Galaxy Player 5.0

In addition to the Galaxy Tab 8.9, Samsung also introduced its new line of Galaxy Players tonight, an attractive option for those who want the functionality of an Android-powered Galaxy device without the monthly data charges. And a fine option it is: the Galaxy Player is up-to-snuff with some of the best Android devices on the market. It comes in two flavors: the 4.0 has a 4-inch screen Super WVGA Super Clear LCD at 800 x 480 resolution, while the 5.0 has a 5-inch, WVGA TFT LCD display at 800 x 480 resolution.

The Galaxy Players are powered by Gingerbread 2.3.5, which means they support everything you've come to love from your Android smartphone, minus of course the phone calls. Each has 8GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot which can handle up to 32GB. And while Samsung hasn't officially announced what's under the hood, whispers at the Samsung Portfolio event suggested a 1 GHz single-core processor with 512 MB of RAM. We'll confirm that closer to the Oct. 16 release date, when the 4.0 will hit for $229 and the 5.0 for $269. Photos commence after the break.

Galaxy Player 5.0

Galaxy Player 5.0 Galaxy Player 5.0 Galaxy Player 5.0

Galaxy Player 4.0

Galaxy Player 4.0 Galaxy Player 4.0 

Galaxy Player 4.0

Galaxy Player 4.0


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Hands-on with the Galaxy Players 4.0 and 5.0


Oh ship apple going to go after them that's a iPod touch Clone. Guess Samsung still hasn't lerned yet.

I think it's aimed at parents who don't want to get their geeky teens a smartphone and have contract/data shock. For people like us(teenagers).

That came outwrong.

Absolutely. Parents who don't want to give teens expensive smart phones would give their teen this as a portable media player. Its not their own target demographic but its a big chunk.

I would get this for my car so I don't have to pull my phone out and hook it up every time I get into the car. Already have an ipod touch, but its nice to have options when that breaks.

"I would get this for my car so I don't have to pull my phone out and hook it up every time I get into the car."

The problem is theft. If you leave your PMP connected to your stereo then that's just inviting thieves.

Be smart about it. Don't leave it in plain sight. I leave mine in the glove compartment because there an attachment there [honda fit]. If you cant put in the glove, have the wire run downward to the side between the seat the and center console, pull up the unit when you do.
Same steps should apply to all your expensive accessories that you leave in the car, you can leave it there, just not in plain sight.

I'm guessing there are no audio enhancements to distinguish this from phones? For a strictly media/content consumption device, it might have helped with marketing these players to audio enthusiasts.

If these are like Galaxy S devices (which I assume they are), the audio drivers in them are fantastic, especially when paired with Voodoo Sound and DSP Manager. I have an iPod Touch 4th Gen, and I can confirm that the sound from my Samsung Fascinate is tons better (and more customizable) than the Touch's.

The thing about this product is that it only really appeals to people who already have a similar device as a phone. The average consumer immediately asks about iTunes and syncing, which presumes they aren't interested in the obscure codec abilities , etc.

Compared to the 8gb ipod touch $229 and nook color $249, i think they're priced just right and since they aren't made by apple there's more wiggle room in the prices for Amazon and the like. I'll probably pick up a "5 to just play games, look at pulse, and read on.

Ha, I got mine in the mail today. Looks like it's the version for the Latin America Market, unfortunately I didn't have much time to play with it before I went to work.

Like you I'm hoping it'll get a update to Gingerbread. Big purty screen, altough a few mintues of messing with it has made me have slightly more sympathy for Apples "Samsungs UI is designed to look like iOS" claim.

Some folks in the forum on Woot are claiming to have trouble loading apps from the market, are you?

These were supposedly coming soon a year ago when I bought an Archos 43IT. But it was all vaporware then. They eventually released one in Korea and now finally a year after they've been talking about it, it comes to the US. If this had been available a year ago, I might have gotten it instead depending on Camera quality and available app space (two weaknesses of the Archos).

For all those who don't see the need, I love the size and wifi of the Archos 43. I'd love to have a smart phone with 3G/4G but in the US that gets you tied to an expensive contract. I make do with Wifi at home and hotspots. For a phone, you can't beat the price of a Tracfone.

