Grand Theft Auto III

Sex, guns, drugs, violence -- and that's just in the splash screen. Yes, folks, Grand Theft Auto III is now available on Android as part of Rockstar Games' 10th anniverssary celebration of the game. It's been optimized for touchscreens. But if you've got an Android device that suppports USB controllers, you can rock one of them as well. (And Rockstar's promising support soon for the Galaxy Nexus.

It'll cost you $4.99 and a few hours of your life. We've got download links after the break.

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For the Galaxy Nexus? I know they were being picky at launch for devices.

No issues downloading to the nexus from the market for me, will soon see how compatible it is
Force close :(


Same here, in the info it says they will update soon, let's hope that's not too long! :)

gray21t says:

too bad its not 10¢

aapold says:

Using the QR code gives me a "not found". Normally that might mean not for my phone, but that android market web link doesn't work for me either, gives me "We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.". (Normally it would tell me if it was not for my phone, an Infuse).

However a quick search turns up [url= link[/url]...

miller7796 says:

Except this takes you to a GTA theme. Here is the link to GTA III

shadowgod says:

Works great on my Epic Touch except there is NO SOUND!

bolski says:

What? I don't get it! The market states it's compatible with my Vortex (an ARM6, 500mhz single core) but it's NOT compatible with my Droid X2, yet the X2 was supposed to be one of the initial phones supported.

What gives, Rockstar?

schaferan says:

It should work on the DX2. I have it installed on mine with no problems.

bolski says:

I got it now. Apparently, when I was running Eclipse 2.0.0 with the 2.3.5 update, that might have been causing the problems. Now that I'm on 2.3.4 with Eclipse 1.3, it works just fine and I was able to purchase and download it.

Ah, I remember those days. Fun times!

slayerpsp says:

Ive tried on 4 devices so far all duel core Dell streak 7 on froyo more games work then HC so i leave it there works great. Acer a100 runs great.HTC EVO 3D runs well but the lighting doesn't seem to be as good on Qualcomm as Tegra 2. HP TP CM7 works great but also suffers from less lighting.None of the cars have lights on Qualcomm Tegra 2 they do tail lights head lights break lights strange

Why isn't it available in Germany, does anyone know?

tompro53 says:

I thought that dual core phones were only supported at first but my HTC EVO 4G was able to down load it though the game play is very horrible.

whitecomet says:

Wow it looks like a ps2 game

snsethy says:

Anyone tried it on a Bionic?

NM, apparently it doesn't work.


TheTechGuy says:

This is working fine on my T-Mobile SGS2. Graphics and gameplay are smooth and the audio is working fine.

zhecht says:

Sneaky -- they have separate versions for different regions, and if you choose the wrong one it will say it's incompatible. However, while they have different names for the different versions, nowhere in the title or description does it say which is which (yes, the Jpn and Ger versions have descriptions in their own language, but the Aus and US versions are both english).

Grand Theft Auto III (US)
Grand Theft Auto 3 (Ger)
GTA 3 (Aus)

That said, I'd love to see a GTA 2 port for Android. Top-down view FTW!

slayerpsp says:

Not GTA 2 we need china town wars much better game

Godwellz says:

Does it support MULTIPLAYER???

Please say yes

slayerpsp says:

No GTA 3 never had it

Godwellz says:

Thanks, man.
Oh well, smashing things and getting the police to chase me it is.

schaferan says:

Game works great on my Xoom although I installed it on my Droid X2 and the intro has sound but as soon as the gameplay starts the SOUND QUITS. Although the game does play smooth on the DX2. I would probably play the game on my Xoom anyway but I hope the sound issue on the DX2 gets fixed.

Chorizoman says:

download it on my htc evo shift and it works well..

So sadly ... I have tried to download the file, now for 3 times .. Every time he says that i havn't internet acces ? I tried with 2 network. Every time it stuck at 120 MB left ..

I have a HTC sensation , with android 2.3.1 , i'm going to update the sensation to 2.3.3 i hope it work.

Some people with the same issue ?

movielover76 says:

I didn't expect it too work on my htc thunderbolt, but it does work pretty smoothly, I do notice a very occasional framerate drop, but not huge enough to effect the gameplay.

One note to other tbolt users reading this thread, I am running AOSP and overclocked to 1.4ghz so other users mileage may vary.

I wonder if the download problems are related to all the people downloading it the day it launched, I didn't have any issues over my my home fios wifi connection, but the download speed was a lot slower than I usually get when downloading files from my phone connected to my home fios wifi

Downloading and installing was the problem at all. Wen you open the game for the first time you have to download additional package ( 420 MB ) , Downloading is going fine ( 3 mb/s) but coming to the 100% , it download and the values change in -12 mb till -50 mb after that progress he says that i haven't a internet acces.

The most wird thing at all is that he is asking for downloading for the additional package, but in the background the game is starting ...

I'm so disappointed in my HTC and the bad game of Rock star --> GTA III

I delete the game , 3 times, i download the game 3 times again , i restarted my htc , nothing work ...

Someone some solutions for this problem ?


anyone try it on a dInc?

bembmx says:

works great on evo 3D you wont find it on the search of the android market but heres a quick how to video for you to get it (on other phones to no just the evo 3D)

Klubhead says:

RAZR here.. everything goes fine until i hit the main menu.. screen flashes rapidly as if the refresh rate is going insane, then trying to start a game leads to a frozen black screen.. hard reset was required (volume down + power)..

O and of course i wasn't able to uninstall until the 15 minute window passed.. thanks Market!

Roboticz says:

I have a Nexus S and the game didn't work for me. It installed fine... it downloaded the extra resources fine. The opening videos played fine but then it just goes to a black screen

movielover76 says:

my thunderbolt sat at a black screen for maybe 30 seconds the first time I loaded the game and it eventually loads, subsequent loads were much faster

Roboticz says:

Cool... I'll give it another shot. The problem is that I'm worried that I find out it doesn't work and then that takes so long I can't refund it! Atleast this time I was able to see the black screen twice and still refund.

LooNeYlv says:

Runs great on HTC Sensation even the sensation ''dosent have support'' Installed it, downloaded ower my wifi 432mb extra files in 8min and playing now :)

Sometimes the game lags a bit but i guess its the games version and it will be fixed with updates to come... :) cuz over the internet everyone has almost the same problem over all the phones even with models in ''support'' list

GREAT game BTW! :) just needs some fixes with updates to come!

NumberZero says:

Works on my Xperia Play's game pad. I just need to set some buttons so I can do a drive-by

mpeg09 says:

Works great On HTC DESIRE HD although it's not listed on supported devices.:)