ASUS Transformer Pad TF701T.

Same great tablet/laptop hybrid, with a better display and Tegra 4 power plant

ASUS has come quite a long way since the days of the original Transformer eeePad — and the newly announced TF701T has things as good as they've ever been.


We took the Tegra 4-powered hybrid Android tablet/laptop for a spin at IFA in Berlin and were greeted by the familiar feel of the excellent keyboard and (decent but not great) trackpad, along with the same excellent hinge and docking mechanism.

But, really, the star of this show is the IPS display, coming in at a whopping 2560 x 1600 resolution at 10.1 inches, for 300 pixels per inch. Well, that and the NVIDIA Tegra 4 T40X system powering this beast. It's running Android 4.2.2 as well, and things seemed speedy enough. (We'll wait for a definitive judgment when we've got a little more time with one, away from the trade-show hiccups.) 

Put simply: If you love the current iteration of the Transformer Pad, you'll love this one that much more, we reckon. We've got more pics and video after the break.


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Hands-on with the ASUS Transformer Pad TF701T


I can't tell from the photos, I'm curious if they have improved the keyboard dock hinge mechanism. There are long threads on various Asus forums about cracked screens on the TF300 & TF700 from the pressure put on the by the dock hinge (especially when closing it).

How easy/difficult will it be to root this thing? I really don't want to phone home to Asus to get it unlocked.

From what I've been reading, the latest update pushed to the Infinity by Asus breaks root, or at least, makes rooting a lot harder. Very annoying, especially with the software improvements that could have been made instead.

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Let's hope they didn't cheap out the I/O controller. It basically made the Infinity unusable. I dumped it for the Nexus 10 and have no regrets.

the dang thing had so many issues..just sent mine back got it when it first came out... (full refund) so now im going for a 701 or waiting until next year for the baytrail Z3770 high performance chip tablets...

Q: any possibility of dock compatibility with earlier TF models? Like the dock of TF201 does work with TF700.. but TF701 seems to have more square edges..

In terms of device format, I really like my TF300T. I bought this as an experiment but really came to like it, because it is SO versatile and useful. The Transformer dual mode firmware has got better over the past 16 months, but I feel sure allowing for two modes does cause problems. I do experience spontaneous reboots from time to time.

That hinge and applied stresses to the tablet chassis (through switching modes) does concern me. On mine some of the thin pads that make the docking firm have come off over time; and that makes the linking socket contact slightly sloppy. I wish they had updated this mechanism this time. I am solidly Android, but found that ASUS are NOT ON THE SAME PLANET as Apple in terms or reliability; also the customer support is poor at best.

Because of a that I will be looking at the other options closely before buying a replacement. Both the New Nexus 7 and the new Note 10.1 are higher on my list next time. I know that ASUS make the Nexus 7, but that IS a mechanically simpler system.

It's reading comments like this that stop me from getting a Transformer. Poor support and quality over time. Here's hoping the next Nexus will actually have an available dock. Comon Google, if you really want Android/Chrome to compete with the iPad/Windows, make this happen!

I'll pass. I owned the Transformer Prime, which was woeful, and thankfully Best Buy stepped up to the plate and replaced it with the Transformer Infinity for free.

Still, I'm not convinced Asus can create a quality user experience. My Infinity is extremely sluggish more often than not for no explicable reason, especially after coming out of sleep-mode. It reminds me of a x486 computer running a Pentium processor. And only a factory reset or cold boot will speed it up somewhat, and it's only a temporary solution.

I love the hardware and fit and finish. But the performance of Android on this hardware is a horrendously inconsistent experience. I read similar nice words about the Tf-700 that AC is saying about the TF-701. Not falling for that again.

After owning a TF300T for a while now I will probably never get another Asus device again. On the day I bought my 300 the back light went out in a corner. I exchanged that one for another, and that one wasn't compatible with the dock. Once I exchanged that one and got another dock the new dock didn't work. Finally after all the trouble this 300 has had only a few problems here and there. The micro HDMI has not worked for about 6 months but other than that it is okay. If you plan on getting an Asus plan on having trouble. FYI their customer service is terrible. I highly suggest buying one from a retailer and not directly from Asus.

I had a Prime, then traded it in at Best Buy for an Infinity. I had the Infinity for a week and realized it was plagued with problems too. Returned it and bought a Nexus 7 for less money and was completely happy with it until I unnecessarily replaced it with a new Nexus 7.

I had the tf101. Great tablet, great keyboard. Excited to see how this turns out.

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I had the tf101. Great tablet, great keyboard. Excited to see how this turns out.

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1) WTF are you guys smoking? Same great tablet as the TF700t? That thing is a laggy POS. The only thing that saved it is the geniuses at XDA who built custom ROMs to help mitigate the lagginess.

2) Still no stereo speakers??

3) Still no "direct power" from the keyboard dock?? *instead it charges the internal battery which is embarrassingly inefficient.

4) Still using the same cheap NAND FLASH memory and only 2GB?

Can't wait to see how laggy the TF701t is when it comes to surfing and multitasking while downloading files in the background.

This thing is already outdated before it even came out. The Nexus 10 is 4K resolution and also has 2gb of RAM.

So, what's new here? NOTHING.

I'd agree, it needs stereo speakers and should charge directly, but how much multi tasking does one expect to be doing on a tablet? If you want more than 2GB, maybe what you really want a laptop or desktop.

There are some annoying traits with TF201, but mostly with Asus pre installed bloatware which they naturally lock down. There are moments of lag, but this could as easily be software as hardware. Generally I find the processor responsive with normal use ie surfing, email & other menial tasks, but it's when I'm working in an art app or game it becomes sluggish. One thing I rarely do on a tablet is download files. This I do on a Mac Air and transfer them using a USB drive and Asus adapter... or through the dock usb. I'm more inclined to transfer files via Bluetooth on the quick.

What you won't get with Nexus and will get with a Transformer is solid build (gorilla glass) and beauty combined with innovative design. If your looking for more of a throw away tablet these cheaper Google tablets are for you, but if you don't want to lug a laptop around and find it hard to work on a smartphone, the Transformer offers a quality product. Now let's see how much $ they want for this new model as that will be the one thing that would sway me from a buy to a don't buy decision.

Yes, their support stinks, this is an image Asus needs to work hard on improving and fast. For many it's a serious deal breaker. For me, I use Squaretrade and bypass Asus altogether!

Yep 2 gig up from one gig from the 700t . Heaps of memory for a tablet. Also has 4k resolution like the nexus. As well as 4k data transfer via hdmi too. Bet the nexus dont have that. Nexus crappy 16 gig storage vs 32 gig with this. I do agree with the bad stop wait browser issue as i have the 700. Just tried setting Web Page Preloading to never just now and so far seems ok