While there may be some devices that won't confirm they're using Corning's Gorilla Glass, many of your favorite Android phones and tablets aren't shy about it. Why? Because it's tough as nails. Actually, it's tough enough to help protect your display from things like nails.

We caught up with the folks from Gorilla Glass live at CES 2011 and they gave us the full-on scratching, cracking, bending, breaking demo. Check it out in the video up top!

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Hands-on with Gorilla Glass at CES


I have a feeling carriers don't advertise it because they make a killing on screen protectors.

It's not the carriers most of the time, it's the manufacturers. HTC won't disclose that information for any of their phones (first hand experience contacting them). I've always wondered about an explanation for not telling us if our products have gorilla glass or not but this seems to be a reason that can be entertained

Based on what happened to my screen I'm pretty sure HTC (at least for the Incredible) is NOT using Gorilla Glass. Thank goodness for cheap replacement parts though :)

Maybe they won't confirm they are using it because they are using some patent violating knock off from china.

Otherwise why dodge the advertising plus?

my vibrant just developed a crack from an easy drop and it is spidering from the corner out..pretty bad.. tough but totally destructible still.. As far as I know, all galaxy s models use this glass..we need a plastic that is as hard as glass.

Is anyone aware of a list of devices that currently use it? I think I remember reading somewhere that the entire Droid lineup does, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S line (but not the new Nexus).

my droid 2 has it, i still use a skin from "bestskinsever.com". they are the shit. its a guarantee that my screen stays looking new ;-)