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Wow. Let there be no doubt that Android's taking over, folks. Andy Rubin (he's the cat in charge of the whole thing, if you didn't know), tweeted this morning that "There are now over 500,000 Android devices activated every day.) Plus, he said, that rate's growing at 4 percent week over week.

Think about it: That's 3.5 million Android devices activated every week. Twenty thousand an hour. Some 347 devices activated every minute. Nearly six devices activated every second.


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A half-million Android devices activated every day, Andy Rubin says


I've always wondered, does this include ALL activations? So, I am moving from the EVO 4G to EVO 3D does this count as 1? And if so, do they by chance keep track of "deactivations"?

And likewise, if I give my EVO 4G to my son does that also count as 1? Meaning that even though the Android community gained a net one user, this activation number will represent us as 2?

And every time I put a new ROM on my phone and rebuild it - does that count as an activation? Because that's hovering around 20 or so for me over the course of a couple of phones..

"Activation" meaning your phone being "activated" by the carrier. You're paying the same bill on the same "active" line. So to answer your question. No.

I don't think this has anything to do with carriers. I can buy a sim-free unlocked phone and activate it and use it with wifi and no carrier involved. It is 500k unique EMEI being activated everyday. If I'm not mistaken this doesn't change even if you change roms.

an activation = the first time a device (identified by its serial number and that number doesnt change whatever you do to the device) is paired with a google account.
So in fact it doesn't even include all Android sales : In China for exemple, android phones are 99.9% of the time not connected to a google account, so they are not included in thoses 500.000 activations.

Annual births: 140 million per year, 383,562 per day, 15982 per hour, 266 a minute, 4 per second...

Device Activations: 182.5 million per year, 500,000 per day, 20833 per hour, 347 per minute, 6 per second...

So, apparently Android device activations are outpacing world population

Of course number of deaths per year is around 57 million, we don't know of the number of annual "deaths" of android devices ;-).

"How many people have sex, every hour?"

It depends. Are you talking about Android fanboys or normal people?

Indeed, it was written by a nobody and it does not concur with other sources. It is totally made up or more likely, a possible confusion of facts. Market share did NOT double for Apple in one quarter. Totally fake.

At that 4.4% w/w rate it will be at 600,000 devices per day before the end of July. That is crazy.

I am curious about the net activations (as opposed to gross). For instance, I just switched my Evo 4G for an Evo 3D. Does that count as an activation?
The thing is, Android continues to improve. Each new version adds at least some of my wish-list for features and functionality (along with a few pleasant surprises). They do need to work on synching with desktop applications and security for enterprise deployment. They could make huge inroads there because Apple is sooooo locked down.

Exactly,and that's why Android is flourishing as opposed to Apple's "take it or leave it" mentality.You want a 4+" touchscreen slab? You got it.You want a physical keyboard? Would you like it as a slider or BB style? With the Android OS it's more than one manufacturer,for good or bad,but as such we have CHOICE. Something RIM or Apple users won't ever "officially" have.

Android is on a number of diferent phones LG, Smasung, HTC to name only a few, each manufacturer has several diferent models with the Android OS so Android is on dozens of phones, Apple however has one phone, the iPhone, which is outselling any single Android phone by far, to say that an Apple Phone is not a good phone, in view of their sales figures, makes you look grossly uninformed, oh, I have a Blackberry Bold and a Samsung Infuse, I really dont care what some nobody thinks of what phone I use.

I'm not sure why it matters that there's only one iPhone when you're comparing sales figures. Sure, it is impressive that Apple has managed to sell millions of people on the idea that choice is a bad thing, and they've trotted out the "fragmentation" boogeyman at every turn, but if more people are now buying Android phones, that's the important thing for Google.

The iPhone is a good phone, but thanks to Android, the people who aren't right for iPhone (I have more friends with Android phones than iPhones, believe it or not) have a ton of choices.

So the Iphone 4 that AT&T and Verizon sell and the Iphone 3 that AT&T is selling for $50 right now, those are the same phone?

Yes. First off, AT&T is still selling the 3GS, not the 3G. However, even the 3G runs iOS up to and including 4.2.1 I believe and the 3GS is still fully supported on 4.3+.

