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The Samsung Galaxy Note is something we have seen before, heck we even reviewed it, but today AT&T announced that they will be releasing the device, and it will run on their 4G LTE network. Naturally we had to check it out, again, and see what it was all about. The device is huge, like really really big, and super thin to the point we wonder where they put the internals. Sporting a 5.3-inch HD SuperAMOLED display with quality that is out of this world. Samsung has of course gone ahead and skinned it with TouchWiz, but that does not seem to affect the performance or slow the device down.

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A really cool feature here is the S Pen which is included with the device and is similar to a stylus but not to be mistaken for just a stylus. The pen also has a button on it which basically takes a screen cap of what is on the screen and allows you to then edit it and have some fun. If you like big things, and have big hands, and big pockets, the Samsung Galaxy Note may just be your very own next AT&T device. Hit the break for some more images, and check back later for some hands on video!

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Hands-on with the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note


I want a note so bad, it's a shame Samsung decided to block it from working on T-Mobile even though the chip supports their bands. I would have imported one months ago!

This phone is effing gorgeous. I want this on Verizon so badly. I don't care how big it is. I neeeeeeeed it.

I've been waiting for this forever. Asked Verizon if they were going to be carrying & official response was "I am unable to provide information regarding if the 5.3" Samsung Galaxy Note will be added to our phone selection, as this may raise expectations that may not be met." Really don't understand communication carriers' marketing strategy. Told them I was leaving as soon as it was available on AT&T.

Checked AT&T website (thinking they would have a big announcement coinciding with CES) but nada...went to online chat with sales rep asking to be put on email list for Note announcements (availability/pricing/features/etc), but she said they don't do mailing lists...keep checking back.


I work for Sprint and have this kind of thing all the time. you can't go out and say what you may'll get fired - You gotta wait for your employer to make the announcements.

If the next generation of this gets a quad-core upgrade or the A15 AND on verizon (only network that covers everywhere I need it to) I will pay anything they ask.

If T-Mobile isn't going to get the GNote, guess I'll just have to switch to AT&T for it. Man I want this phone.

wow !!!!!!am crushed ! I was expecting this phone to pop up on the sprint network ,am going to bear the pain cause am not going to at&t a phone of that caliber and no unlimited data!! hopefully sprint will surprise us sooner than later,am ready for an upgrade.4.3 to 5.3 :-)

I know right? It's bullshit. Once I'd just like to see a manufacturer simply release an unlocked phone, no contract, with pentaband or ya know whatever you need to run it on any carrier, and just see how they do.

I want the Galaxy Note to come to Sprint also. Damn, that would be so dope! Galaxy Note 4g LTE for Sprint!!!! Come on let's make it happen Sprint!

I just returned from CES where I played with this phone for a good 3 hours over 2 days. Big-yes, skinny-yes, best darn display ever-yes, fast-yes, excellent combo of a pad and phone-yes, swappable battery-yes, memory card-yes, LTE-yes (if anyone really cares), will I need a longer thumb so I can one hand it-yes.

Will I be the first one to get one when it is released next month-YES!

Bye bye iPhone.

■□■ posting these lines from the N7000 as a reader from Central Europe: you will love the Note, I would not want to exchange it with any other mobile device - the screen size is awesome for watching tv show episodes or reading magazines :-) and the performance is stable and fast, both!