4G LTE is nothing short of a disappointment. Blah.

This phone would have been Incredible only if it would have come out last year. Now it is just, ho-hum.....

Verizon, you're loosing out to the HTC One, get a clue. Cutting edge phones sell, not middle of the line with splash names. Reminder, R2D2 phone.
You're supposed cutting edge GNex is 3 months behind on OS updates that other carriers have already pushed(around the globe). And the customer base for this phone paid more for it to be on bleeding edge but yet on Big Red's network, how sad.

Big fan of HTC. I have the Dinc2. I like the 4 inch screen. This will most likely be my next phone. By the time I'm good for an upgrade this phone will be deeply discounted or free.

This is disappointing that the only things similar between this and the One Series is the software, the S4 and it only having 1 LED flash bulb. They refer to this as a "cousin" of the HTC One's, but it's more like the HTC One-Half.

This just doesnt have the wow factor that the original Dinc had. I love the orignal Dinc so much that i still use it from time to time and keep it as a solid rom-able stand by. HTC and Verizon basically release the rezound 2.0 here. what a let down.

mSD card slot got me interested. 8GB memory, poor camera and small battery in big, chunky case turned me off. I'll have to entertain the idea of a monster phone like the SGSIII.


it's still a nice camera, it just doesn't have image sense...which apparently doesn't do all that much to improve quality of the photos, as no review of the One series I've come across seems to think they've got better image or video quality than any of the older HTC phones.
So the "big and chunky case" turned you off, even though it's almost certainly of the smallest android devices to come out in a while, but you're entertaining the though of an even bigger phone? Am I missing something?

I am still using the original Incredible, but it is time for an upgrade I have been considering a Razr, but have been waiting to see what Verizon was going to do. How does this phone compare to a Razr? I feel the Razr Maxx is a little expensive.

What this video tells me is that the Incredible (and the Droid look in general) looks tired and outdated and that the GNexus, while not a spec monster like the One X or GSIII, is a very good looking phone and pure ICS is a whole lot cleaner than even the new Sense. Maybe he should have compared the new Incredible to a different, less attractive phone.

While I applaud the fact that this phone has a removable batter unlike the One series the 4.0 screen is a deal breaker for me. At least give me 4.3. After having a Gnex I can't go back that far down. Also I can't take getting another phone with a bad camera, sorry. I'm hoping that VZW is getting a real One X in its Pipe line down the road. I do thing they are getting the Galaxy S3 so thats at least good.

For those who have enjoyed the Incredible line, this looks like it will be a good phone. Just hope the battery can withstand 4G.

I still use my original DInc and was really looking forward to this phone. I'm still interested, just because I like a smaller phone, but I was hoping for the new ImageSense camera chip.

On the camera front, it has to be as good or better than the GNex.

Battery life should be better than the GNex, just because of that Krait chip.

Agreed.. it's a $99 or $149 phone. Any more than that, i'm better off getting a used GNex off Craigslist.

1. This is not a manufacturer's Android flagship phone. It's a Verizon branded, half-baked "Droid" phone with specs that fall short of true flagship.
2. The app launcher drawer is PACKED with bloatware/forceware just like all other "droid" phones.
3. Verizon is charging a flagship price for a phone that lacks the flagship specs.
4. Verizon isn't coming out with any proper manufacturer flagship phones per the rumors (no HTC One X or Galaxy S III).
5. Verizon and their "droid" brand sucks and nobody should buy them.

Edit: just went shopping for the One X and ATT will not let me have this phone without signing a 2 year contract. I told them I will pay full retail but they didn't care. american phone companies's not just Verizon.

I wonder if that bulky looking case is holding a massive battery like the MAXX? Although I suppose they would be touting it as a selling point if it was.

Why would anyone buy this DINC 4G over the Rezound? (and I'm a former original DINC owner)

The Rezound has a better screen (720p HD), bigger screen (4.3"), bigger dual core processor (1.5mhz), and the same red accents and backing (and dual flash, looks like this DINC 4G has single flash). And it's cheaper now too.

DINC 4G has Sense 4.0, but the Rezound gets the upgrade (supposedly) tomorrow (5/9). I'm not sure why this phone is even in the mix for HTC honestly...

They need to differentiate their phones more.

There's a ton of reasons so since you can't think of them for yourself I'll do it for you:

1. Not everyone wants a 4.3" screen and the weight, size and poor battery life that go with it.
2. 4.0" qHD Super LCD screen is the best 4.0" screen on an Android Device (there are no 720P 4.0" screens).
3. S4 @ any speed (1.2 in this case) will run rings around the S3 of the Rezound
4. S4 is made on 28 nm process with INTEGRATED LTE which will destroy S3 and separate LTE chipset on the Rezound as far as usable battery (the battery is actually slightly larger - 1700 vs. 1620.
5. Size and feel - the Dinc 4GLTE is 4.82x2.46X.46, 4.7 oz vs. Rezound 5.08x2.58x.54, 6 OZ. No comparison in the balance and feel department. The Rezound is a wonderful phone but it's big, bulky and heavy if you have medium to small hands.
6. This IS NOT a FLAGSHIP PHONE - the Dinc 2 was a mid range 3G phone that sold nicely (I love mine) and it is wrong to compare it to FLAGSHIP PHONES. This will debut at $149-$199 and you should be able to get it on special for less than $100 within 6 months. They will sell lot of these phones.
7. This is THE ONLY LTE Phone on Verizon with decent specs - S4, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB storage on board, replaceable battery (unlike the One series), expandable micros SD storage (don't care if it comes with it since I already have one), NFC, ICS, Sense 4.0 (yes I like Sense and I'm told this is the best Sense ever and builds on (not replaces) ICS.

The only thing it's missing is the Imagesense/Imagechip technology and I'll wait for some reviews to see how much that affects the actual camera (in other words, is it just missing the super burst mode, or does it actually make a big difference in photo quality).

If this isn't enough differentiation for you let me know - this is my next phone (and it is for a lot of people). If it isn't for you don't get it, learn to support your opinions better (I only came up with 7 off the top of my head), those of us that have been waiting for a phone just like this will get it soon and be very happy.

Im sorry, but LOLWUT...

"quality HTC hardware with Verizon’s signature touch."

What signature touch is that? The one that gets Bing installed on any nonDroid by default? Or the one that gets the Fascinate crippled with 384 MB of ram when the ROW version got 512?

I am not a Verizon Hater, i have had their service for about 10 years and probably will for another 10, but honestly they don't make very intelligent Smartphone decisions. The Galaxy Nexus is about the only phone they haven't screwed up (wonder why)...