Most of the people in my office that have iPhones are still on the 3GS, so its share of the iPhone pie is not insignificant.

The point of the statistic is that Android (the OS) is very popular, and is so popular in fact, that it's rate of growth is actually increasing. So the statistic is comparing Android vs iOS, not Android vs the iPhone or a single device vs the iPhone.

Doe the EVO GB update count as an activation? Does any GB update count as an activation? And yes, if you switch to a new EVO 3D, it DOES have to be activated, so that counts as an activation and if you pass your OG EVO to someone else, it has to be activated for them to use it, so that counts as an activation. Apple is losing this one. The iPad is next to lose Market share.

Android activations only count a device's activation once, identifying it via its device id. And the reported numbers only counting the devices with Google's suite of Android apps. You can find this information with a quick google search. A Google rep has clarified this several times in the past.

All true. I think people just have a hard time believing the numbers. But there are over 6 billion people in the world and smartphones only account for a small (albeit growing) percentage of phone users.

Also, many of the marketshare numbers that get thrown around on some of the blogs aren't counting world-wide numbers (only U.S.), so you can't necessarily tie what analysts quote for marketshare numbers to the number of world-wide activations per day.

That's also true but these are worldwide activations and no matter how you slice it that is some massive numbers! Mind boggling!

Looking at the breakdown of Android platforms, as of 1 June there were 0.6% of devices running Android 3.0 + 3.1.

So up till then working off the 100million activations mentioned at Google IO would put tablets at about 600k. I'd like to see some updated numbers after a few of the launches have happened.

Don't forget, they are using the term devices which means phones, tablets, google TV and just about anything that uses Android. It really does not matter how many phones iOS sold compared to Android phones what matters is how many devices are activated and online waiting for developers to make money off of. More devices that use Android and are connected to the market, the more developers will flock to.

With more and more brand oriented hardware manufacturers (Sony, Samsung, etc.) using Android, people will start to compare feature by feature between Apple and another very well known and established hardware manufacturer. If Android devices from these manufacturers start dropping in price, well bellow Apple, people will start choosing the end most people will go on price if both competing platforms essentially do the same thing.

If a statement requires as much explanation, interpretation and rationalization as this one does, then it was stupid to say to begin with.

I love my Inspire, but I don't believe it. I only know one other person with an android phone. Every single person I know either has blackberry or iphone. Mostly iphone. It's crazy.

You need better friends. In my group here at work (R&D and program managers) it's about 50/50 iPhone to Android. No Blackberry. Now, if we polled the Sales or Marketing groups in my company my guess is you'd see a different ratio.

Strange....of all my 15.6 million friends I only know 2 that use iPhones and the rest are android. So, I guess for every one of you there are a couple of me.


Seriously though. My family (brothers, sisters, cousins, etc) used to be a Palm Pre family, we have now switched exclusively to Android (that is about 12 people). At work I would say it is probably 2/3 to 1/3 Android to iPhone.

Pffft 15.6 million friends?

Well, in my tiny isolated island of just 5 friends, 2 have an iPhone, 3 Android, and 1 BlackBerry. So therefore, I will take these numbers and apply it to the whole world (so therefore I have about 6 billion friends), and I will say that android is definitely more popular!

Damn, I should be working for research firms and stuff. My numbers are indisputable!

I love my Infuse and my old BB Bold 9000. most of the people I associate with both socialy and at work have Blackberrys or iPhones but not every single one.

Where I work, besides myself, there are 8 other Android users. out of 12. The rest are Blackberry users. We all use to be Blackberry fiends, but that is changing.

WOW, make that 500,001 for this coming friday! I will be dumping my piece of crap WebOS phone for the EVO 3D!! Can't wait!!

If an android device is activated in a forest and no one is around, does it still count as an activation?! I switched from bb bold on sprint to evo 4g back in december. At the time i thought bb was best phone i ever owned man was i wrong. Wanted to try the android system and cant get enough of it. I can easily understand why the apple phone , i dont like saying eye phone, will soon be outnumbered! Go droid!

I'm sure that Apple uses all the iOS activation numbers(iTouch/iPad/iPhone)in their sales pitches. Google and Apple both have it going now....BB not so much

Think of all the toxic chemicals created to keep up with this demand, along with all the e-waste. Congrats to everyone!