AT&T Galaxy S II

Here we have AT&T's Galaxy S II. But seeing as how AT&T's already done a 4.5-inch phone in the Samsung Infuse, it's chosen to scale things down just a smidge with its Galaxy S II. The display is a mere 4.3 inches. But it's made up for losing those two-tenths of an inch with the Super AMOLED Plus display. Side by side with the Samsung Infuse -- which we've come to love and cherish the past few months -- it's a noticeable difference. Blacks are blacker. Colors are more colorful. And where there were once only eight subpixels, there are now 12.

Otherwise, you're pretty much looking at the same ol' Galaxy S II, which is to say you're looking at the thinnest (8.89 mm), lightest smartphone you can find. And it's got AT&T's brand of 4G to boot. More specs? Let's switch to handy bullet point form.

  • 4G – HSPA+
  • Android (2.3 Gingerbread)
  • GSM Quad-band (850/900/1800/1900MHz)
  • UMTS Tri-band( 850/1900/2100MHz)
  • Screen: 4.3” Super AMOLED Plus
  • Processor: 1.2Ghz x 2 (dual core)
  • Camera: 8MP AF with LED flash + 2MP front
  • Video Record: 1080p Full HD
  • HDMI Out: HDMI via HDTV Smart Adapter with HDCP
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0
  • Battery: 1650mAh
  • Sensor: Motion UX, 6-axis gyroscope, proximity, light, noise (Audience A2220)

In a word: Sexy. More pics and a video are after the break.


Youtube link for mobile viewing

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S IIAT&T Samsung Galaxy S II

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S IIAT&T Samsung Galaxy S II

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S IIAT&T Samsung Galaxy S II


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Hands-on with AT&T's Galaxy S II (updated with video)


Your opinion makes it as if you know Big Red is going to have the next nexus. So far they are 0 for 2 and don't have a GS2 phone. They have to brand everything they get and the nexus is supposed to remain unbranded, do you really think they will get the nexus?

Actually there was an article either here or on Android And Me that states that ONLY Verizon will be getting the NP.

That article relates to a DROID branded Nexus-like phone.
With Big Red not even being a member or the OHA I can't see them being the only national carrier to have the Nexus Prime. Thing to remember here is all things Nexus should be taken with a grain of salt, or if VZW is in the mix a bag of it.

Being a new Verizon customer I'm just hoping they get the Nexus Prime. Being a very long time T-Mobile customer owning both the Nexus phones, I MUST have the next in line.

Is this sporting the Samsung Exynos processor as well? I know there was some talk about one of the versions having a Qualcomm dual-core processor.

AT&T and SPRINT is confirmed Exynos processor, T-mobile still unknown might be exynos or qualcomm clocked at 1.5 ghz, but i wouldn't doubt all will be exynos, which im pretty sure in a couple of months will be top seller in 2011.

I would buy this phone if it hadn't been out worldwide for so long that it already feels old. Same reason I won't buy the Tab 8.9 as it won't have better performance than the 10.1 months later. Fingers are crossed that the Nexus Prime comes to AT&T, as the U.S. will get it the same time as the rest of the world.

Damn no notification light? Failed!! But that screen is to damn sexy too pass up :) I had the Samsung infuse for a week, and i thought the screen was brilliant ,, but it was a single core phone..= lagg on flash sites!! IMO .. I will get this phone and the LG thrill 4g

Will this phone be able to run on AT&T's LTE network as it continues to be deployed, or will it only run HSPA+?

They are easier to type on. You can also type much faster and with more accuracy than you can with a virtual keyboard.

i thought the Infuse had the Super Amoled Plus display as well..Is it different? Is the AT&T version different than the original GS2?

I understand the pride that comes with having the thinnest phone but .4mm haha that's how far technology discussions have come.

Not that it's bad, just a slight blunder, but did anyone else notice Andrew call it an equinox processor? lol

Yea...the Infuse has Super AMOLED Plus as well. Nothing new there. Same exact screen, just one is slightly larger by .2 inches.

I'm glad that the variants stayed true to the original in terms of general design, most hardware, and software. Each has their own appeal, but I think Sprint and T-Mobile got the better variants. More on how I feel about each carriers' respective Galaxy S II on my blog:

How about some comments on the video itself? It was basically worthless. The guy navigating the phone simply scrolled back and forth through the icon tray for a minute and a half while calling the phone by the wrong name and mispronouncing the name of the processor completely. Your precious time with the device was wasted.

I have a Samsung Infuse, got it just over a month ago so no buyers remorse swap. I specifically asked if they were getting the Samsung II, they said no. This is what I get for not looking at the blogs/forums first. For the dual core alone I will be getting this phone--even though I LOVE the Infuse 4.5" screen. *sigh* I know it's not much, but it is noticeably smaller.

I am a T-Mobile customer who thinks the AT&T version is the best looking and size out of all of the models in the US. I like the European model with the home button in the center but this AT&T version has the same size and specs. The 4.3 inch screen to me is the perfect size. My only problem is AT&T has the worst data speeds in my area,(Boston). On T-Mobile I'm getting over 8.5 mb on the download and over 3 mb on the upload, these speeds are during the day during peak hours. I also have a Verizon account with the Thunderbolt and the LTE is a kiiller around here. Getting over 15 mb dl and over 5 mb ul. Why has AT&T left us out??? I want that phone, to me it looks that good. I have a AT&T Nexus One and every month or so I will try a sim card to check the data speeds in my area, last time was one week ago. I just got off the phone with the highest tech help on AT&T, they assurd me the towers were upgraded, I called back to talk with a different tech person and they told me the complete opposite. What a joke.