GoStick II.

We hooked up with the folks from BTI recently in Las Vegas to take a quick look at their GoStick II portable battery. This is one of those "need-it-right-this-second" solutions that'll give you an extra charge in a pinch via microUSB. The GoStick II has a 2,600 mAh capacity, so you'll only get about one extra go with this thing. 

The GoStick II is nicely designed. It's about as big as a roll of quarters and finished with a soft-touch coating. The rounded triangle design fits nicely in your hand, which is a plus when you're using the included LED flashlight (long a favorite feature for me when it comes to portable batteries.) The five-stage charge indicator is easily visible but not harsh, and it lights up after you hit the button for 1 second. A 3-second hold lights up the LED flashlight.

The 5V/1.0A input and 5V/1.2A output are on the butt of the GoStick II.

The GoStick II is available now for $29 if you want to give it a go. We've got more pics after the break.


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GoStick II portable battery


Too expensive, and will only charge at the slower rate. For $10 more, you can get an Anker Astro 3E, which has a whopping 10000 mAh battery, and has both 2A and 1A USB ports so you can charge newer devices quicker, and with the battery size, you can charge your cell at least 4 times if needed.

Agreed. I love my 3e - with the 2A port it can charge a tablet and a phone much quicker, is relatively inexpensive, plus comes with multiple adapters so it can charge numerous devices. It's form factor makes it nice to just lay your phone on top of.

A must have for people on the go.

BTI is known for using "Grade A" li-ion cells (probably Samsung/Panasonic cells) in their laptop batteries. I’m pretty sure they use the same cells in their mobile batteries as well. I don’t know what you get when you buy from other companies and what type of cells they use. I would rather pay more and get better quality battery than to buy a cheaper battery and get china cells. I never had a good experience with china cells so I'm always willing to pay the extra dollars to get better battery/cells.

Jeeze you sound like you work for them. Pretty sure? Really? But you post as a PowerExpert. Shouldn't you be Absolutely sure?

And you cast aspersions on some other manufacturer's cells without being absolutely sure? Anker says in every one of their products that they use Grade A cells.

Are you saying they don't?

Just from my previous experience when I brought cheaper laptop/mobile batteries from Amazon. I had a lot of issues with the battery dying out on me with the first 3 months. When I purchase a more expensive battery I've had better experiences with them. So just wanted to give a heads up, you get what you pay for.

I can't speak for their portable batteries, but I've used Anker phone replacement batteries, and they've all been uniformly horrible.

It's a given that at the prices they charge they're going to overstate capacity somewhat, but I've noticed that the few replacement Anker's I've bought have not had thermal sensors.

You get what you pay for.

I drive BMWs, others drive Kia's.

When it comes to quality in an inexpensive pkg, the testimony of those who have longevity with their purchase (anker in this case) are good enough for me.

I don't need to spend more and get less because some guy wants to spend more. That's no testimony.

BTW I wouldn't drive a Kia if you gave me one. /analogy complete

Well, I bought my Anker Astro 3e about 7 months ago. I use it to charge devices at least once a week. Just this past week at a conference I powered my Nexus 10 first, then an iPhone and my Nexus 4 simultaneously because we had horrible cell reception in an old concrete Federal Building. All on a single charge, and had power to spare. At $40 I got well more than what I paid for, and it's been nothing but a wonderful device that I have recommended to many others.

I've been on this board for over 4 years providing advice to Android users - and am not afraid to come back and report if the product doesn't hold up. Both PowerExpert and Jonnie_Cat joined this board in June 2013, probably just today. Take that into consideration.

I'm sure the BTI product is great - please report back in 7 months and tell us how it holds up.

I will continue to share my experience with an equally great device at a similar price point if I think it helps the AC user make an informed decision, and be transparent about it all the way through.

The Anker® Astro 5600mAh, which is about 3 to 4 charges costs the same $29 on Amazon.
(Further it will charge at a full 2amps so you get charged quicker). Its smaller than a pack of cigarettes.

And, like fryfyter says, the bigger (and heaver) Anker 10000 mAh battery is only Ten bucks more. 10000mha will charge most phones 6 times, not just 4.

The novel shape of this GoStick makes it inconvenient to carry in a pocket.

My personal favorite right now is a Limeade L130X. I got it from Kickstarter. No idea when it comes to market, but it rocks a 13000 mAh battery, charges at the 2A rate, and weighs about the same as the Anker 3E.

I'd love a car charger that can be used as a portable battery also. That way it's always in your car charged and with you. You unplug from your 12v car outlet when needed and take it with you to charge your phone wherever.

It's been done. We have one. It's pretty cool. I can't think of the brand at the moment but we bought it at Fry's.