GroupMe 4.0

One of the more popular group messaging services out there, GroupMe, has just released a beta of its latest update -- version 4.0. The whole idea of version 4.0 is a cleaner and simpler to use interface, and looking at the screenshots it seems to be the case. To participate in the beta, hit the source link below. It'll involve allowing installation of 3rd party apps in your device's settings and installing it manually, but may be worth a look if you're a big GroupMe user.

GroupMe is hoping to get participants to try out the beta who have already been using the most recent stable version to get the best feedback, but if you're interested in trying out the beta you can always download the previous version first (at the Play Store link above) and register to move to 4.0.

Source: GroupMe Blog


Reader comments

GroupMe version 4.0 hits beta for willing participants


It's a little laggy on my Samsung Vibrant with Froyo, and I've seen some of the animation glitch, but it's a very nice redesign. I doubt the lag's a problem on newer phones, and obviously there's a good chance they'll fix the animation before putting it up on Google Play. I'm very glad to see the Holo UI elements; the app looks way better now and it's nice that its design is more consistent with other apps like Google's.

STILL can't delete direct messages. How this BASIC FEATURE is still missing baffles me. Do they think that everything you ever recieve on GroupMe is meant to be kept forever? Friends send nefarious pics and links as DMs and there is NO way to delete these once you get them. At least in the old version you could "hide" messages, but for some unknown reason, they've even removed THAT ability. I don't understand why there are different options between Groups and Individual messages...