If you buy the phone outright, there isn't a contract. I realize a brand new phone can be expensive, but just for instance, Evo3d's are going for $250 on Craigslist in my area...That phone will do everything and more that the 5.0 will do. And just to rub it in a little deeper, you don't even have to activate the 3VO and it will do the same things on WiFi, AND shoot 3D video if you want...

Even without a contract, there is still a huge monthly expense with a smartphone. The typical bill is going to be $80 to $110 PER MONTH. For many people, that is just too much compared to a simple phone plan (or planless) of $25 to $40 a month.

There probably is a market for this type of device. Not a huge one, but one, none-the-less. And you COULD get a *USED* smartphone for the same price and not activate it, but then you might not get updates... and it is used.

I have the 3VO, and while it is great, if I didn't need a phone, but did need an portable/carry android, I would MUCH rather have the huge 5" screen and 50% more battery of the Galaxy...

I have been beating Samsung, the bushes, and Amazon, to find this all Summer. Best Buy and Amazon pages appearing, then disappearing. Pre-launch notices applied for, and nothing. I almost started importing them from France! I have seen them there in 8GB, and 16GB versions. A Black/back version is somewhere in Asia now. I happen to have several tween relatives, who I would have loved to buy this for, on their Birthday's this Summer. Imagine the Smartphone demands, coming from these tweens, a little later down the line. This is such a smart play, paying X 2 for Samsung. Now where is that credit card...

I was just thinking why cant they make android non phone devices.
With ICS these would be very useful and really cool. the price should be like 180 220 but the idea is spot on.

You don't have to price yourself lower than the competition when you're offering a superior product. Larger screens, removable storage, cheaper apps, completely customizable, better camera, etc. This is everything the iPod Touch should be, and never will be.

I agree it's a nice device. A VERY nice device. If I needed something like it, I'd just buy a used phone (like I said, the 3VO's are going for $250 out here on Craigslist) and use it on WiFi like one of these. Then, if I ever needed a phone, I'd just activate it. You could root it, and use a custom ROM, and just uninstall the dialer in the meantime...Or, you could always use it to dial 911 if you needed to.

Nice! Been waiting for these forever to see what they would sell for. Pricing is right where it should be. Almost pulled the trigger on the Archos 43 a couple of months ago, and now I'm glad I didn't. Time to start saving so come Halloween I can tell Apple "Trick, no Treat!"

Isn't this a Palm tx. Actually bought one last week Woot. Perfect for all the podcasts and funky utilities I don't have room for anymore on my Nexus One

I don't get it. You can just buy an old android phone used and get the same thing for cheaper. There doesn't seem to be much size difference. I use my wife's OG Droid for this same purpose. It's great for podcasts, streaming radio, music, etc. Go buy a Fascinate on ebay for much cheaper and pretty much same specs.

I wouldn't buy a Fascinate, even just to play music. That phone is buggy and not worth the eventual headache.

Ok well I was only using the Fascinate as an example. There are a lot of older phones with the same general specs as these players and the phones can be had for much cheaper. Get an Incredible, Evo, Droid X, any Galaxy S phone, etc.

Ok..assuming that they make about 100 bucks in profit per unit this tells us how much we are getting screwed when we buy cell phones for 600 bucks!!! This thing is basically a phone without radios and a little less in processor. The people are getting robbed here..Even there tablets are less in price when compared to cell phones.


My thoughts exactly. Why is a phone with the same specs minus radios so much more. Radio hardware is not expensive.

While the HTC EVO 3D is the best android device on the market especially software and update wise I do appreciate and applaud Samsung for providing options and competition. If it wasn't for HTC and SAMSUNG android would be in trouble plain and simple.

You're still beating that drum, huh?

Sorry, but your EVO 3D isn't even close to being "the best android device on the market" anymore. It isn't even the best on Sprint anymore now that the SGSIIE4GT has came out. The Droid Bionic is also better.

Hey, you had a good 2 months there though.

When they take pictures of these devices do they look for people with the smallest possible hands? The first couple of pictures make these things look like tablets not PMPs.

do these things have GPS receivers? tethered to a smartphone they would make an awesome in-car navi solution. don't get me wrong, it does seem a bit redundant if the phone can already do it. but this would be the ultimate gadget-whore device so you wouldn't have to use your phone for everything.