This summer is shaping up to be a feast for comic book geeks and general action film lovers alike, with titles like The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man. Both are set to get official mobile games from Gameloft, and both will be coming to Android around the time of the movie launches. 

Today on their official YouTube channel, Gameloft has posted the "prologue" to the Amazing Spider-Man. It gives us the background -- although we all know that already, right? -- and some more gameplay action. The gameplay looks pretty good, a large, open, 3D world to web-sling through to your hearts content. There's also some bad guys to fight should you feel the urge. 

Also from the video, we get the release date for the title. The Amazing Spider-Man will be launching on Android on June 28. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer. 

Source: Gameloft (YouTube)

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jbuggydroid says:

Woot woot. Can't wait

Another great download this time to my Galaxy S3.

venom845pd says:

can't wait!!!!!

jscarano says:

Looks great!

Elliott6920 says:

The game play looks like the old spider-man games from the original Playstation...which I loved. Can't wait!

The game might be better than the movie it's based on.