Metroid Battery Widget

I'm not sure why nobody showed me this Metroid-style battery widget before, but I'm holding each and every single one of you personally responsible for this oversight.

Download: Super Android Battery; via Dovahkiin in the Android Forums


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The greatest battery widget ever


I hold Phil responsible for not telling us about this widget the very instant he found out about it. You've been sitting on this a while haven't you? Tell the truth now...

That is pretty damn awesome, I don't need it, the custom rom I'm running already has a percentage, but I may install it anyway

Glad this was posted...looks great on the Metroid Prime LWPs.
Just wondering... what happened to the Metroid Prime live wallpapers.
They disappeared from Google Play, but they are still posted on the devs website.

Possible that Google received infringement notices and had to remove them.

What is this devs website of which you speak, kind sir?

Dude...we need a Metroid style ROM or Launcher. Not like pictures of metroid but the interface similar to something Samus would have strapped to her arm.

Disheartening to know that someone who thinks anything less than 720p screens is unacceptable, still thinks this looks good.


But Even more disheartening is that anyone would take a sim card OUT of a phone this good.

For those who think this doesn't look good for some reason, you have to understand this is about retro gaming nostalgia, some people like me love it, retro gaming themed stuff is never going to look sleek and sexy, it's not supposed to :) I grew up on NES, for kids of the 80's this is awesome.

Now that I found the widget by pressing down on a blank page and set the widget in the upper left corner (moved it again by 'touch' and drag) I find that I have to swipe pages to get to it, that I can't hold down on it and move it to my homepage where the 'sample' screen is showing it. Any clues on how I get it there? Have already uninstalled it once and if it must be permanently uninstalled I have no probs doing so. Would like a response so I'll know if it's worth keeping. Not useful if I have to go find it.

Yes, that is an amazing widget. Man I love Metroid.

btw, you may have to reboot phone for it to show in widget list (on my gnex maybe all ICS).

However, after that its all perfect.

I guess this is where I say how I feel old because all the youngsters ... you should know your video game history dagnabit!

Personally, I would LOVE a Wolfenstein 3D widget - the face getting all bloodied and such as you loose power. If it were animated even better. I'd buy that for a dollar!

He released it late last week. He posted the idea on reddit which blew up. I shared this post from Phil on the makers Facebook wall.